Laurent Blushed A Lot

klare || a girl that’s in love with the love Damen and Laurent have for each other.

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2022-05-17 23:13:25

    I found this color palette challenge in the depths of my WIPs. I wasn't going to post it, but I actually like it a lot!

    I like to think that he and Laurent took a break from their kingly duties and snuk into town (hence why Damen's wearing a hood). It's sunset and they find a pub to sit and drink at. Laurent gets up from their table to get them some pints and Damen looks lovingly as he walks away


    You know how people look right at Tony Hawk and say "Hey, you look just like that skateboarding guy. I wonder what he's up to these days"? I like to think that's the reaction Damen gets when he and Laurent do things in disguise. They see Damen in regular clothes and think "he's just a guy named Damianos" and then they see him later in a crown and think "King Damianos!"


    If I might suggest . . .

    i find it really funny when people label damen as this big dumb meathead who only ever gets anything done because his Sassy Nerd Boyfriend does all the thinking. my boi is a tactical genius who was commanding armies as a teenager and bested the vere army like it was nothing. this is the dude who was stuck in a foreign land as a slave and managed to win himself an army through intelligence and bravery. damen of Akielos is a brilliant man who also is a giant puppy that loves to run around outside and wrestle naked. 

    laurent doing magic tricks for children and pelting people with olives during a bar fight and talking to his horses and sitting with his feet tucked up under him and coming from being kissed and blushing when he tells damen he’s hot are some of his most endearing moments and that’s only brushing the surface like i would literally give him the world