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    “Dash, where are we going? Your house is four blocks behind us!” Danny could feel his heart pounding in his ears. Dash placed a massive hand on the teenager’s back and shoved him forward. “Shaddup, Fenton, or we’ll do the bet right here.” Danny’s pace quickened to a brisk jog. Every time he looked back at Dash, the blonde jock flashed him a huge shit eating grin. Danny scowled, a dejected grumble escaping his throat. He considered making a bolt around the next corner and phasing through the nearest wall. No, that’d raise waaay too many questions. And I can’t dodge him at school forever. Dash, rather than his signature football blazer and jeans, was wearing an honest to god karate Gi. At least what Danny assumed was one, anyway. It was entirely possible that it was a bathrobe Dash had accidentally bleached. Dash whistled cheerfully as they marched. Danny recognized it, but couldn’t place what it was from.  Dash flicked Danny on the back of the head. “Almost there, Fenturd. And then it’s blowjob time!” Danny spun in place, checking to see if anyone was in earshot. His face flushed pink. “D-Dash, shut up! Someone could hear that!” The smile of Dash’s face shrunk a bit. A huge, muscular hand gripped the back of Danny’s collar, pulling him backwards before Dash spun him around. The jock gripped Danny’s shoulders. Hard. “Talk to me like that again, Fenton, and you’ll be sucking more than my dick real soon!”

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    Professor Kukui - Pokemon Sun and Moon

    Guess who’s been playing Pokemon Sun this last month?

    I finnaly, after quite some time, got my hands on a New 2DS and I’ve been able to play Pokemon Sun. Let me tell you, I AM IN LOVE WITH ALOLA! (you thought I was gonna say Kukui eh?XP)

    I’ve been a fan of Pokemon since, well, since always. And this game have everything I wanted plus two characters I find incredible hot. Kukui and Kiawe.

    My god those two…