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    INTERSHIP ARC with Daddy

    When things start to heat up with dear Daddy Endeavor 🔥🔥🔥 I can not imagine how shoto’s ass will look 😲 after this…. shattered for eating terrible cock 😂 if shoto wants to become Nº1, he should do this and much more… 😜


    Cuando las cosas se empiezan a calentar con el Daddy Endeavor 🔥🔥🔥 no imagino como le quedará el culo a Shoto luego de esto 😲 …. todo detrozado por tremenda verga 😂, aunque si él quiere llegar a ser el Nº1 deberá hacer esto y mucho más… 😜

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    I’ve wanted to draw Enji since the anime came out.

    Enji: Want to continue this in my room?

    I draw his face fireless because I like him more that way :)

    So yeah, first time drawing daddy Endeavor. I’ll gladly draw more of him in the future 🔥 He’s one of my BnHA daddies, I’ll try to draw all of them.

    Hope you like it and a question for you.Who do you think was the responsible of this mess?


    Since I got requests of Enji with his facial fire here he is 🔥🔥

    He really is a hot daddy. Next time you see Enji you’ll know who’s been messing around with him~