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    Kirishima brothers 

    A collaboration made with a friend

    Well I hope you give a lot of love to this image 💚💚💚💚 we really work a lot on it jeje enjoy it


    I did not see the third season of Free! but ikuya always seemed cute and sexy adgshjsgsgs although my favorite is Kisumi 💓 (u know)  my friend’s favorite is Sousuke 💙 

    Poor Ikuya xD he was caught fucking with his brother in a restaurant shafjfaj Yeah! I love sex in public (cruising) 😂😂😂

    I think everyone already knows!


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    Double SPLASH!!!💦

    Hi again! 😻😻 🙌🙌 two post in a row jeje this is the image (2/5) of commissions (image published with the client’s authorization)

    it really comes to be a second part of the image that I made (Sousuke x Kisumi del ova de Eternal Summer)they get horny in the summer

    NOTE ABOUT THE COMMISSIONS: At the moment only Argentine users if you are from another country, do not worry (you can think that you would like to order) in a few weeks, I will open commissions for everyone 🙀🙀 jeje💖💖💖 (commisions closed)


    Hi again! 😻😻 🙌🙌 dos post seguidos jeje esta es la imagen (2/5) de las comisiones (imagen publicada con la autorización del cliente)

    Realmente viene a ser como una parte 2 de la imagen que había hecho anteriormente de Free! (Sousuke x Kisumi del ova de Eternal Summer).. ps con un verano así de ardiente, estás cosas son inevitables, creo que el sol los pone bien cachondos

    NOTA SOBRE LAS COMISIONES HECHAS: Por el momento solo a usuarios de Argentina, si eres de otro país, no te preocupes (puedes ir viendo que te gustaría encargar) ya que en algunas semanas si todo va bien jeje y no tengo inconvenientes, abriré comisiones para todo el mundo 🙀🙀 jeje💖💖💖 (comisiones cerradas)

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    Holding breath (Sousuke)

    Hi, 😇 if you saw the previous image (gif) that was a collaboration between a friend (N/N) and me ;) … hehe and if you already became a fan of him like me… Here is his delicious image/gif 100% of him, I hope they like it as much like me… 💙💙 (fap) <— xD

    Who wants to be Sousuke’s coach? kjadjakhdakfalfaf (that is an inspiration) looking at the image I was wondering, everyone will do the same routine (?) (❤¬❤) must be a paradise for his coach (…)

    Sousuke pro (3m)


    Hola, 😇 si viste la imagen (gif) anterior era una colaboración entre un amigo (N/N) y yo ;)… jeje y si ya te hiciste fan de él como yo… aqui te dejo esta sabrosa y deliciosa imagen/gif 100% de él, espero que les guste tanto como a mi… 💙💙 (fap) <— xD

    Quién quiere ser el entrenador de Sousuke? ghdadajkadafsdfs (esa si es una inspiración xD) viendo la imagen me preguntaba si, todos harán la misma rutina (?) quieroooo xD (❤¬❤) imagina el paraíso y vista que debe tener ese entrenador (…) Sousuke pro (3m) si tanto aguanta la respiración, como será en la cama! OMG ((((O¬O))))

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    Haru fucking a delicious ass (Haru follando un delicioso culo)

    Waiting for the competition to start!

    Sousuke: -meanwhile.. fuck my ass…nnn!

    Haru: -you’re tight…! I I I cummm nn..nnn ahh

    Sousuke: -It feels so great Haru..

    Waiting anxious the following season (3 😍) I can not wait to make pervesions with these hot guys (╭☞ ͡ ͡° ͜ ʖ ͡ ͡°)╭☞ (personally I always liked sousuke’s ass 💙) :Q__

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