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    Teen Titans - Robin X Beast Boy #1

    I have wanted to draw beast boy again since…. an eternity ago XD i finally have the chance again :D i hope you all like it :3

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    Part 2 of 2

    NSFW Robin (Teen Titans) Sexy Set
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    Sometimes you gotta make do when bird boy’s away…

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    Request #6: Kid Flash jerking off Superboy. What’s this ship? Superflash? Sounds right. Superflash. I dig it. A lot. Very much. Really enjoyed doing this one!

    Like….I just imagine this happening super early on in the series, with KF like “I bet the genomorphs didn’t teach you how to do this. Your body is good for more than just fighting”

    Totally realized that I had given Conner a circumcision scar in the last pic, even thought I have had disturbingly in depth conversations about whether or not it would even be possible to circumcise Superman, and beyond that the odds of it having happened after him being cloned being supah slim lol. These are the stupid things I think about while I draw OTL

    Day 5: Blowjob

    “I-I don’t know about this, Rob”

    “Oh, calm down, I’ve seen Bruce and Selina come down here all the time.”

    “Alright, alright, just…don’t be too loud, okay?”


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