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    Kakashi & Obito 2

    The last commisio (5/5)

    They started fighting and ended up fucking 💙__💙 while Sensei Minato “was looking for them” (or maybe he was a spectator o/////o)

    I loooooove Kakashi!! he is so afjafajagagafthfj


    Última comisión  (5/5)

    Ellos empezaron peleando y por algún motivo terminaron follando 💙__💙 mientras el Sensei Minato “los buscaba” (si es que no era un espectador o/////o)

    Me encanta Kakashi!! es tán jafhfajagkafakfaj

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    Blue Beetle(Jaime Reyes) x Impulse(Bart Allen) - Young Justice

    As I said I would draw them here there are these two. I serously think they made an adorable couple.

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