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    Educating Bakugou

    ( ͡ ͡° ͜ ʖ ͡ ͡°) oh yeah, when I saw that chapter 👆this is exactly what my perverted mind imagine 😈. I do not know if Jeanist sent his request to Bakugou to fuck him 😏 or Bakugou chose him for that purpose 😍 I think they agreed (“for me” Jeanist is the right daddy for Kachan) 💛💛


    ( ͡ ͡° ͜ ʖ ͡ ͡°) oh si, cuando vi ese capitulo 👆 esto es exactamente lo que mi mente pervertida imagino 😈. No se si Best Jeanist envió su solicitud a Bakugou para follarlo 😏 o Bakugou lo escogió con este propósito 😍 creo que ambos coincidieron (para mi Jeanist es el daddy adecuado para Kachan).💛💛

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    BMHA - Bakugou X Deku #1

    This is a CG set for all 5$ Patrons of July!!

    This is the last picture I do with my 8 year old Wacom banboo pentablet TT_TT I’m happy and sad to retire my old partner!!!, but I will keep it around in case of an emergency!

    I hope you all like this!!!

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    Super Smash Bros - Cloud Strife x Link #1

    This was a CG for all 20$ Patrons of September!! Now only available as an old CG.

    I thought I would be drawing my OCs again for the last CG of September, but this two surprised me at the last moment! I’m not complaining! I love how this looks!!!

    You would think I would have drawn Cloud before because i love Final Fantasy games.

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    Voltron - Lance the Milkman #1

    This is the four CG set of November 2017 for all +$30 Patrons!! this month rewards will be sent on December 3rd.

    After seen season 4 i can’t believe they made lance a gamer and a farm boy… so let see what else he is good at milking! also i plan to do of this a series, next time will be Keith, then maybe Matt or Lotor and finally himself XD,

    I was planing in no drawing last week, my hand have been hurting because i didn’t rest last month, i even thought in taking this week too, but i got really bore and i love to draw… so i did the work of a single week in one day last week XD.

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    Part 1 of 3