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    Director By Clayton Vomero


    Directed By Karim Huu Do

    Last Lizard

    Directed By Emily Kai Bock

    Swimming in Your Skin Again

    Directed By Terence Nance

    Smog Journeys

    Directed By Jia Zhangke

    A Violet Death

    Directed By Isaiah Seret

    Darkest Before Dawn

    Directed By Kid Art

    favorite shorts of 2015


    #CanaryIslands #Canarias #RB from the CamaryIslands we love your blog

    My movies have more followers than the political parties and the Catholic and Moslem religions combined. Every night I can fill up a movie theater. The people will come whether they share my ideas or not. I tell you, in Africa, especially in Senegal, even a blind person will go to the cinema and pay for an extra seat for a young person to sit and explain the film to him. He will feel what’s going on. Personally, I prefer to read because I learned from reading. But I think that cinema is culturally much more important, and for us in Africa it is an absolute necessity. There is one thing you can’t take away from the African masses and that is having seen something.

    -Ousmane Sembene

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