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    Now Let Me Feed You    By: Y. Black

    You fed me

    Now it’s your turn

    I know how much you love to wrap your thick lips around me

    How you crave to make me moan

    So let me part those pretty little lips

    And watch your tongue circle the head of my manhood

    That’s it baby take more of me

    I love the feistiness of you when slap my hand away from your head

    Moan on your dick

    Make it vibrate

    Breathe in as you take me deep


    Your eyes water and you gag

    You’re such a good fucking girl

    Slurp back to the head and watch my toes curl

    That’s it baby grab that sac

    Lick your balls as you make your way down the shaft


    You ready for your treat baby

    You ready


     Did I feed your hunger???


    You tell me……did u?


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    I have had this craving all day So I’m playing no games

    Bring all that sexy over here and mount it on my face

    Not trying to be all I nice and neat

    I want both of your hands filled with sheets

    Matter of fact I want your hands gripping me

    Pulling me into your pussy

    Embrace me with your kitty

    Grinding your supple mound on my full lips

    Greasing my face with your moisture

    Grabbing the back of my head while I grip them ass cheeks

    Watching as your legs shutter from me slurping your lips

    I feel your pussy squeezing my tongue as my finger slides in your ass

    You moan louder as the pleasure is consuming you

    Your sweet juices are all in and on my shit

    I take pride in this



    I need me some “Facetime” 😊




    Only females add 😉. Snapchat: OFBBC1 Twitter: OFBBC1