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2020-07-09 16:59:43

    I have been going on with Ooobsoo about his July set, the pants go with so much in my game. Love the cut, the details and the fit. I wanted more, so I recolored them. The ArchiveFaction shoes are lit too. Thought I could use more colors of them too. I hope you can use them too. :)

    Meshes are REQUIRED- <>shirt & pants, <>shoes (free)

    Pants- 13 standalone swatches, custom thumbnail, not set for random

    Shirt- 10 standalone swatches, custom thumbnail, not set for random

    Shoes- 7 add-on swatches, not set for random

    Credits: EA, @ooobsooo, @pralinesims, @archivefaction, @diosasims, @xxblacksims, @hellagoodsims and the many creators in the CC community. Thank you so much for sharing.

    Tools: Sims4Studio, Paint.net, and Google Images

    <>Downloads: Sim File Share  One Driv

    <>KK Sweatshirts 04 M

  • Clothes Top
  • Male (T-E)
  • My mesh / All morphs / All LODs
  • Custom thumbnails
  • 40 Color
  • <>You can add logo swatches at ‘Glove category’
  • <>☞ TOU & DL
    ⛔ Do not re-upload, re-edit all my CC.
    ⛔ Do not claim to own.
    ⛔ Do not direct download link. (Do not re-<>post)
    ⛔ Do not convert. (other game, age<>, gender)
    ⛔ Do not include my cc file in your <>works.

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  • Thanks to all CC creators.
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