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Girl in the header is Louise Jenson. MY ORIGINAL GIF POSTS ARE TAGGED #ORAMIX'. . ****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** I'M QUITE A PASSIONATE PORNOSEXUAL: PORN HAS AN IRRESISTIBLE AND OVERWHELMING POWER OF SEDUCTION TO ME. I LOVE TO WATCH AND MASTURBATE TO PORN, AND I LOVE TO STRETCH THE MASTURBATORY PLEASURE AS LONG AS POSSIBLE. BUT AT SOME POINT, AT THE BRINK OF MY MOST EXHILARATING PHASE OF AROUSAL, I CAN NO LONGER LET THE PLEASURABLE FEELING DIE DOWN BEFORE ORGASM SWEEPS ME AWAY. I LOSE CONTROL AND REACH THE POINT OF NO RETURN. A SHORT, BUT INCREDIBLY DELIGHTFUL SENSATION ENGULFS ME: YES, I'M CUMMING, IRREVERSIBLY, MOANING AND SCREAMING, FORCEFULLY LIBERATING MY SATURATED SCROTUM FROM MY LOAD OF SPERM 💦💦💦💦💦💦! ******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* MY BLOG ORAMIX PORNORAMIX IS PRIMARILY DEDICATED TO STRAIGHT FUCKING. I LOVE WELL SHAPED BUTTOCKS UNDER THE MOST LECHEROUS CIRCUMSTANCES, SUCH AS A BEAUTIFUL GIRL´S BUTT IN DOGGY STYLE MOTION, POWERED BY A HARD COCK FUCKING HER PUSSY, OR THE LOVELY MOTION OF HER BUTTOCKS COWGIRL STYLE, BROUGHT ABOUT BY HER LUSTFULLY RIDING A HARD COCK. THERE´S ALSO QUITE A BIT OF PUSSY EATING GOING ON IN MY BLOG. ENJOY! ****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** OTHER BLOGS OF MINE ARE ORAMIX PARTYSEXORAMIX (mainly party sex), ORAMIX BIGBOORAMIX (big, firm boobs), ORAMIX BOTTOMLESSORAMIX (girls with no panties, or dropped / pulled aside), ORAMIX EROTORAMIX (generally stylish erotica), ORAMIX ASSORAMIX (the female butt, from erotic to pornographic) ORAMIX FLEXYSEXORAMIX (reverse cowgirl, legs up) and last but far from least ORAMIX TOPPORNORAMIX (a collection of what I consider the best porn GIFs from my other blogs so far;most of these GIFs I’ve made myself.)

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    Both as a porn lover and as a car salesman I’m a huge fan of Shawna Lenee. She is always doing whatever it takes to push sales. Her technique is unique, her style inimitable, her sales record unbeatable and last but not least, her pornographic appeal is mesmerizing! - The Fulfilment of Shawna Lenee | Brazzers. ***All my original GIFs are tagged #oramix. Enjoy!***