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if i was a dude, i'd make all you bitches deepthroat.

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    hot things miya atsumu does

     inspired by miss sal’s​posts at @0ik6lut!

    read suna’s here!

  • quirks a brow up and then smirks whenever you make eye contact
  • sometimes he’ll wink 🥰
  • puts one hand on your thigh while driving and does the thing where he puts his arm behind your seat while parking in reverse
  • keeps the first two buttons on button-up shirts unbuttoned and he ALWAYS rolls up the sleeves 🥵
  • is somewhat good at all sports
  • baseball? pitch him a fastball and he’ll blast it into the outfield (can’t handle grounders tho)
  • football? his spiral is gorgeous
  • basketball? he’ll dunk on you without even trying
  • play wrestles with his twin and friends in public so that everyone can see the flexing of his muscles, his shirt lifting up, his little grunts and laughs omfg
  • can go from goofy to dead serious within seconds and his serious face is SO hot 😳😳😳
  • cracks his knuckles
  • wears blacked-out ray-bans in public and he looks so badass in them
  • bites ❗️ his ❗️ chain ❗️ when he’s focusing
  • stands with his arms crossed over his chest and chin slightly tilted up with his jaw set when he gets jealous/mad
  • grabs you by your belt loops to kiss you 😭
  • hot things suna rintarou does

    inspired by miss sal’s​ posts at @0ik6lut!

    read atsumu’s here

  • has perpetual ✨bedroom eyes ✨
  • says shit like “oh yeah?”, “make me”, “prove it” 😏
  • leans all the way back on sofas with one arm around the backrest
  • is the clear-headed one when everyone’s stressed, becomes the unwilling leader
  • when he raises his arms you can see the waistband of his boxers
  • can probably skateboard
  • makes his move by teaching you how to skate and letting you hold onto his shoulders while he drags you along
  • always has something in his mouth–– a lollipop, a toothpick… 🥵
  • he rolls his eyes and scoffs with the corners of his lips SLIGHTLY upturned 🤩
  • would let you paint his fingernails black!!
  • when he takes off sweaters his shirt rises up to his chest and shows his abs
  • runs his tongue over his teeth
  • loves riling you up
  • he’ll whisper or murmur the most mundane things in your ear just to see you shiver
  • will ignore you when he’s right beside you so that you get mad
  • probably thinks you’re hottest when you’re mad 😳
  • if you play-fight with him he’ll get in your space and tower over you until your back’s pressed against a wall and his hot breath fans your face… pLS
  • wears a lot of white and black tees and he looks so damn good in them
  • wordlessly slings his arm over your shoulder when you walk towards him
  • acid-atlas

    Just as a warning for people with tiktok. 


    A man killed himself live on tiktok. People are embedding the video into other videos and sharing it around. Stay off tiktok, go watch some compilations on youtube or something. 

    People are actually turning this guys death into a meme fucking hell.


    This is the first image of the TikTok so you know to scroll past it if you come across the video:


    So uh about that tsukki hand kink 👉👈😳,,headcanons for tsukki’s s/o with a hand kink or the other way around? (Also if it isnt taken could I be 💌 anon)

    since i literally also have a hand kink nonnie i can happily write this VHDJGNDB

    warning for suggestive/nsfw content

    taglist: @mini-musicbox @zephyrria @ot127 @jjsmimi @tremendousglitterthing @1tsnoya @noya-senpai-imagines @akaawhore @tamcitrus @savemesteeb @rayt0rade @squishyredriot @just-another-writer-i-guess @tsukkis-gf @chiibichann @miyaxs @parkersvibes @snooshiegrape @cocoa-bitter @wwoozzyy @wolverrina @sparklyrasberrys @losers-yurio @caromeela @hihiq @bokutopikou @bblairri @janellion @1-800-go-away @miyulovestowrite @haikyuusa @shouyowrites @pkmn-imagines @just-my-weirdness-and-i @xhanjisungiex

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    → he finds out abt ur kink thru u making A Mistake

    → like u were just talking to your friends man. you didn’t realize he was within earshot

    → u were probably like “god his hands are so fucking FINE, like i want him to finger me for hours, his fingers are so long like sir put those in my mouth PLEASE-“

    → and he was like hm. yeah i like dat. my idea now

    → so ur going about ur day and u meet him at your usual spot when he comes to greet you after school ends (probably somewhere a lil more secluded bc tsuki says fuck crowds)

    → and then he’s got his hand on your neck while you’re kissing him hello and you’re like ?!?!?!?!?!

    → your face goes bRIGHT RED and he’s like “hm. so you do have a hand kink. good to know.”

    → basically he’s super into it too

    → will tease you and flex his fingers and make sure you’re watching when he wraps them for games

    → those hands are So skilled. so skilled.