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    “Oh, no, not again!  Kasandra wailed as she clutched at the tail that had sprung up from between her ass. The Seventh Year knew she wasn’t supposed to be messing around with the spells from the Forbidden Section, but she was eighteen damn it and Professor Flitwick had given her a year long pass. She had thought the spell was supposed to be one of the original rituals for becoming an Animagus, but it had become clear why she couldn’t find any other references to it before drinking the potion. It had definitely given her some animal like traits, just not the way she expected. The good news was that the ritual had also included the method for reversing the spell. The only problem was…

    “What in a serpent’s sore tooth?” a strong Irish voice demanded. The boy who had entered the unused classroom was dressed in the traditional green and silver of Slytherin, a sharp contrast to black and gold of her own Hufflepuff house. There was a bit of laugh in Mael’s voice as he asked, “Just what have you gotten yourself into now, lass?”

    “The spell didn’t do what I thought it did,” Kasandra answered with a pout. “Or at least not enough of what I thought it did.”

    “I can see that,” Mael murmured as he stepped up and wrapped his hand around the tail. The soft fur was smooth as silk as it slid through his fingers. Kasandra shivered at his touch, a warm spark running down her spin as he continued to stroke her tail.

    “St-stop that!” she wailed, batting his hand away. Her cheeks were flushed, and her breasts heaved as she panted for breath. She really didn’t want him to stop, she wanted- Bloody hells, what was this spell doing?! “We need to reverse this! At once!”

    “Alright,” Mael said with a nod. He started to turn towards the door. “I’ll just be fetching Madame Pomfrey then-”

    “No, you can’t!” Kasandra seized his wrist. “If Professor Flitwick finds out, he’ll revoke my privilieges! We need to do this ourselves! It just requires a lot of life energy to reverse.”

    Mael blinked. “You mean…”

    Kasandra leapt at him, vanishing his clothes through sheer force of will. Once he was naked as her, however, it didn;t take long for Mael to become an eager participant. He’d never been the bully some of his other housemates had turned out be, but as he picked her up and slammed her into the wall it was clear just how little control he was willing to give up, even at a time like this. Which was how the first load of cum end up pouring down Kasandra’s throat, her lips sealed around the base of his cock as his fist pulled at her hair.

    But they were far from finished. She rode him, he rode her, and they fucked everywhere in between. Sex between wizards and witches was a magic fueled affair, addictive in its own ways, and their own ambient power replenished their physical stamina almost as soon as they had drained it.

    Finally, by the time the sky had grown dark and even the Great Hall stood empty, Mael pinned Kasandra down, holding her knees back so that there was  a straight line between his cock and her cervix. Stretched, filled, and stretched again, Kasandra could do little more than lay there and whimper in pleasure. The tail was almost all but gone at that point, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t going to be left with another problem…

    It looked like she was going to have to see Madam Pomfrey after all…