Cancoillotte et Morbiflette

Welcome, my name is Orpheelin, I am a french illustrator and comiker. I am also workin in animation studios for a long time. You can find my books in my online shop at http://www.orpheelin.com

Last update
2018-09-28 09:10:47

    Bonjour les gens !!!

    Ce matin nous avons atteins les 162 % \0/ !

    Merci à vous tous ! C’est une superbe surprise au réveil !!! ( oui je me lève tard, j’ai besoin de repos XD)

    Pour vous remercier une petite surprise !  Je vous ai mis la page 1 en gif animé avec les différentes étapes de création :)

    Sinon pour ceux qui n'ont pas encore participé n’hésitez pas à aller voir :)

    Il y a aussi de nombreux défis pour gagner des cadeaux pour tout les participants à la campagne :D


    ———————— Hello people !!! 

     This morning we reached 162% \ 0 /! 

     Thank you to all of you ! It is a superb surprise on awakening !!! 

    (yes I get up late, I need XD rest) 

     To thank you for a little surprise! I put you page 1 in animated gif with the different stages of creation :) 

     Otherwise for those who have not participated yet do not hesitate to see :)

     There are also many challenges to win prizes for all campaign participants: D

    Tumblr: *rolls out “best stuff first”*

    My blog:

    on the one hand this is a joke post because lol i have never made a good post in my life, but also, if i hadn’t made the connection between this update and my sudden nosedive in activity, i would have been really fucking discouraged about all the shit i’ve been working on lately. i guarantee there are people on tumblr right now who haven’t made that connection, and who are trying to figure out why suddenly no one likes anything they’ve made. and that fucking sucks.

    Reminder to go into your settings and turn off ‘Best Stuff First’ because my activity’s tanked a couple days ago for no reason so this stuff IS happening.

    You WILL miss content with that setting on.

    i ain’t joking when i say that my activity looks JUST like this too and i wasn’t sure why

    I can only find the option on the app under Settings > Dashboard Preferences.

    To support content creators do us a favour and turn off “Best stuff first”. Open the tumblr app (Android or iOs) and go to “Settings > Dashboard Preferences. And please reblog this post, so that everybody will see this. Thank you very much!


    you can’t make this up

    I try to keep this blog for art only, but this has been a major issue for me the last few days. If you follow me on mobile and still want to stay up to date with my posts, please change your settings!

    I don’t know what happened, but I am also experiencing this sudden drop.

    same here, Reminder: to go into your settings and turn off ‘Best Stuff First’