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2023-12-09 23:57:58

    Made a shit ton of Chex mix yesterday….

    Bagged a lot of it up-ate some-took some to my Ma…

    She had a little bday goodie to give me

    And a little cake that I sent to work with hubs today. Don’t tell ma!!! 👀😳

    So chocolate cake is not my favorite….and with so many extra goodies this time of year I just didn’t want to spend my time working off something I don’t LOVE. 😂

    Then We headed to the car museum!

    Just some super sick cars

    Lots of pretty outdoor lights

    Did you know the first automobile was a Benz? Not a Ford!? Ford was just the first to mass produce!!

    I learned something new…always a good thing!

    So many cool cars y’all….

    Weekends, I went to the pictures or caught the Blue Bus to Santa Monica, where I’d gaze at the ocean or sit beneath the pier with my eyes closed, listening to the distant pounding of the breakers and the hiss of the frothy swash, and let my past lives wash over me, ebbing and flowing with the surf.

    — Jonathan Evison, Again and Again: A Novel (Dutton, November 7, 2023)