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    do you guys think people in the pokemon world are allowed to bring their pokemon to work ? like id imagine it would be a case by case thing but do you think i could bring ornstein to work ? i can get another chair for my cubicle and he doesnt need to go through the client confidentiality training because he cant read

    the pokemon bisharp edited into an empty office. he is standing behind a cubicle partition

    bringing my pet paper shredder that doesnt know how to use microsoft excel into the office


    hey guys i see that some of you have concerns about bringing my bisharp into work and after some careful assessment we have provided him with some protective gear to avoid any potential risks in the workplace

    the pokemon bisharp edited into an office. he now has pool noodles placed over his head and chest blades and is wearing oven mitts. he also has a lanyard with an id badge attached.

    this is for a part-time job as a barista


    "Madke the fuckign. Esspresso Essplode"


    oh! I finally have an excuse to share this story

    one time I was applying to work at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf as a part-time barista. The application was pretty standard.... until they required me to do a 15-minute 60-question TIMED SAT-style test, followed by a 15 PAGE agree-disagree personality test. for a part-time barista gig. AND they didn't even call me back.