You’re going to receive GOOD NEWS this week.




    I don’t think I’ve reblogged this yet this week, but I did see it earlier today, and I got a new job! 

    And I went in assuming that it would just be a volunteer job, but I’m getting paid $15 an hour! 



    I came into work and bumped into my boss and she said that she was looking for me because she wanted to let me know about my raise. This shit worked in an hour omg


    i fuckin need some good news right about now so pile it on


    I reblogged this on my lunch break and two hours later got a message from SALM that his abusive boss is leaving



    When people say “stop sexualizing breasts”, they don’t mean “breasts aren’t sexy and you should not find them attractive.”

    What they mean is that, while they can certainly be enjoyed in a sexual context, that is not their sole function, and they are a neutral body part that should be allowed to exist without comment in a comfortable state (no bra if the person doesn’t want one).

    Ways in which we sexualize breasts:

    Making fun of saggy breasts (bc they aren’t sexually attractive).

    Treating large breasts as superior to small breasts.

    Treating large breasts as more vulgar than small breasts.

    Treating small breasts as superior to large breasts.

    Using breast size as a measure of physical maturity.

    Insisting that it is necessary to wear shapewear to make them look sexier even when it is not a sexual situation (such as going to the store).  Some shapewear is worn for comfort/support/fun, but wearing it should be left up to the individual, and bralessness should be considered unremarkable and boring, not slovenly or unsexy.

    Insisting that breastfeeding parents cover up because the exposure of a breast is an inherently provocative and aggressively sexual act and it is not okay for people to do that where other people can see, or because it is considered rude to let babies have the titty when grown-ups cannot also have the titty. (And if you ever, ever compare breastfeeding to a sexual act, I will piss in your eyes.)

    Focusing breast health issues around “save the boobies” instead of “save the person and ditch the breasts if you gotta” (bc again, sexual value).  This also excludes male victims of things like breast cancer, because male breasts are not even acknowledged, let alone considered sexy or worthy of “saving.”

    In fact, culturally we insist pretty stridently that men should not have breasts.  Only women should.  Because women are meant to be sexually attractive at all times, but god forbid that a man look like a woman because that is sexually unattractive.  (This is also transphobic as fuck.)

    Imposing different rules on pubescent and older girls that are not imposed on boys of the same age, because budding breasts are distracting and also indecent and should be covered (jfc these are children WHY are we teaching them the most important thing about their bodies is how they look, the effect they have on others, and their potential sexual use??? THAT IS DISGUSTING.)

    Arguing that “large and round human breasts evolved as a sexual signal” excuses people from acting like assholes around human breasts. They’re attached to a whole-ass human being, and treating whole-ass human beings in a shitty way because you consider these sexually appealing fatty masses more important than the rest of the human body makes you a dumbass douchebag.

    Arguing that toplessness laws should permit women to go topless because teehee then you’d get to see the boobies.  You’d get to see the boobies, all right. All the boobies.  Saggy boobies.  Scarred boobies.  Boobies with stretch marks.  Boobies with non-standard nipnops.  Hairy boobies.  Uneven, lumpy boobies.  You’d see it all.  Snickering support of anti-toplessness activism is shallow, because it doesn’t usually include support of non-”beautiful” breasts.  It’s also fundamentally stupid.  If you saw all the boobies all the time, you’d stop considering them sexual pretty fucking fast and see them as just another body part. Which they are. So your jollies would un-jolly themselves pretty damn quick.

    Anyway, that’s just what I can think of off the top of my head but yeah, we sexualize breasts way too much.

    (Also, to hell with TERFs.)

    This is a big, giant list of Youtube tutorials that will teach you all the basic life skills you need to know in order to be a functional adult. There are a lot of important skills that aren’t included in this list, but this should be enough of a basic guide to get you started and prevent you from making a total mess of yourself. Happy adulting!

    Household Skill

    How to unclog a toilet without a plunger

    How to fix a blown fuse

    How to fix a leaky faucet

    How to clean soap scum from your tub and shower

    How to escape from a house fire

    How to make a budget and stick to it

    How to sharpen a knife

    How to clean a self-cleaning oven

    How to clean red wine stains from carpet

    How to clean blood stains from fabric

    How to clean grease stains from fabric

    How to do a load of laundry

    How to iron your clothes

    How to test your smoke detectors

    Cooking Skills:

    How to tell if produce is ripe

    How to know if food is expired 

    How to properly sanitize a kitchen

    How to cook an egg

    How to make rice

    How to make pasta

    How to put out a kitchen grease fire safely

    How to use a gas stove

    How to use a convection oven

    How to cook meat safely

    How to use a stand mixer

    How to use kitchen knives properly

    How to make mashed potatoes

    How to make grilled cheese sandwiches 

    Health Skills:

    How to stop bleeding

    How to treat a burn

    How to do CPR (on an adult)

    How to do CPR (on a child)

    How to do CPR (on a baby)

    How to help someone who is choking

    How to save yourself if you are choking alone

    How to read a nutrition label

    How to treat frostbite

    How to recognize when someone is having a stroke

    How to maintain a healthy sleep schedule

    Mental Health Skills:

    How to calm down during a panic attack

    How to help someone who is suicidal

    How to meditate

    How to stop self-harming

    How to recognize problem drinking

    How to choose a therapist

    How to deal with disappointment

    How to cope with grief

    How to raise your self-esteem

    Relationship and Social Skills:

    How to apologize

    How to cope with a breakup

    How to accept criticism

    How to deal with bullying

    How to argue in a healthy way

    How to ask someone out

    How to break up with someone

    How to recognize an abusive relationship

    How to rekindle a damaged friendship

    How to speak in public

    Job Hunting Skills:

    How to tie a tie

    How to write a resume

    How to write a cover letter

    How to dress for a job interview (for women/femmes)

    How to dress for a job interview (for men/masculines)

    How to properly shake hands

    How to nail a job interview

    Other Skills:

    How to sew on a button

    How to hammer a nail

    How to change your oil

    How to put gas in your car

    How to jump-start a car

    How to pick a good password

    How to back up your files

    How to write a cheque


    The worst part about working on original fiction is u gotta wait like 5 years to get a book draft done in order to SHOW YOUR FRIENDS chapters. Ain't like fanfic where you can just....send em. Tis horrid.


    like yes i worked incredibly hard on this 10 page chapter. yes in order to understand what the hell it means you need a 15 hour briefing on background lore. i apologize. this sucks for everyone.


    support your original writer friends because they lack like, an established fandom to get validation from. encourage them. encourage people who draw fandomless OCs. give em ur lov.


    To all the original writers out there:

    You're doing a fantastic job!

    Keep making your little universes come alive.

    I'm really really proud of you

    Look at all the words you've written, look at all those beautiful characters you've brought to life.

    Thank you!

    I hope one day I get to read your work and then I'll be part of your fandom too.


    important psa


    Awh, I always thought they were so pretty and had no idea they could be harmful


    Can someone transcribe this? The water is really loud.


    “Hey everybody! Here we are in the southern Appalachian mountains. We have a pristine Montane stream ecosystem, as you can see all around us here. I thought I’d make an educational video this morning. It involves this practice right here [gestures to rock pile]. As our national parks and national forests fall victim to human pressure, more than ever, this is something we’re seeing more and more of. Hopefully we can make this video go viral. This stream, as you can see around us right here, is a breeding ground for North America’s largest salamander, the Eastern hellbender. They can get up to 2.5-3 feet long. It’s part of our natural heritage in the eastern United States. When people do this right here - what they consider to be art - they’re actually destroying the breeding ground for the Eastern hellbender salamander. The Eastern hellbender will use flat rocks such as these to make nesting sites in these streams. So here’s what I would like everybody to do. If you care about our Montane stream freshwater ecosystems like this one around us here, when you see something like this, this is what I recommend doing: [kicks down rock pile]. Take the rocks, throw them back into the stream. The Eastern hellbender utilizes rocks like this. It actually feels pretty good to do this! [walks to other pile] This is not actually art, okay? This is destruction of our freshwater ecosystems. So I would like to encourage everyone: when you see this [gestures to second rock pile], do this! [kicks pile] I’d like to return our streams to their natural state for the organisms that live here. Thanks, and have a good day.”


    A little update <3

    I still read all of your lovely replies! I have not given up on art my friends! I have even started my own webcomic on webtoon! It’s called Seth In Space and it would mean a lot to me if you would support me there! Love you all and happy halloween!!


    I’m so happy to tell you all that I’ve made great progress with my mental health!! To genuinely be able to say that I feel happy is so liberating and free! I know a lot of you are still in that dark place. I’m here to say that it does get better. Much better! I still have some tough days but progress is progress! Be kind and gentle to yourselves. I love you all and thank you to everyone who’s supported me over the years!

    Here’s links to my commissions and projects!
    Animal Crossing Commissio
    Animal Crossing Tarot Car
    Tarot Readin
    Seth In Spa



    So, guys, I want to branch out more into writing original romance fiction, but what I love most is 1) queer and 2) historical. But this leaves us with the issue that legitimate, based-in-actuality historical fiction leaves us with a rather limited set of plots thanks to, you know, decades of rampant homophobia. From reading a lot of reviews of queer historical romance, they’re mostly kinda depressing with a tenuous HEA (or no HEA at all), and that aint for me.

    Is just saying “fuck history” and pretending that it never happened a thing? Can I just write a regency romance where the fabulously wealthy new neighbour who appears to be an ass but is actually lovely is also a woman and no one bats an eye at her marrying the main female character?

    Honestly modern romance fiction just doesn’t really interest me! So… what do you do? Can you just say “history does not spark joy” and throw it out?


    100 percent yes.

    If people want to read historically accurate shit, there are history books for ‘em to read. Let’s be honest – even fiction from historical eras is sugar-coated, as all fiction is. It’s an escape! 

    There are enough ‘time period accurate’ heterosexual romance novels to sink a fucking ship. Make a ruckus! Do what you want! WRITE QUEER HISTORICAL FICTION, I BELIEVE IN YOU


    Yeah this is fair - all the published historical romance I’ve read is so far flung from actual history that making everything not super homophobic isn’t really that far a leap.

    Ahaha I SHALL MAKE A RUCKUS. Eventually . Obviously all this dilly dallying and research is an excuse to not actually write anything…