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    Lilith guilty pleasures:

    Aries- fuel my ego. challenge me. defend me.

    Taurus- submit to me. excite me. splurge on me.

    Gemini- teach me something new. surprise me

    Cancer- sensualize me. save me. secure me.

    Leo- love/adore/compliment me. romance me.

    Virgo- play dirty with me. obsess over me.

    Libra- romanticize me. charm me. spoil me.

    Scorpio- get jealous for me. willing to die for me

    Sagittarius-seduce me. be wild with me

    Capricorn- let me control you. try to control me.

    Aquarius- show you don’t need me. explore me.

    Pisces- inspire me. dream of me. ground me.

    The type of attention you get as a woman that knows her worth and actively showcases it to the world will be different from a woman that has significantly lower self-esteem and others feel like they can use that to their advantage. Most men with a basic sense of self-awareness will know better than to approach a woman they know is above their league.

    This is why as you level up in all areas of your life: physically, mentally, spiritually, and financially, low-quality men will adjust their expectations and treatment towards you and instead of being vocal and direct with you they might opt to admire you from afar (in rare cases they might also try to test you by negging you to see how you react to their emotional manipulation in hopes that you will internalize their gaslighting and lower your standards and self-esteem, all out of spite that they can't have a woman like you).

    Women with low self esteem can be easily manipulated by dusty, crusty low-quality men because these men know she doesn't hold herself in a high enough regard to realize how meaningless, and in fact gross, their attention towards her is.

    Women with high self-esteem put themselves, their needs, and their well-being, and only entertain those men that have proven themselves to posses high qualities all around, who show protective and providing values, and who can benefit their lives in the long run. It's up to you to decide which woman you choose to become.

    Using My 20’s To Level Up My 50’s

    Building my resume now so that it speaks for me in a few decades.

    Hanging out less and healing more. Working on becoming fluent in multiple languages so I’m a top prospect in my career, along with opening my dating options to choose from.

    Working on networking so that I have an extensive contact list if I am in need of any favors or opportunities; more importantly so I’m in the position to offer those myself.

    Becoming well rounded in the arts, history and travel which all contribute to the memories I plan on documenting in my scrapbook.

    I embrace aging and I hope you do too 🧿🕯🥂

    Astrology observations

    If this does not apply to you then keep scrolling. They are not all facts but my opinions and things i’ve noticed. Love you.

  • Scorpio moons are one of the kindest people out there.
  • Libra placements other than the sun, have an unique looks and features and way of thinking. Especially Libra risings.
  • Leo suns are typically very shy or quite closed off and mostly quite difficult to get close to.
  • 7th house suns have a slight scorpio energy to them if you look deep enough.
  • People find it hard to understand someone with a 12th house aquarius chiron.
  • Scorpio mercuries are always mistaken for the power that they actually have. Never ask what they really think of something if you don’t wanna know. They are one of the smartest mercury placements out there. And their observing abilities are insane.
  • Scorpio mercury + virgo venus knows how to hit the spot in every way. Good and bad. They are too intelligent for this world.
  • Saturn in virgo always took responsibility even if it wasn’t directly handed to them. They were always mature and intelligent, even emotionally sometimes. Even from the youngest years they were aware.
  • Sagittarius jupiter always has one of the greatest success strategies, but don’t always go 210% out to follow them and make them reality. (Look at the other placements too.)
  • Some Gemini suns with sagittarius moon are really rude verbally to people who are not obeying or if they don’t get what they exactly want to people who did nothing to deserve it. (Look at the other placements too.)
  • Gemini suns who are aware of themselves and their emotions, also connected to their inner self or overall spiritual or in good contact with themselves are out of the world beyond. I worship you guys.
  • Most sagittarius moons have a very limited way of thinking and outlook on the world and people that is very hard to expand.
  • It can be hard for a Capricorn moon to move on from one topic to another in a quick time span. BUT IT IS 100% OKAY!! Some people might get quite frustrated with it.
  • ARIES VENUSES ARE SO PRETTY AND COOL mostly their features are a chef’s kiss. Also if you do not already know. You need a lot of red colored clothing and stuff. Or to have a red undertone. You’ll thank me later if you didn’t already know.💋
  • It’s sometimes really hard for an aquarius venus to find what they TRULY like or to find their style. They mostly experiment a lot or not at all. It’s just a long and hard process to find what suits them the most.
  • Aries placements are mostly highly corny in their relationships.
  • Love, Tsunami ~ <3

    But that is all for now. This was actually my first post ever. I really hope that you liked this and i would love to read comments about if you guys relate to it! Alright, love you!



    Here is PART 2 of some fame indicators that you can find in your natal birth chart. 📸 Keep in mind that looking at your overall chart will help determine more information.

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    : Jupiter conjunct/trine/sextile MC

    : North Node conjunct Sun, Venus, Jupiter, MC

    : Sun - Jupiter conjunction in 1H/5H/7H/10H/11H

    : Venus - Jupiter conjunction in 1H/5H/7H/10H/11H

    : 5th house stellium ( 3 or more planets )

    : 10th house stellium ( 3 or more planets )

    : 11th house stellium ( 3 or more planets )

    : Saturn conjunct MC

    : Pluto conjunct MC

    : Midheaven sign ruler in 10th or 11th house

    : Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter in the 10H

    : Pluto in 1st or 10th house

    : Prominent Regulus royal star in chart

    • conjunctions with personal planets & AC or MC ; less than 1 degree orb.

    : 1H South node / 7H north node

    • gaining fame without even wanting or looking for it.

    : Prominent Fomalhaut royal star in chart

    • conjunct personal planets or on the AC or MC; less than 1 degree orb.

    : Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, Libra Midheaven

    : Neptune conjunct/trine AC

    : Uranus trine MC

    • overnight or unexpected fame

    : Sun in 8th house

    : Venus ruled placements ( Taurus & Libra ) in your Big 3

    • makes you very attractive and appealing to others.

    : Jupiter ruled placements ( Pisces & Sag ) in your Big 3

    • makes you very lucky, dreamy and magnetic to others.

    : Capricorn Mars

    : Venus/ Mars in 11th house

    • makes it easier to manifest things especially with the collective.

    : Moon in 10H/11H

    : Scorpio Moon

    • those with this placement craves power and social status. Very passionate individuals which helps lead them to success.

    : Jupiter in 3rd house

    • social media fame

    : Aquarius/Gemini MC or risings

    • common for social media fame

    : Venus , Pluto, Mercury Dominant

    • common in the music industry

    : 12th house stellium , 12th house north node

    • gaining more fame and recognition after demise Ex: Marilyn Monroe has a cancer north node in the 12th house.

    • Spiritual celebrity

    • Beyoncé has a 12th house stellium.

    • 12th house is ruled by pisces/Neptune .. very creative and with the arts. It also rules glamour , movies, films.

    • very common to have hidden enemies and well you’re not really popping unless you have haters 🏽‍♀️

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    I’m sure there is more but honestly this is all I have for now. Enjoy ⚡️

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    jeezz thank u for that knowledge lol

    how to build a strong prayer life

    “there is power in persistent prayer.”

  • p for praise. praise God always. tell Him how great He is, how fair and just He is, etc. because that’s exactly what He is. He is beyond perfect. praise God for waking you up today, for giving you food and water, a roof over your head and all the miracles He has worked in your life. use this time to show your gratefulness to the Most High!
  • a for ask. ask God for whatever you desire, no matter how small you think it is. whether it’s good grades, to win a sports game or to help you out in stressful situations. confide in God and trust that He will help you out, no matter what happens next.
  • f for forgive. ask for forgiveness from others for the sins you have committed against them, and ask for forgiveness from the Most High. however, don’t forget to forgive others, just as Christ forgave you (ephesians 4:32).
  • p for protect. ask the Lord to cover you, your friends, your family, etc. with the Blood of Jesus, and trust that the Lord will protect you regardless.
  • if you’re worrying if this prayer method is unbiblical, align it with the Lord’s Prayer and notice how it matches! if you’re struggling to pray, force yourself to pray because something is forcing you not to pray. all in all, make praying a habit and watch how your life will drastically improve!

    signed, C 🤍

    Stop holding back. Be ambitious.

    One time goals

  • Save 5K (Finally)
  • Finish my personal website asap
  • Ask my boss about putting my products in his store. HE SAID YES
  • Stockpile collagen pills/powder for the rest of the year
  • Stockpile skincare
  • Create 4 sources of income (Earned, Profit, Royalty & ad revenue)
  • Get new business cards (serial business owner)
  • Buy

  • Braces 3,325$
  • SMILE eye correction surgery 5,500$ September 2022!!!!!
  • Find a gel nail machine that I actually like
  • Buy new clothes and foundation/concealer/mascara (I'm going through a VS model bimbo phase )
  • 8,000$-10,000$ saved for my nose job (16,000$)
  • Buy a violin!!! (A gift to myself, I'm looking for a specific type)
  • Plans/Creations

  • Write up a consignment agreement
  • Write up a Partnership agreement for bookstores and small businesses
  • Create a presentation for partnerships (May need to take 2 business trips to secure my spot in my home town.)
  • Update 5 and 10 year goals. Renew those plans and redo my 2.5 year plan to be more reflective of what I CAN do rather than WANT to do.
  • Create a Freestyling/networking stationary set
  • Develop a fitness app
  • All my long term businesses planned out and set for 3-5 years.
  • Plan out when I will write my next set of novels and make new monster girls
  • Execute my 5K a day plan (aka start) YAY
  • Update my resume
  • Continue 4hrs a day!

    Language (Start learning, buy a course or make a course myself)

    Music (Start learning)

    Career (1 textbook on my own time, 3 online courses, 2 certifications then Harvard)


    Gallon water a day

    Eat Fruit salad, Salad, or a Smoothie (1 per each meal)

    Eat 3 meals a day

    Workout daily (3x active, 4x rest day)

    Follow my skincare routine

    Once I've moved

    Actually be at one business event per month: 100$ a month budget

    Go freestyling weekly (50$ limit)


    You're so inspiring and your blog is so cute and aesthetic, I just wish I had the motivation or willpower to do anything, or let alone the discipline for any of it. I've tried but it never turns out good and I almost feel like giving up

    hey honey 🤍

    start by stop worrying about it, change the way you look at it, tell yourself that you are capable of doing anything and you always feel very motivated
    what do you want to do? do you want to create healthier habits in your life?
    commit yourself to do it, make it your goal, but always remember to start small
    for me what has helped me the most to stay motivated are two things: small daily goals and a good routine

    for example, when i started on this "journey" i was motivated to start incorporating little by little healthier habits into my days, like starting to do 10 minutes of exercise every day, here you say what you want for your days, what is it that you want to feel motivated to do for this, you can support yourself with a journal, start writing either in a notebook or on your phone 3 things you want to achieve during the day and commit yourself to fulfill, believe you will feel very satisfied and that will give you motivation

    and the routine can really help you feel motivated because liking your routine is what gets you up and energized to start your day every morning. i always say, you're not going to create the perfect routine in a week, but you can try it out until you find what works best for you, and don't be afraid to change anything! on my blog, you can find many examples of routines that you can try out

    and the best way to stay motivated is to start being aware that this is a promise you make to yourself and do it for you, to get everything you want

    have a beautiful day and i hope I have inspired you 🤍🧿✨

    30 Things To Do Alone

    • Go for a walk. I've been trying to reach 10k steps daily.
    • Read a book, article, or blog... just like you're doing right now. ;)
    • Watch a tv show. I'm currently watching Gilmore girls.
    • Watch the sunset/sunrise. I prefer sunsets.
    • Try a youtube workout. Daisy Keech is my favorite!
    • Do your nails. Nice nails make a vast difference in my opinion.
    • Go to the grocery store and buy some snacks that you've never tried before.
    • Try a new recipe. I'm trying carrot cake oatmeal later!
    • Write a letter to your future self. <3
    • Test old pens and throw away the dry ones.
    • Make a birthday wishlist. one of my favorite things to do when I'm bored and have nothing to do.
    • Take the 16 Personalities test. I'm an ENFP :)
    • Make a bucket list. I just started writing my autumn bucket list!
    • Research something or watch a video essay on youtube. One of my favorite channels at the moment is Mina Le.
    • Make a mood/vision board. You can check out my Twitter or Tumblr for some inspiration.
    • Scroll Pinterest for the next 6+ hours; we've all been there.
    • Take a long bath. Do a full skin/hair care routine.
    • Cut/dye your hair. I just cut curtain bangs, and I'm loving it!!
    • Bake something for a loved one; I made lemon-poppy seed cookies for my Dad.
    • Create a new playlist. I've started making an autumn playlist, lol.
    • Make a photo wall. I made one last year and still love it!
    • Accomplished your to-do list, and you'll feel great once you're done.
    • Get rid of old clothes, make room for new stuff.
    • Go to a new coffee shop and get something to try.
    • Learn how to crochet. I made a sweater for my dog, lmao.
    • Make yourself a drink, like a tea, coffee, or smoothie!
    • Declutter your digital space. (emails, photos, apps, etc...)
    • Make your room cozy and take a nap, or just relax for a bit.
    • Plan some outfits and look for things to buy online.
    • Apply a facemask and watch a coming-of-age movie. (my guilty pleasure, lol..)

    Please feel free to add more suggestions in the comments! <3

    ✩‧₊*:・love ya ・:*₊‧✩


    Hi, I hope everything is great! She missed seeing your posts around here.

    I wanted to know what would be the placements that would indicate that a person would do better working alone/being their own boss?

    Indicators of working better alone

  • Aries/Virgo/Capricorn placements
  • Aires/Leo/Virgo/Capricorn MC
  • Aries/10th house stellium
  • Jupiter in the 1st, 6th, 10th and 12th
  • Saturn in the 1st, 3rd, 7th, 10th and 11th
  • Sun-Saturn
  • Sun-MC
  • Mars-Jupiter
  • Mars-Saturn
  • Mars-MC
  • Saturn-MC
  • Saturn-NN
  • How Pisces “dissolves” the houses.

    Pisces is known in its nature to transcend the physical world. One such way this is achieved is by “dissolving” where Pisces resides in the chart. The house Pisces rules over in the horoscope can explain a lot about what Pisces is capable of dissolving in our lives. A planet in Pisces in a house amplifies and prioritizes this effect. No planet in a house can show transits or progressions into Pisces can make the dissolving effect more pronounced

    When Pisces is on the cusp of your:

    1st House

    Pisces dissolves the 1st house of the physical body, the behavior, self-expression and self-image. What we can see here is having a weak immune system and lack of barrier between the physical body and outside environment.

    In terms of behavior and self-expression in one package; the dissolve effect might come across as being more introverted, shy or exhibiting confusing behavior. The self-image can dissolve. If you ever had Pisces Rising friends, they sometimes “let themselves go (because of depression for example) or sometimes they alter their body in creative ways, so it loses its natural vibe.

    2nd House

    Pisces in the 2nd house dissolves the value the house of personal values, possessions, business, early home teachings, money and wealth. Aquarius rises in the chart, so we see Pisces cause a dissolving effect relating to Values. Aquarius is a very impersonal sign that is often regarded as not possessive. So, Pisces dissolving the attachment to physical possessions and personal values is the key to creating the objective "society focused” Aquarius Rising.

    In terms of early home teachings, they may be dissolved in terms of lacking or confusing. Instead of the early life teaching about the family, in exchange there may be spiritual values or maybe so much free where there is none at all. The 2nd house usually is about establishing our security through money and Pisces dissolves this to a point too. It can cause no savings or priority in building wealth for the self.

    Holding personal assets isn’t a priority like the 2nd house usually commands, which can lead to giving it away instead or even having money slip through the fingers.

    3rd House

    Pisces in the 3rd house dissolves the areas of courage, valor, self-promotion, desire to be involved in community, siblings and gathering ideas. Capricorn rises here so Pisces can bring the dissolving effect of being courageous and being outgoing in the community. In this since, Pisces births the introverted nature of Capricorn rising.

    What we can also see is possibly having no siblings or any interest being involved with them directly. Many Capricorn risings I have known are hard work and don’t have the time to dedicate their life to being involved with local people and the community. They usually are very busy. Pisces being in this house can be a part of why which contribute to this behavior. The 3rd house certainly produces a lot of day-to-day distractions. When dissolving this house Pisces frees up time for Capricorn rising to pursue ambitions and personal needs.

    Finally, we come to dissolving gathering ideas. Many people see Capricorn rising as a “know it all” type of sign/energy. They like to be the boss and don’t like to be asked questions/or ask them. Capricorn risings like to be in control and follow structure. The Pisces energy dissolves the need to act on impulsive, and classically the 3rd house was assigned “impulse” as its basic meaning.

    4th House

    Pisces in the 4th house dissolves the early upbringing foundation, the home, family traditions and the love of a particular idea that brings comfort.

    Pisces is in the 4th dissolves attachment to having stable roots. With Pisces in this house, Sagittarius is rising in the horoscope. This is noteworthy because Sagittarius is the sign of freedom that loves to travel. Pisces in the 4th is the source of this because it dissolves attachment to being home and rooted.

    The other major thing here is that Sagittarius is a sign that loves other cultures. Pisces in this house “dissolves” the attachment to cultural traditions and the early upbringing foundation. This alone opens the pathway for Sagittarius to open that interest in foreign places, things and ideas. Without having a great attachment to a personal foundation, it gets replaces in the other ways.

    The other major thing to consider is Pisces dissolving the attaching to a particular idea that brings comfort. What this does is open the door for the broad-minded behavior of Sagittarius rising. Without an idea or concept to use a security blanket, Sag rising has the freedom to take in all kinds of ideas without restraint.

    5th House

    Pisces in the 5th House dissolves the desire for fun, spending time in leisure, romance, children, being involved with chance.

    When Pisces is in the 5th Scorpio risings in the horoscope. This is important for a variety of reasons. For one, Pisces dissolves the desire for fun and leisure activity when it’s in the 5th house. Why is this important? Scorpio rising is known as an intense and serious focused rising sign. Fun and leisure are often not important of the repertoire as Pisces is “dissolving” these things from being a priority.

    Pisces in the 5th can be also tame or completely remove the desire for romance. Scorpio Rising is a sign of vulnerability and seeks a deep ultimate connection. With Pisces dissolving the desire for date, casual sex and romance; the door is opened for Scorpio rising to focus on the deep vulnerable intimacy that is most important. Most of these rising sign types don’t even date, they just right in and want to know if it’s going to work.

    In terms of Pisces dissolving children, I have seen many Scorpio Risings have either no children or 1. I think the reason for this is because there is little interest in children or a desire to give “everything” to one child alone. Having children also takes away focus from Scorpio risings desire to dig deep and know the darkest parts of life. Dissolving the 5th house interest in children is an important part of living this life path (as children are a MAJOR commitment.)

    The last thing to consider here is Pisces dissolving the need to take chances or personal risks. The rising of Scorpio is a very protective, standoffish and defensive behavior driven presence. Taking risks and exposing oneself is unsafe. Pisces dissolving the 5th helps keep Scorpio safe and controlled without exposing oneself to undesired danger.

    6th House

    Pisces in the 6th house can dissolve the desire for work, have obligations, involvement with enemies, debts, focus on health, deal with diseases.

    Libra is rising in the horoscope when Pisces is in the 6th. This is important because Libra rising known is not known for being the hardest working rising energy. Pisces in the 6th dissolves the desire to work hard which the 6th house is affiliated with. This is true for obligations as well in general. Libra rising is somewhat passive having no obligations with Pisces in the 6th gives Libra the path to be social and leisurely.

    The 6th house is affiliated with enemies and having Pisces rule this house is very important when Libra rises in the horoscope. Pisces can flat out dissolve having enemies. This can be part of why Libra Rising seeks a balanced and peaceful life, probably because it’s far easier to do with Pisces dissolving the house of enemies.

    The focus on health and diseases also is dissolved by Pisces. Many Libra Rising people I’ve known tend to be happy and have little in the way of physical ailments which the 6th house represents. Having next to no diseases may also attribute to why this rising sign is known as beautiful or attractive. Probably also helps the peaceful behavior too.

    7th House

    Pisces in the 7th house can dissolve working in partnerships, business associations, deal with contracts or negotiations. When Pisces is in the 7th Virgo is rising which creates the famed opposition in the 1st 7th house. Thus, the behaviors of Virgo Rising and Pisces dissolving the 7th housework in total tandem.

    The 7th house Pisces can dissolve the partnerships and cause problems in marriages or lead to no marriage at all sometimes. Reason is with Virgo rising it is focused on being a constantly hard-working life path. There can be little time to actually focus on finding a partner or committing to a marriage. I have personally known 3 Virgo risings, all divorced and only married once for a few years. So, there might be something to say for Pisces working its dissolving effects on the 7th.

    In terms of contracts and negotiations I have yet to meet a Virgo rising that actually likes partaking it. Simply Pisces dissolves this desire to be involved. Matter of fact 2 of 3 Virgo risings i was closed to even hated Ebay because they hate bidding. Probably because negotiating, bidding and dealing with contracts takes away from their busy working life?

    8th House

    Pisces in the 8th house can dissolve working with partners resources, psychology, spouses' resources, or being involved in deep intimacy. Looking deep into matters can also be dissolves by Pisces here.

    When Pisces is in the 8th house Leo is rising in the horoscope. Pisces in the 8th can dissolve the desire for working with a partner's resources. This is important when it comes to Leo rising because Leo is the king. Leo rising is very particular about their own resources and what they have to offer to get in the spotlight.

    Another view here can show by Pisces dissolving the 8th house of partners values or resources, focus is lost dealing with the drama that can come from dealing with depending on others. This can be a major reason which fits why Leo rising is well renowned as a very independent sign. Everything needs to be handled personally and above others to stand out.

    Along the same lines Pisces in 8 dissolves the desire for deep intimacy. Leo when rising is a very fun loving, casual, romantic behavior. Leo is playful as an energy. Pisces dissolving the 8th house can open up a lot of casual encounters to dating due to not feeling the need to be heavily attached. The other reality here is that being the “king” Leo does not want to get too deep onto the values and drama of an opposing person. Leo is king and wants to be in charge and focus on everything, not just one person bogging them down.

    Pisces in the 8th house also dissolve the need to dig deep into matters. This is important because Leo's job as “king” is to consider everything having “advisors” do all the research" Leo rising is then freed up time to improve the self instead of investing so much to uncover things. This takes time away from building up the self.

    9th House

    When Pisces is in the 9th can cause dissolving of pursuing higher education, large abstract ideas, philosophies, dealing with foreign culture or following a belief system inspired by others.

    When Pisces is in the 9th Cancer is Rising. This is fundamentally important because the 9th is the highest action and idea of purpose, we put together for ourselves.

    Cancer rising is a very self-oriented behavioral energy. It wants to protect, be self-involved and not concern itself it with “large broad things.” Well oddly enough these are things that represent the 9th house. Pisces here dissolves the interest in large abstract ideas, foreign ideas, culture and travel. Since there will be next to no interest in these things, Cancer Rising can focus on what’s important, domestic matters.

    The same kind of flows into the belief system idea. Pisces in 9 dissolves focusing on religion, philosophy and belief systems. This leads to cancer rising have more attached to family traditions, cultural ideas they are born into and domestic lifestyles. This is shared with higher educational premise of the 9th house too. Pisces dissolves this and lends way to Cancer Rising being more traditional.

    10th House

    When Pisces is in the 10th it can dissolve the career focus, reputation, need for recognition, status, relationships with authority or relationship with father. When Pisces is int the 10th house Gemini is rising in the chart.

    Pisces in the 10th dissolves the career focus, and with it, ambition to establish status and recognition. Pisces here really opens the pathway for Gemini Rising to be more variety driven. Since there is a reduced focus on committing heavy time to career, Gemini rising is open to being freer to experience a multitude of what life has to offer.

    Pisces dissolving the sense of authority is important too. Through this we can see a few possibilities. For one, not following rules or restrictions seen in the 10th house allows Gemini to be more curious without restraint. The other thing we may see is Gemini rising being mischievous and getting itself into trouble often as a rising sign. Why? Because authority and structure are dissolved away by Pisces ruling the 10th. The relationship with the father or even taking on his values is often lost with Pisces in the 10th too.

    11th House

    When Pisces is in the 11th house it can dissolve the relationship with society, group involvement, long term dreams. making money through society contribution and innovations. When Pisces is in the 11th, Taurus is rising.

    Pisces in the 11th house can be responsible for dissolving interest in being involved with society and groups. This is exactly a back foundational backbone of why Taurus Rising is heavily “self-focused.” Since the objectivity of the 11th is dissolved, Taurus rising can be more focused on living a comfortable life based on personal beliefs and values. The troubles, needs or ideas of society are dissolved and makes living a peaceful life taurus loves far more possible.

    The next part of this is that Taurus Rising is sensual and loves to live in the moment of pleasure. Pisces in the 11th dissolves long term dreams, which contributes on the important of the moment and the past. Taurus loves security of the past and the family unit. Enjoying the sensual pleasure of the moment and the family unit become easier without committing so much to the Longterm future.

    Pisces in the 11th also dissolves making money through society contribution. This is mean there is less desire to work hard to solve the issues of the issues. In practical reality this allows taurus rising to sell things they value based on assets they contribute. There is little to no pressure to be swayed by every trend. Thus, the business ideas to make money are often conservative, time tested and in demand, rather than chasing every idea and taking spur of the moment risks. Same can be sad for innovation.

    12th House

    When Pisces in the 12th house it can dissolve the relationship with the subconscious, the unseen world, the mysterious, the unknown, fears, sorrows, isolation and foreign lands. The 12th house is also the culmination or peace in isolation one deals with.

    When Pisces is in the 12th Aries is rising. The 12th house here supports the 1st house which is very important. This becomes very straight forward. Pisces in the 12th dissolves reaching a point of culmination and enjoying peace and isolation. With Aries rising, this is very important. This opens the pathway for a person to push forward and wanting to conquer more in life.

    Aries Rising lives to experience life. Being held back by satisfaction and needing to enjoy victories would be a detriment. Aries rising is a very active life path. Pisces dissolving the 12th causes loss of need to relax and enjoy accomplishment Going after constant goals and pathways become routine.

    Pisces dissolves ideas like fears, the unseen world and dealing with mysterious things. In reality this creates the pathway for Aries rising to be fearless and plough ahead. Another important factor because if Pisces didn’t dissolve these things, there would be many obstacles to showing fearlessness and making the needed mark on the world.

    The 12th house being foreign lands is somewhat important here too. Pisces in 12 dissolves the desire to deal foreign lands. What this can actually mean in reality sense is that Aries Rising now is free to impact the immediate world around the self. Sometimes you see people in life who have rose colored glasses who say “things would be better if i was somewhere else.” Not with Aries Rising. With Pisces dissolving the 12th there is now permission to make changes and do things where you are, without the idea it could be better elsewhere.

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    Juno: Your guide & love story

    Juno [3] is an asteroid that represents marriage and compromise. It’s said to show your soulmate or the person you are meant to be with. Personally I believe that is the person with whom we can have a long term commitment, since it’s the asteroid of commitment after all. It is worth mentioning that having this asteroid in a certain sign will not show you the sign of this special person, rather the characteristics. In this post you will read a short description of that special person, by sign, house and degrees. Likewise, we will explore the meanings of the aspects with some planets, I will also talk about some minor aspects. Entertaining purposes, please enjoy. ⚵

    Juno in Aries: Gifted with the most ardent fires, they are characterized by being a passionate person once something catches their attention. They give the impression of being a wandering person, someone who is more ruled by the heart and by his ambitions, someone with a lot of motivation and drive to achieve everything they set out to do. Mind of a champion, attitude of being the best version of themselves and unshakeable self-confidence. They love the idea of ​​dominating, of commanding and leading those they love most to imminent victory. They stand out for being a quick person, of thought and action, they do not waste time second guessing and questioning if that’s what they really want. You stole their attention from the first moment, their intrigue only grew and since they saw your will and your personality they knew you would be the one. They are not into metaphors and hints, they always speak with the truth from the heart, they will never make you doubt, they will dispel your doubts and insecurities speaking from the most direct truth that you have ever been able to hear. But don't let this make you lower your guard, because they will love to surprise you, catch you off guard to make you live the funniest and craziest moments of your life. They will always keep the flame alive, they will feed your curiosity as much as you did with them in the beginning. They will be a warrior willing to fight for you, to defend you from whoever and whatever.

    Juno in the 1st house: It is a person very similar to you, it will be someone with whom you will connect quickly because you will quickly see that they have similar tastes, opinions and way of seeing life. It will be a very devoted person to you, and in the same way you towards them, perhaps in such a fast way that you will think that you are rushing. They will be one with the other and will take each other into account when doing something meaningful. They will be someone with a lot of confidence in themselves, they are going to be authentic, independent and with a very well developed sense of identity. They’ll help you to be more real, to love yourself as you are and to show yourself proudly to others.

    Juno in 01°, 13°, 25°: They can give you the first impression of being very dominant, bossy and self-confident people. They seem to think and act at the same time, that they have no doubts and that they are quite active. You may be a little intimidated when you first meet them. They give you the impression of being very blunt, you can see the passion through their eyes.

    Juno in Taurus: Their stability is something that many envy, but that entire facade was compromised when they met eyes with you. You caught the attention of a person who seems to have everything in life, money, a great job, a good reputation and an attractiveness that makes anyone sigh so that even their breath is able to graze their skin. They overflow sensuality and elegance, and hide a hot and romantic soul behind that serenity. They don't know when they began to wish they could hold you in their arms, protect you from the world and give you everything you need, since you quickly became the only thing they feel they need. And that idea will not be easily erased or diverted from their minds, not even if a family member or close friend does not like you, they are willing to fight against the current and make the greatest investment of their lives to make you as happy as possible. They are a calm and patient person, they will love to listen to you and spend time with you, touch you delicately, treat you with the attention and gifts you didn't know before and give you all the time you need. Respect and loyalty are guaranteed with them. They had always looked for something in the long term, even if their appearance can make you think that they have passed from heart to heart, it is not like that, since they are very selective, they are in relationships only with people with whom something stable augurs for them. You finally came into their life, they knew the wait was worth it.

    Juno in the 2nd house: They will be a stable person both economically and in their personality. Likes to be a provider and give you everything you need. Understanding in business, and focused on making a lot of money, they will give you a lot of stability in all areas of your life. They will fill you with gifts and attention. They will be somewhat reserved and want to protect you from anyone. They will be people with a calm and quiet lifestyle, they will want to have a cozy and luxurious home by your side. Things can happen slowly and you could meet them at work or after finding a job. They will trust you a lot and you will give them a sense of peace and relaxation that they have never felt before.

    Juno in 02°, 14°, 26°: They can give you rich vibes, of being a classy, ​​elegant person and in general with lineage. You can see them as somewhat premeditated, reserved and careful with what they do and say. You may think that they don't need anything. They will immediately give you vibes that it is a provider person. They are sensual and very attractive to you. 

    Juno in Gemini: You will see someone peeking out from behind the windows of your eyes, curious and attentive to you. Intrigued by your personality, how you behave and speak. They will be very intelligent people, whom you will not be able to decipher easily, but they will decipher you, and more quickly. Tricks under their sleeve? Yes, they will have many. With a friendly, sociable and communicative personality, do not be surprised to see that they make acquaintances very easily, but do not be confused, because only a few are able to be their close ones, their cunning covers social parameters and you will notice that it is easy to them to, behind those jokes and good treatment of people have an ability to read what is behind them. Full of charm, they will love to tease you, joke with you and provoke as many emotions as possible in you. Soon they will be surprised, because they see in you someone different from the others. And without having suspected it, you have deciphered something that they never expected, the key to their heart. They will leave this playful, mischievous and joker facade only to show you the deeper one. You will become their favorite person in the world, someone they love to spend every day with, someone they want to be around. Unexpected calls, messages, they are going to show you that they want to keep you in their life. They want to make your life something zero monotonous, something entertaining and maybe, just maybe ask you to let them hold your hand until eternity. Be one with their favorite person in the whole world.

    Juno in the 3rd house: They will be very curious and love the idea of ​​learning, traveling and connecting with people. They may be very intrigued by you. For them it will be very important to maintain a constant and fun communication with you, they will be afraid of boring you and will do everything to surprise you. They will talk a lot about you, as much as you about them and they will always be in each other's minds. You can start spending time together on an extended basis faster than with other people from your past. They will be very witty, joking and intelligent people. They will love to win you over and can be very verbal with their feelings, but they will always keep the emotion going.

    Juno in 03°, 15°, 27°: They give you vibes of being a somewhat chaotic person, full of charisma and a very strong social charm, however they also make you think that very few people know them seriously. You may think that they talk a lot or that what they say is very interesting. You may think that they are intriguing and that there is some mystery to them.

    Juno in Cancer: Every time you enter the room their heart jumps with excitement, the nerves consume them and they get a little nervous. They can't help but worry about you, want you to always have what you need and try to make you happy every moment. They feel a strong dedication towards you, a desire to take care of you at all times and make it very clear that you can count on them, that by your side you will always have them ready to take care of those emotions in which they only find beauty. They will love to look at you and their gaze may scream at you how crazy you make them. They will be very open with their emotions and will create a calm and comforting atmosphere for you in which both of you can share your deepest and most complex emotions. They will listen to you carefully before even getting upset, they will feel an enormous affinity and emotional connection with you. Their hearts will scream at them to take the step, and it will want to confess everything they feel. They will make you feel like a child again, they will win your heart much faster than the rest and there will be a strong trust between you and them. They will give you all their support and will always be there to encourage you, take care of you, hug you and love you unconditionally. They will perfectly understand your emotions and will be your comfort place in case things do not go as you expect. They will want to form a home with you, they will be clear about it long before you. They want a lovely home, children, or lots of lovely pets.

    Juno in the 4th house: With this person you will feel that you can be that version of yourself that nobody sees or the one that you do not easily trust people. They will be a very intuitive, attentive and caring person, being with them will feel like finally finding your home, someone who understands you perfectly and loves every side of you. They will be very sensitive, private, loving and caring of you. They may be family-oriented people, attach great importance to their family or to the idea of ​​starting a family with you. They will feel that they have known you for a long time and you will feel the same. They can be a very traditional person when it comes to having a relationship and committing.

    Juno in 04°, 16°, 28°:  You may have them in mind even after you have met them, they will stay there for a long time. They will give you the impression of being an attentive, sweet person and an old-fashioned gentleman/damsel. You will see in them a charming and caring person. They will give you the impression of being emotionally very stable.

    Juno in Leo: They will not be able to take their eyes off you, they see a radiant glow in you, something that leaves them stunned and although they do not want to admit it, it makes them a little nervous. They hide these nerves very well, as they want to show you how daring and confident they are. People are easily drawn to them, because they are quite charismatic, funny and have a big heart. People usually admire them for how skilled they are in a certain hobby or for their social skills. Others will admire them but they will admire you, they will see in you the brightest star in the cosmos and they want to fill your life with more light and happiness. They want to be your strong partner that you can rely on, with whom you feel protected and by whom you always feel supported. They will be your biggest fans and you will be their biggest fan. They will love to show you off to people, talk a lot about you and will always let you know how proud they are of you. They will be passionate, romantic and love to give you lots of compliments. Their loyalty will be something you will notice quickly, they do not want to disappoint you in any way, they want to show you that they are the best version of themselves and that they want to keep improving to make you happier. They will be a king/queen and they will see in you the perfect partner, someone to love madly and admire a lot. They will love to surprise you and tell you behind all those jokes, how crucial it is to have you in their life. They are going to adore you more than you can imagine.

    Juno in the 5th house: They stand out in their field, can be well known and loved by many people. They’re admired by many due to their talents and abilities. They are fun people who are not afraid to take risks to follow what they are passionate about. Despite their powerful and charismatic appearance, they are very romantic and thoughtful people in love. They will inspire you as much as you inspire them, you will be their muse and will make your life more exciting and entertaining. Will love to make you laugh and make you feel the most loved and desired person in the world. They will shower you with compliments so much to the point that you will blush. They aren’t afraid to take the first step.

    Juno in 05°, 17°, 29°: You will see in them a talented, charismatic and socially skilled person. Their charm will catch you and you may like their smile a lot. You will see them as a very funny and fascinating person, someone authentic and very creative. You will see them as someone very attractive, daring and without fear of approaching you.

    Juno in Virgo: They will find themselves thinking of you, it will be something usual now, part of their routine. It will be easy for them to remember your details, your perfume, your phrases, your occurrences and your oddities. They look cute to them. They do not want life to be complicated for you, because you make them see life with better eyes, you add shine to their days. They see in you a constant and reliable person, and they want you to see in them the same. They will seek to let you know that you can trust them, that they can advise you and that they want only the best for you. They will be very serious on the outside, but even you will be surprised by how crazy and funny they can be, especially if you are in the room. They were so used to loneliness, but now that time alone, they prefer to split it in half to spend it with you. They enjoy the little things with you, being by your side watching a movie, sleeping by your side, holding your hand. They see it as something valuable. They want to work hard to make you feel proud, to make you feel that you chose the right person, because after thinking about it and spending a lot of time with you, they know for sure that you are their person. And do not think that once they have you by their side they will leave the details, they will fight daily to keep your love. They may not be the most verbal about it, but they will love to let you know with actions. They will communicate with you always, they will know how to listen to you like no one else.

    Juno in the 6th house: They are very hardworking and devoted people with what they have a purpose for. They can be waiting for something exciting to happen in their lives and you will be that spark that motivates them to go out and be the freest version of them. They work hard for what they want. They will seek to help you in everything you need, you will be their weak point and sometimes it will seem difficult for them to refuse when it comes to you. They feel a deep devotion towards you. With them your life will have more peace and stability and their lives with you will be filled with light and joy. They will guide you and celebrate your achievements as their own. It will let you know that you will always count on them.

    Juno in 06°, 18°: You will be struck by how much they take care of their hygiene and appearance, they will make a very good first impression on you. You would think that they are very reserved and mysterious, as well as hardworking and constant. Their responsibility will make you admire them. You will see them as an independent person and willing to help anyone.

    Juno in Libra: Meeting them will feel like a caress from the universe as it says, "I heard you." Their sweetness and attention will fill you with happiness and emotion that will make you wake up motivated every day. They will treat you with a delicacy that will soften your heart, they will be attentive and interested in you. You can see them as a wonderful person, but they will see in you other levels of charm. Endowed with a fairly huge charm and attractiveness, a willingness to treat all people fairly and a heart of gold willing to give you all of themselves. They will have a balance between mind and heart, they will seek to understand you and they will hate fighting with you. It is very likely that you make them want the best version of themselves. Romantic and detailed, they will make you try different forms of their love, but always a stable love that you can trust. You will make them a little nervous even if they don't seem it, you will have them wondering what will be the perfect moment to tell you that they want a life with you, by your side, that they see themselves pampering you, loving you unconditionally and letting you lay your head on their shoulder. They will give you the most honest and devoted proof of love that you could ever have. Their life and yours may have been upside down at a certain point, both of you will feel that after meeting each other, there is a balance and a light of hope. It will feel like that breath you finally take after you've felt yourself sinking.

    Juno in the 7th house: They will seem to be the partner you always asked for and wanted. Although at first you see many differences, both ta like ying and tang will complement each other and form the strongest and most dedicated duo. You will be one with them. They will love every corner of your body and every facet of your personality, they will treat you as you always wanted to be treated and you will see in them the love of your life. They will love spending time together and many would say that they are hardly apart from each other. They will take you into account and seek to quickly include you in their lives. Loving and very romantic with you, even if they seem very distant to others.

    Juno in 07°, 19°: Their appearance, friendliness and way of dressing will catch your eye. They will give you the impression of being your type from the beginning. They will be balanced, polite and very loving. They can be very affectionate with you from the beginning. You may think that they are a very dual person that knows how to connect with many different people.

    Juno in Scorpio: At first they won't understand... Why do they suddenly want to connect with you? Why so fast? Many questions will run through their minds. You intrigue and excite them like no one has ever been able to. They can't get you out of their mind, even on the nights when they are most tired, they will feel an immediate fascination and intrigue towards you. They want to meet you all. head to toe They will not like to see that another person tries to reach your soul, that will make them somewhat competitive, which will disconcert them more. They don't know how but they will love you intensely, with devotion and throughout their lives. They will not hesitate to give everything for you. They have a hard time trusting other people, opening up and feeling interested in someone else, precisely for that reason you are someone valuable to them, they see in you a person with nuances, complex and very interesting. They want to see you, complete, not only your body, but also your soul, they want to read you, they want to explore you, your light sides, your dark sides. Love has not been an easy field for them, but when they meet you, they will know that they want to try and give absolutely everything. Without fear of losing, without fear of falling. They will be very passionate, deep and emotional. At the beginning, the biggest mystery of your life. In the end who provokes the most intense feelings in you on such a level that no one else has been close to, that would give you the certainty to stay.

    Juno in the 8th house: They will bring many changes to each other's lives and after meeting they will change a lot, especially them. You will meet them after a facet of your life changes [when you move, get a job, after a death, etc]. The attraction will be immediate, but both will be cautious about it. They may have a problem opening up, but once they get close there's nothing they won't talk to you about. You will provoke in them so many emotions that they will not know how it is possible. They will love you with such intensity with which they have never loved anyone. They will seek to bond emotionally and spiritually with you. They can be somewhat jealous and protective of you.

    Juno in 08°, 20°: They will give you the impression of being very attractive, observant, reserved and somewhat intense. You will feel intrigued by them quickly and you will not be able to take your eyes off them, they will like that because they will be the same. They give you the impression that they are hiding something or at least one side of them. 

    Juno in Sagittarius: Life didn't used to have so much color before... well, they already saw it with good eyes, with enthusiasm and desire to explore it, but they never thought of vacating the passenger seat until you arrived. There is something about you that adds excitement and a unique touch to their lives. They are very nice people in the eyes of others, fun and adaptable to life situations. They stand out for their intellect and extensive knowledge of complex things, a desire to explore and discover new places invades them, as well as a curiosity to know everything that they are passionate about and everything about you that seems new to them. They are very wise people who know how to have fun and make you a happy person, they take being in good times and bad times very seriously. They come from distant lands and never thought they would be so fascinated with someone who comes from many kilometers away, they will not be afraid to settle down by your side, because you satisfy them in every way. They will give you your space even if that indicates missing you a little, they easily adapt to what you want but they will make it clear to you what they also want. They will joke with you until dawn, they will share stories, dreams, ideas and experiences, they will love to explore every corner of your mind and every pore of your body. You make them feel like the luckiest person on the planet every time they look into your eyes, the sparkle in your eyes inspires them and your smile gives them the greatest comfort and joy in the world. They love having found you among so many people in the world.

    Juno in the 9th house: Being with this person can bring you many changes and rethinking the kind of life you lead and want to lead. You can meet them during college,  a trip. They can be people who like to travel or they can even be from another continent, country or city than you. They are people older than you but jovial in appearance. They radiate a lot of positivity and have a lot of knowledge and wisdom. You can feel a very deep and spiritual connection with them. This person is curious and funny and likes to. They will teach you many things, they will give you your space and make your married life interesting. They will seek to fill you with positive & new experiences and a lot of happiness. 

    Juno in 09°, 21°: You can like them very well from the beginning. You will think that they are funny and very intelligent at the same time. May give you the impression of being a very deep person, someone who sees things in a unique way. You will see them as someone who can teach you many things, who can guide you and who will always be there to make you feel happy.

    Juno in Capricorn: There are very few things that catch their attention or make them reconsider their priorities, but they just can't stop thinking about you. Despite taking their time to make things happen between the two of them, they are clear that they want something with you, that you are what they want and they know perfectly well that they will fight hard for things to happen between you. Older than you, in age or maturity, they will be very patient and love to shower you with gifts and attention. They are not the most verbal but they will show you with facts. They will take their promises seriously and will hate to disappoint you. They are people who project a lot of power and ambition, want to go far and stand out for being very productive. They will take you seriously and want to be taken seriously, they don't waste time and they see in you a valuable way to use it. They are people who do not commit quickly, they take their time and it is very likely that they have had few formal/serious relationships. They will work very hard to give you a life full of comforts, that you do not lack anything and guide you in anything you need. They won't let you do all the work, in fact it's more likely that they'd rather do all the work, anyway, they'll be a team to them. They don't want you to stress, they just want you to enjoy and have a good time. Despite this, they admire your will and how hard you work. They will be very proud of you and they will show it to you.

    Juno in the 10th house: Professional people, well recognized and highly respected, their priority before meeting you will be work and doing something productive. They will seek to constantly improve the relationship. They will admire you a lot and put you on a pedestal, fill you with love through gifts and spending time with you. They may be somewhat reserved at first, but you and others will have no doubt how much they love you. They can be people in a position of power or people at a very high point in their lives. You will meet them at work, after getting a job or thanks to work [for some it may be their boss]. They will be very committed and will take the relationship seriously from the beginning.

    Juno in 10°, 22°: Will give you the impression of being older than you, more mature or at least more stable. You can think that they are serious, that they are focused and that they don’t waste time with silly things. Both [you and them] may be looking for something serious from the start, they will take their time to see if they can open up, so you may perceive them as reserved.

    Juno in Aquarius: You came into contact with the forbidden fruit, the one that provokes in you the most complex sensation of all, love. In a way so unique that none of the others made you simultaneously touch the pinnacle of paradise nor the most fiery depths of the mystery that succumbs in the catacombs. They give you the feeling of freedom, that feeling that someone finally loves every pore of your skin, every side of your personality, even what you rarely show. They love your complexity and do their best to understand you and be on par with you. Don't be surprised to see them become interested in trying something new just because you like it or because it's something you're passionate about. They will seek to connect with you through everything that differentiates them from you. They are sociable, independent, somewhat rebellious and innovative, they are not afraid to question the past and expand your mind by showing you everything you don't know. Their carefree and indifferent appearance can confuse you, but the reality is that they carry with them an intensity that they do not usually feel for anyone. They are a fixed sign after all. Taking this into consideration, you will see in them an iron loyalty. They are people who do not commit to what is not worth it, but once they do, they can be very steady. They will love the idea of ​​being with you, because you don't control them, you love them with the same madness with which they love you.

    Juno in the 11th house: They will be a very different person from you, but they will share many opinions, aspirations and dreams. It will be someone who will encourage you to fight for what is most valuable to you, they will inspire you a lot to be authentic, because they will love everything about you, including your rarities. You could meet through mutual friends, on the internet, while traveling or after making a change. They will be lighthearted and highly intelligent people. They are an independent person, but despite that they form friendships quite easily or at least like others easily. For them both are important and there will be no dominant role in the relationship, they will let you be you and won’t impose things on you.

    Juno in 11°, 23°: You may think that there is something weird about them, but that will make you feel more drawn to them. They are a type of person that you have not met before, it will be very different from all the people you have met. They’ll give you the impression of being somewhat indifferent and independent. Friendship can happen very quickly between you.

    Juno in Pisces: Their mood changes completely once they have the opportunity to interact with you, being with you makes them feel calm and you are their greatest inspiration. They are very intuitive people who seem to detect when you feel bad, they will seek to help you in everything they can and heal and take care of your heart. They will feel an instant connection with you, but the intensity will be such that they won't know what step to take. They will be fascinated by your appearance, your personality and how you make them feel. They will be very sensitive and expressive with you and will be willing to sacrifice many things for you and your well-being. They'll smile if you smile, they'll cry if you cry, they seem too connected. They both know what the other is going through and seem to be the person who knows the other best. You can spend hours and hours talking with them about so many things that cross your mind, they will listen carefully and even enjoy spending a moment with you even if it is in silence. Regardless of their personality traits, they will become dreamers, idealists, and hopeless romantics in their relationship with you. They will give you complete freedom and will be there for you every step of the way, holding your hand and telling you that everything will be alright. Your presence can be comforting to each other. You will be their dream come true, they will be your miracle, both will believe that everything is possible with the other.

    Juno in the 12th house: Tendency to introversion and to keep a lot for themselves, they are not very open with other people, but they will be an open book for you. Both will read behind each other's thoughts and emotions. They will feel a very strong and special connection with you, they may be afraid to open up with someone again so they will do it step by step. They seek to help you in everything they can, heal your wounds and help you love those sides of you that you don't want to see. They will be very devoted to you and will give everything with intensity. It’s likely that you dream of each other even before you meet. Their love is long-lasting and you can feel that you know them from before/other lives. 

    Juno in 12°, 24°: You may get the first impression that they are from another planet, that they are in their own world and that there is some mystery surrounding them. You would think that they are complex, empathic and very fascinating. Their beauty may be something you have not seen before. They will be kind and delicate with you, they will seek to connect with you in a genuine way.

    Juno in the 00°: This person will give you the impression of being the epitome of what you have always wanted. You will feel deep inside that they are the right person and both can find themselves thinking a lot about the other. They will be a committed person who will know exactly what they want from this connection, they will be clear with their intentions, they will not send you mixed signs. They will be charming people who will make a great impression on everyone.

    Over here we are going to talk about their personality and traits [both positive and negative]. Since this is an asteroid, the orb of aspects is not wide, nevertheless is not too tight since it is one of the main asteroids. In this case the orb of aspect is from 0° to 4°. It applies to conjunction, trine, sextile, square and opposition. I decided to separate the positive aspects and the quintiles and biquintiles because the latter show the talents of this person. ⚵

    Positive aspects with Sun [Conjunction, Trine, Sextile]: They will be charismatic, funny and charming. When you meet them, it will be clear to both you and them that you want to commit. They are very devoted. They will be a warm person who will fill your life with much joy and happiness. They are people with a lot of will, sense of humor. They know perfectly well who they are and are usually very sure of themselves. Very noble, they will seek to share a lot with you. You can be similar to them in many ways.

    Tense aspects with Sun [Square, Opposition, Semi-square, Sesquiquadrate]: They are people who do not want to depend on anything or anyone, they could seem very closed to the idea of ​​love and commitment at first. They can give the impression of being somewhat sassy, bossy or arrogant. They are more likely to be on the introverted side. They struggle to show themselves as they really are, because it takes time to trust them to do so.

    Quintile or Biquintile Sun: Incredible leaders that know how to command. They also have a talent for expressing themselves in a unique and charming way. May have talent for acting or public speech, excel in activities that allow them to be noticed.

    Positive aspects with Moon [Conjunction, Trine, Sextile]: They are emotional and warm people, although a bit reserved with this side of their personality. They protect and delicately care for what matters to them. They are in touch with their emotions and usually express them in a healthy way [especially trine and sextile]. They have an excellent memory and enjoy having lots of details with those they love. They are sincere and share with you their memories, memories and experiences. They are very creative.

    Tense aspects with Moon [Square, Opposition, Semi-square, Sesquiquadrate]: They have trouble opening up to people, especially emotionally. They seem to be much more rational than emotional and tend to try very hard to control their own emotions. They are not very gentle with themselves. They are not very verbal with their displays of affection, it is difficult for them to feel close to people.

    Quintile or Biquintile Moon: Don't be surprised if they're good at home and family, home repairs, cooking, or even parenting. They have a natural ability to read behind your emotions and can have unique ways of comforting you. Great advisers and quite creative people. 

    Positive aspects with Mercury [Conjunction, Trine, Sextile]: They will be a very communicative person, they will seek to talk to you constantly and their talks will be fluid and fun. They are very curious people who will love to learn more and more about life, more and more about you. They will feel that they connect a lot on an intellectual level. They will be rational and very practical, as well as clever and fun. They will have a lot of knowledge in various things. You can talk about everything with them.

    Tense aspects with Mercury [Square, Opposition, Semi-square, Sesquiquadrate]: They can be very nervous people, their mind can be their worst enemy. They have difficulty communicating or at least initially, they do not easily share what they think. They prefer to listen rather than speak. May be a bit moody. They overthink constantly. May get distracted pretty easily. They question their ability as a partner a lot even if you are happy with them.

    Quintile or Biquintile Mercury: Excellent and talented communicators, both verbally and in writing, they move you with their words. Smart and quick learners. They easily connect with others. Ability to strike up a conversation with anyone.

    Positive aspects with Venus [Conjunction, Trine, Sextile]: They are very attractive, graceful and charming people in the eyes of others. They always try to be friendly. No matter how serious they look, they are very loving and romantic, somewhat hopeless romantic in fact. They dress very well and take care of their appearance. They love unconditionally and devotedly. They seek to marry for love, a love that makes them jump with happiness and makes them very excited. They are very detailed and splendid as partners. 

    Tense aspects with Venus [Square, Opposition, Semi-square, Sesquiquadrate]: They may have trouble feeling attractive or desired. May have issues related to love, such as mistrust or fear of being cheated on. Sometimes they may feel that they do not deserve some tokens of love. They constantly criticize themselves. They set very high expectations of themselves, and people often do too.

    Quintile or Biquintile Venus: Possible talent for the arts, a great eye for detail and design, very good taste. Ease to be liked by other people and stand out for their charm and good manners. Talent for finances and as administrators.

    Positive aspects with Mars [Conjunction, Trine, Sextile]: It is very likely that they like to take the first step and with you it will not be the exception. They are people with a lot of confidence in themselves, they are not afraid to take risks if they consider it worth it. Courage defines them perfectly as well as courage, they will always defend what they love. They are very active and have a dynamic and busy lifestyle. They are very spontaneous with their displays of affection and it's worth mentioning how passionate they are.

    Tense aspects with Mars [Conjunction (yes, it’s neutral so it may apply in here too), Square, Opposition, Semi-square, Sesquiquadrate]: They tend to be constantly defensive, have a hot temper and can be a bit impatient [on a lesser extent if it is an earth sign]. They have a strong desire for independence and hate the idea of ​​asking for help. They may have had problems working as a team. They are very active and it bothers them to feel unproductive. 

    Quintile or Biquintile Mars: A like and talent in some sport because they are competitive and active people. Talent as leaders, they know how to make decisions quickly and effectively. They are very skilled in practical things and have quick reflexes.

    Positive aspects with Jupiter [Conjunction, Trine, Sextile]: They radiate a lot of good vibes, they are quite wise and positive people. They enjoy advising and making happy those they appreciate the most. They will love to travel and see new places by your side, they will be travel companions and can greatly expand your mind. They will be an optimistic person who will motivate you when you feel low. Both of you will feel much happier, more optimistic and positive after getting married, you may even feel luckier in other areas of your life. 

    Tense aspects with Jupiter [Square, Opposition, Semi-square, Sesquiquadrate]: They will be people very different from you in terms of personality, beliefs or lifestyle, but they will respect the differences. They have a great need for independence. They can be either very optimistic or very pessimistic. 

    Quintile or Biquintile Jupiter: Easy to learn other languages ​​or about other cultures. Extensive knowledge and intelligence. An excellent sense of humor that easily adapts to that of others without losing its essence. Talent for teaching. 

    Positive aspects with Saturn [Conjunction, Trine, Sextile]: They will provide you with a lot of stability, they will be very committed and devoted to the marriage, they will take it seriously and seek constant improvement in the relationship. They will enjoy spending time with you and your relationship will become their highest priority. They will be someone very hardworking and skillful in their work. They are very organizers and planners, they don't want you to worry about anything. You can always rely on them.

    Tense aspects with Saturn [Conjunction (yes, it’s neutral so it may apply in here too), Square, Opposition, Semi-square, Sesquiquadrate]: You can get married late or after the return of your Saturn. They are very self-critical people and somewhat workaholics too. Prone to stress easily and may not see things with the most positive eyes. They work very hard but tend to doubt their abilities, are quite secretive and do not allow themselves to be vulnerable.

    Quintile or Biquintile Saturn: Extensive knowledge in real life issues (business, economics or politics). Great organizers, talent to plan and carry things out due to their patience and perseverance. Excellent leaders and bosses. 

    Positive aspects with Uranus [Trine, Sextile]: You will meet them when you least expect it and they will change your life for the better. They will be very independent, social and original people, they can be a bit eccentric but that is what gives them a charismatic touch. They are very spontaneous people who think about a future with you, they are excited about how things can progress with you. The opinion of others does not matter to them. They prefer to be authentic and do things their way.

    Tense aspects with Uranus [Conjunction, Square, Opposition, Semi-square, Sesquiquadrate]: They may feel that they don't connect with others easily, as an outsider, as someone who is constantly ostracized or pushed away. They prefer to be on their own. They are a bit nervous, they think a lot about the future and they can worry a lot about it.

    Quintile or Biquintile Uranus: They have original ideas. Great sense of humor accompanied by a great intellect. Easy to make friends. Good for computer science, photography or science. Could have a unique ability [i.e. see or hear better than average].

    Positive aspects with Neptune [Conjunction, Trine, Sextile]: They will be an altruistic person who will help those who need it most. You can feel with them a great spiritual connection, a very deep one. They will be very compassionate and healing for you, they can help you in many areas of your life in a selfless way. They will see much for your emotional and spiritual happiness. They are sensitive and kind to people. There is a mutual admiration and charm for each other, you can sacrifice a lot for each other.

    Tense aspects with Neptune [Conjunction (yes, it’s neutral so it may apply in here too), Square, Opposition, Semi-square, Sesquiquadrate]: They are very hesitant about the idea of ​​commitment, they feel that they will not be able to find someone who wants to connect in the same way that they do. They are people who idealize a lot when they are in love and give everything madly, that's why they fear. They don't see the flaws in the people they love.

    Quintile or Biquintile Neptune: Artistic talents [especially for music and painting/drawing or esoteric talents are very likely, strong intuition. Prediction. Talented for swimming or practicing activities in the water. Healers and wise counselors.

    Positive aspects with Pluto [Trine, Sextile]: Loyalty is everything to them, they take marriage seriously and don't commit unless they know they want to do things right. They are very honest and do not keep secrets from their partner. Marriage will make them feel powerful and very different, they will be a new and improved version of them, just like you. They are very intense with what they feel and very reserved with what happens within their relationship, for them there is only you and them.

    Tense aspects with Pluto [Conjunction, Square, Opposition, Semi-square, Sesquiquadrate]: They have a strong desire to connect deeply with someone, but are afraid to open up and be violated. They could have been betrayed. They are very suspicious of the intentions of others. They may be somewhat jealous and fear being abandoned, cheated on, or mistreated.

    Quintile or Biquintile Pluto: They have talent and skills to lead, work under pressure and withstand crisis. They are decisive. They have a strong intuition and seem like real lie detectors. Great capacities of observation and analysis.


    Juno in Leo in 8th at 6°...sextile my Sun and opposite Neptune