Commissioned: Leah Diablo TF by HeatShimmer

    Reminder: You can find this uncensored at Twitter 

    I recently came across this artist Heatshimmer, and was really digging that he doesn't shy away from gruesome horror. When I saw that he was open for comms, I quickly realized he would be a great fit for a Leablo TF!

    I still really enjoy the other Leablo TF I commissioned, but Lewdydoo wasn't super big on the gruesome side, so we decided on a more "cute" style. I always remember the truly terrifying Diablo TF from the second game, so it's nice to also have one that's more true to the original style.

    Anyway, I hope this one isn't too much for you, but I always set out to make sexy horror, to blur the lines between arousal and aversion. Hope this hit the mark!

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    Thank you for making FA your main site now. It is easily ascessible for me. Also I really hope this doesn't set you back much.

    I really like FA, but I have had to answer a LOT of questions about it’s adult mode. People can’t be bothered to figure it out on their own.

    As for Tumblrgeddon, not really a big deal. I just used this because everyone else did, so if everyone else moves on, so will I.

    My twitter is here for the record:


    So with the depressing news that tumblr is banning all NSFW content, do you think you might perhaps make a reddit account and start posting your stuff there as well?

    I haven’t decided what to do yet, but Twitter seems like a likely replacement for me “feed”. I’ve made FurAffinity my main gallery site, so all my work will be posted there as usual

    Hard Drive is Toast

    I've tried everything I can think of, but there's no getting that data back. Fortunately, most of the projects I've been working on recently are on a different drive, and were unaffected. This includes: Lara's Crypt (THANK GOD), a Futa demon FMG sequence, Peach Futa TF, Samara possession, Summoning Circle, a futa Werewolf TF sequence, Sex Witch, and the next part of Ayasha.

    What's lost? Every other project, my entire cataloged and organized sound collection (probably the worst part), and my entire collection of art (including things I had paid for), all history.

    I have mixed feelings about this. I'm mostly sad/upset that I wasn't more diligent about backing up to another source (hello g-drive). There are a few projects that I'm really bummed about losing (pull-up bar body-invasion, the other 2 Ayasha parts, a wolf unbirth)

    On the other hand, a large weight has been lifted. There were so many works in progress and I felt compelled to complete. I wasn't excited about them, and in reality it was just work and stress, and now I don't have to do them. I'm free to focus on whatever projects I want going forward.

    For the immediate future, I'm trying to focus on comms that I need to finish up and post, and the Lara sequence.

    Commissioned: Leah Diablo TF by Lewdydoo

    A TF sequence of Leah from Diablo 3 turning into Diablo, done by Lewdydoo. Also attached is a Futa variant, because why not?

    I really wish Blizzard had Leah undergo the same type of gruesome TF that was shown in Diablo 2, but alas we got an off-screen "burn off your disguise" thing instead. Well, it's up to us art-patrons (and artists) to fix that I guess.

    I thought about tackling this in 3D (several times), but "Leahblo" is just too complicated for the kind of assets us 3D guys have.


    What is next on the drawing board? I look forward to your work

    Lara Croft sequence, obviously. Whatever I’m currently working on will have previews posted here. After that, who knows, probably finish an old project, since I have a lot of those.

    Commissioned: Riley Submits by Doc000

    Add-on to the previous commission done by Doc000 (intheotherrealm) with the college-sophomore Riley being possessed by a Succubus. This would be between the 4th and 5th panels in an alternate version where the demon stopped partway to savor the torment she’s inflicting on the poor young woman.

    I’m including both versions; a clothed female one which is somewhat sfw, and the naked futa version which matches the original sequence.

    It's based on one of the panels in a piece by Maws Paws (warning; male possession, male nudity) link. What I really love about this pose is how it conveys domination; the demon is saying (w/o words) “you belong to me”, and the victim is giving up, having realized that there’s nothing she can do.

    I wrote a short story to go along with it, which you can read here


    A recent commission, posted with permission.

    Based on a strip by Hugo the Troll:

    Done with consent.


    Commissioned - Homage to “Royal Contract” 

    With the recent re-appearance of Hugo the Troll, I decided some celebration was in order! I commissioned the fantastic Doc000 (In The Other Realm) to do a 3D extended version of one of my favorite Hugo pieces, Royal Contract, with approval from Hugo of course.

    With the decline of my own free time lately, I’ve decided to commission more art from others, so expect more of these “Ovidius Presents” posts.

    Sequtease - BE short

    A long time ago, I saw this piece by FemForteFan, and being adequately inspired, I setup a scene in Poser to recreate it in 3D. Of course, in typical fashion, it almost immediately went to the back burner and gathered dust.

    Well, I came across it the other day and decided to wrap it up (with a little help from my more recent cloth sim learnings) so here you go!


    Just a wonder, do you post the exact same content on your Tumblr as compared to your Patreon account?

    Short answer: yes, but not at the same time. Right now, Patreon is getting preview video clips while Tumblr is just getting stills. I also do early access on Patreon. But everything gets released for free eventually

    ZT Futa Growth tftg rough

    Snippets from a quick little video I made based on an idea I had.

    If you haven't seen Zombie Tramp yet, it's worth checking out for some nice possessions. The main character can't really die; whenever her body is killed, her spirit jumps out and she can possess any nearby woman. After she does that, her new body transforms to look like herself again.

    Well what if ZT was a Futanari? What if after leaping into a new body, the junk came out first? And what if before she could finish possessing her new host, she had to make that woman cum?

    Anywhere, here's where were at. I didn't include the possession part (laziness, plus I don't have a good "ghost" material), haven't gotten to the the climax either. Well, the "growth up the pant leg" is a favorite scene of mine so I started there. (see also: Moon Coin by Genyun or Push Plxy by MissaX)

    Dragon Hoard - Final


    Finally done! This one has been 2 Years in the making! Well, realistically 7 months in the making, but it’s been a long f-ing time!!

    Again, this is based on the amazing "Dragon Hoard" by Jolly Jack, which is well worth the few bucks it costs. I included a few panels from the comic to illustrate how much the source material helped me layout the scenes.

    I basically used the comic as a storyboard, which helped immensely! I never had to worry about flow, camera placement, light placement, narrative; that was all in the comic. I only had to worry about deciding if a panel was beginning, middle or end of a scene, and actually produce it in 3D. Well, and sound of course, that one is trick no matter what.

    Anyway, I hope to do more 3D projects based on comics in the future.


    To keep myself from going crazy while working on Dragon Hoard, I put a little time into a few other ideas, mostly dick related it seems. The right two are older scenes that finally got some love, while the left two are completely new. The upper left is inspired by a very old work by @genyun (very pleased that he’s back in business).

    I was asked to do sound on two collaborations, and since they are both small scenes, I’m going to gun them out before finishing Dragon Hoard. That one is still moving forward, but it’s very hard for me to keep my interest focused on one thing for such a long time!