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    Back in the day? I used to be proud of scoring rly lowly on this thing most of the time for my OCs/FCs but I’m... rly rly glad the creator did this bc it rly does fuel cringe culture (and I used to outright make changes to character ideas to make them score lower to ‘have proof’ that they weren’t ‘mary sues’)


    I was avoiding this person’s site for a while after I stopped caring about possible Mary Sue-dom of my Original-verse characters, because I thought she was feeding the many-headed serpent on purpose. I’m glad she’s spoken out against that thing and put it to rest.

    !!!! Same, but the author/creator was open-minded and thoughtful from the beginning, so I'm not surprised they did this. I think the test still bears some usefulness, and I learned some things from it and the rest of the site. Springhole.net has more resources on it than just this test, especially for RPers and fanfic writers!

    One of the biggest power moves I have here in the midwest when someone is being racist, sexist, homophobic is that I tell them that I’ll pray for them so that god can grace them with empathy, or that “I feel sorry the devil has made his home in your heart” cause you have not felt joy until you’ve flipped the script on a suburban house mom or an old racist white man.  The joy of watching their face in shock and confusion while they’re called out in Christian Standards the same way they try to cover for their homophobia is amazing.  100% suggest it, at the very least it gets them to shut the fuck up.

    Good Christian Hacks, an open-ended series

    Works wonders in the South, too.

    And if they start to stutter and quote some cherry-picked Bible verse at you, come back at them with “yes, even the Devil can quote scripture, but that doesn’t mean he understands it. I’ll pray for God to grant you understanding in the fullness of His word.”