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2021-05-10 15:44:34

    COVID K9

    The Morale of Hokkaido Hospital was on all time low with over a hundred Covid 19 cases. Despite the virus being deadly only 5% of the time most patients morale was very low.

    When Sayu one of the hardworking medical staff dealing with the virus was tested positive for it the hospital had an idea. As they quarantine Sayu as required by law they also would make her the patients human pet (pets are not allowed as they might get infected)

    Sayu was stripped of her clothes and forced to wear a dog collar. She was told this was necessary as it would help the patients be more resilient against the disease. Not that she had a choice since quarantine meant she was virtually a prisoner in the hospital. Since Sayu was already infected this meant the hospital didn't need to worry about her health. Plus if she did recover she would grow immune to the virus. Since her young age, she is basically 98% likely to survive the virus.

    As days turn into weeks and weeks into months Sayu still found herself under "quarantine" despite virtually recovering from all the symptoms of the virus. Patient morale has increase and 97% of patients made a full recovery.