Lake by the Atlantic Ocean
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2023-06-02 06:04:52

    good thing i listen to exactly one song with explicit lyrics every day


    I’ve been saying this for a while but Startup Bro is the new and terrifying lovechild of the brogrammer and the business major and he is somehow even more self-centered and bigoted than either of them


    No, no, guys, look closely.

    This house is looking for extremely physically fit young men (No drugs, no makeup, no special diet, exercise 15 hrs a week) who are passive and docile (no protests, no music lyrics with swears) who, most of all, will not be missed if they disappear (very little social media presence, not rich enough to own expensive luxury items, no need to constantly be in contact with their parents over bills/gifts, few identifying markings like tattoos)

    This is obviously an organ harvesting operation.


    Actually it turned out that the guy who was running it wanted to create a quasi-paramilitary organization.

    There were so many horror stories about the place in the news that the landlord evicted everyone.

    (Gotta say, though, that I like the organ harvesting scheme better.)


    “It would have been better to have found out this was an organ harvesting scheme” is not a sentiment I expected to see today, and yet.


    (looking the whole proposal over) Jeez, same.