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    Being secretly intimate in public with the person you date is the most precious thing ever. Soft, caring touches which are barely noticeable by others. Lovingly and attentively listening to them during conversations in a group of friends. Sweet smiles when your eyes meet knowing of your affection for one another. Gently caressing each other's feet or hands underneath the table. Maybe accidentally at first, but then enjoying the physical connection that you don't want to show so publicly but just share in this private moment with one another. So pure.

    I can’t stop thinking about somnophilia where I’m asleep and my sub is all needy. They don’t wanna wake me but my cock is right there and they need it so bad. I use them so good and so often, I surely won’t mind if they taste it while I sleep? Just gently put it into their mouth, sigh contentedly at the taste of it, but getting needier. Working up the courage to start sucking on it, getting me ready for them, then quietly and gently slipping on top of me. Making sure I don’t wake up while they squirm their way onto it. It’s so difficult when I don’t help them by pounding it in but once it’s in there it feels so good, they can’t help but moan like a slut. And the pathetic look on their face when they realise I was awake the whole time? Worth every second

    has anyone noticed how young Zuko looks I’m the tea shop episodes versus like...Zuko alone or any of the episodes where he’s back in the palace...like he looks like an actual teenager...with a round face and shaggy hair...cus the tea shop episodes are the only episodes where Zuko

    a. Was being taken care of by a responsible adult who loved him

    b. Was relatively safe

    c. Was, you know, eating

    Ex. A:

    Zuko alone. my mans lost weight for sure

    Ex. B

    Uhhh? I can see all his ribs??? Where did his muscle definition go?? my mans used to be JACKED and now he looks skeletal. He’s at the palace so it’s not that he’s lacking ACCESS to food- it’s the stress of BEING THERE

    Ex. C

    Baby. Baby boy. Baby son child. His face is rounded out and he’s EATIN GOOD