I invited a group of guys from church up to my mountain house my wife and I bought years ago for family vacations. It was nothing super fancy, but it had 4 bedrooms each with their own bathroom — something we were shocked to find in our price range but quick to purchase. It sits at the top of a ridge and has incredible views from everywhere in the house.

    Since I was the host of the weekend and there were 8 of us, I invited our men’s bible study leader to bunk with me in the master. I didn’t know too much about Hank outside of church except that he’s a physician and has two sons.

    I’m a religious guy, but I like to have a good time. I’m in no way a prude or a teatotaler, and I like to let off some steam with my buddies. That said, I was a little unsure of how this group would be, so I stocked the house full of alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks alike.

    “John, the house is great,” my buddy Bruce said after we walked in and set down our stuff. “Look at all of these wood beams,” he gushed as he looked up in the two story great room.

    “Thanks, Bruce,” I said patting him on the back. “Gentlemen,” I said to the group as they gathered around. “I know this isn’t a group that hangs out much outside of Bible study, but I thought it would be fun for us all to get to know each other and relate as men.”

    The guys were attentive and smiling as I talked. They appeared to need this time in the mountains as much as I did.

    “The main goal of this weekend is just to recharge, have discussions and just relax and bond,” I continued. “I’ve stocked the place with alcohol, other drinks, snacks and stuff to grill and cook meals. Thoughts? Questions?”

    I looked around at all the smiling faces before Hank chimed in. “Pierce, first of all, thank you,” he said. “I know I needed this time away, and I’m looking forward to kicking back and getting to know all of you guys on a more personal level … and I also want to spend time in that huge hot tub,” he laughed pointing at the hot tub on the deck through the great room doors. “Let’s let down our guard and have some fun together. “Now, let’s say a quick prayer to get this weekend started.”

    After the prayer, the guys were excited to get their room pairings and start having fun. Hank seemed excited to be bunking with me and joked that he’ll try his best to remember to put on underwear for bed.

    “Don’t sweat it,” I laughed putting my hand on his shoulder. “The mountains are chilly, but this room tends to get a little warm. Now, feel free to unpack and get comfortable,” I said. “I think a shower is calling my name right now.”

    Hank sat on the bed and began untying his shoes as I kicked mine off and pulled my shirt over my head.

    “Good to see another hairy man,” Hank said standing and unbuttoning his shirt and taking it off. We both laughed as we looked at each other.

    “I know, so many guys at the gym shave or trim their chests, but I like hair,” I replied as I ran my hand over my chest hair.

    Hank and I both undid our pants at the same time and pulled them off and folded them. I looked up to see him wearing a pair of tighty whities that hugged his ass and showed off a nice bulge.

    “Looks like we like the same things, buddy,” I said gesturing toward my own tighty whities as he looked over.

    “Damn, Pierce,” Hank smiled. “You fill those out well,” he said with a wink.

    “So do you,” I winked back.

    “Now the real question,” he said looking at me. “Do you shave down there?” he asked in a loud whisper as he waited for an answer.

    “Well, we are going to be sharing a bed, so we might as well just get on with it,” I said pulling down my briefs to my thighs as Hank took it all in.

    Hank quickly pulled his briefs down to his thighs and walked toward me. “Looks like you shave your balls as well,” he said. “And also got the snip as a baby,” he nodded toward my cut cock.

    “I did and I do,” I said looking down at my engorged penis. “Theres something nice about shaved balls,” I said as I cupped mine with my right hand.

    “Couldnt agree more,” Hank said as he cupped his own. “I handle men’s penises all the time as a doctor — physicals are one of my most common appointments, but your testicles are some of the biggest I’ve seen.”

    “Really?” I asked letting go of my nuts and looking down at them.

    “Oh, yeah,” Hank said walking up to me and putting his hand on my shaved balls. He looked into my eyes as I felt my cock grow in front of us. “I bet you shoot an impressive load,” he said.

    I felt myself blush but quickly answered, “Enormous.”

    Hank’s hand moved from my balls to my thick, hard shaft. I made a light moan as he did this and looked at his hard cock pointing straight at me. I don’t know why, but I reached out and wrapped my hand around his shaft.

    We stroked each other for a minute before Hank said, “I feel like I’m back in college again.” With that, he leaned in and kissed my lips. Stunned, I didn’t know what to do and just opened my mouth and started using my tongue. Hank followed suit and we were now getting into it. This went on for a minute before I asked, “do you want to shower with me?”

    “Lets get into the shower, but I want to be dirty,” he smiled before kissing me again. We finally got in the shower and turned the water on right before Hank went down on my cock. He was a fucking pro cocksucker as I grabbed his head for stability while he sucked. He went on to lick my balls before turning me around and running his tongue over my hole.

    “Fuck, nobody has ever done that before,” I said as he began eating my hole. I held the wall as my church friend slobbered on my virgin pussy. Hank was clearly enjoying himself as was I. He did this for five minutes before standing and kissing me again.

    “Doesn’t you ass taste good?” he asked before kissing me again. “Now I want that big cock inside me,” he whispered in my ear as he turned around and arched his back as he held the wall. I didn’t even have time to think over the fact I was cheating on my wife. I needed to fuck Hank’s hole and quickly ran soap over my dick before plowing into his ass.

    “Fuck me, baby,” he moaned quietly as my balls slapped against him. I was in heat with lust as I hammered his hole as the water fell on us. I felt so free. So in touch with myself. I felt sexual for the first time in a long time and hammered his ass.

    “Can I shoot in your ass?” I asked with a slight whine.

    “Load me up with all the cum in your nuts,” he moaned as he pushed back into me. We both exploded at the same time as I sprayed his hole and he sprayed my shower wall. I held him from behind as we came down and he leaned back into me. We finally turned off the shower and I got out and got us towels in silence.

    Hank stepped out of the shower and held the towel in front of his cock as he smiled at me. My cum dripped from his hole as he stood in front of me.

    “This is the weekend I hoped we were going to have,” he said.

    “What about the other guys?” I asked.

    “Let’s see what happens,” he smirked. “I think we have a good group,” he winked.