...some spanking stories...

    hi friends!

    here’s a list of selected f/m spanking stories taken from various websites. they cover a range of writing styles - as well as styles of spanking.

    hope you enjoy some - or all!

    “welcome home”

    “a clearing of the mind”

    “the book”

    “a teaching moment”

    “secure folders”

    “peter is spanked by his wife and mother”

    “a birthday request”

    “spanking fantasy revealed”

    “discipline at work”

    “a new old mom”

    “still a mom”

    “neighbors - chapter one”

    “spanked by my neighbor”

    “the house rules”

    “megan’s law”


    I’d sure love to be that lucky boy. Specially when the lady with the belt gets a turn.


    He hasn’t been respecting her daughter in his marriage. So first he is spanked by her mother and then she will spank him.


    " You don't ever talk to my daughter like that ever again ." Am I making myself clear !" Do you feel like a big man know getting a spanking over your mother in law knee." Honey when I am done hand spanking your husband he is also is getting a whipping with the belt. "I will teach him to respect you dear.".


    Mike was intimidated by his mother in law, and when she confronted him about ridiculing her choice of lingerie, he was so embarrassed and humiliated that he had no choice but to obey her. Little did he know that his wife was going to taker her cue from her mother and make him do the same at home as well.


    "You will wear my lingerie and be my maid." The work better be done right or you will go over my knee for a spanking".