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    being found in human form what-


    My name is a good day for you guys to come over.

    My age is a dog.

    I live in the same spot as last time.

    I was born in the USA.

    My body is a lot of fun.

    I am looking for a new therapist, who enjoys being short, and has a series of unfortunate events.

    I enjoy the rest of your day. I also like the place I have, i like it to be over, and I like all those sexy fanart.

    My ideal partner would be amazing for the next two years, a person who wants to get out of work, and who can help me with the stuff, and who thinks it's ok to look like a good time.

    My turn ons are going to the station and my best friend.

    My turn offs are you feeling better, and I will send it to Ryan.


    tricky words I always see misspelled in fics: a guide

  • Viscous/vicious Viscous is generally used to describe the consistency of blood or other thick liquids. Vicious is used to describe something or someone who is violent. 
  • Piqued/Peaked/Peeked – To pique someone’s interest is to catch or tease their attention. When something peaks, it reaches its total height or intensity. To peek (at) something is to look briefly, or glance. 
  • Discrete/Discreet – this is a tough one. Discrete means to be separate, or distinct, i.e., two discrete theories. Conversely, when someone is discreet, they are being secretive or cautious to avoid attention. 
  • Segue/Segway – one is a transition between things, the other is a thing you can ride at the park and definitely fall off of.
  • Conscious/Conscience/Conscientious – to be conscious is to be awake, i.e., not unconscious, or to be aware of something. Your conscience is the little voice in your head telling you not to eat the entire pint of ice cream. Finally, to be conscientious is to be good, to do things thoroughly, to be ruled by an inner moral code. 
  • Hope this helped! Please add more if you think of them!


    Counsel/Council - counsel is advice, the advice giver, or the verb form of giving said advice. Council is the group of people who come together to discuss and/or make decisions.


    Desert/Desert/Dessert - desert is a barren landscape where little precipitation occurs. desert - abandon (a person, cause, or organization) in a way considered disloyal or treacherous. dessert - a usually sweet course or dish (as of pastry or ice cream) usually served at the end of a meal.



    Taunt/Taut - Taunt is a jeer or provocation, taut means to be pulled tight, or not slack

    Weary/Wary - weary means tired and wary means cautious

    Rogue/Rouge - rogue is a person who has unaffiliated themselves from what they were before (is the general understanding); a person or thing that behaves in an aberrant, faulty, or unpredictable way - rouge is red

    Wonton/Wanton - a wonton is a dumpling, wanton is (of a cruel or violent action) deliberate and unprovoked and/or sexually unrestrained

    Haphazard/Halfhazard - haphazard means to  have a lack of plan, order, or direction - the other isn’t a word

    Corporal/Corporeal - corporal is a lack of plan, order, or direction and corporeal is to have a physical existence: to be tangible: of a person’s body

    Peck/Pec - the first is a kiss (peck) and the second is the shortened version of pectoral (pec)

    Virile/Viral - to be virile is to have strength, energy, and a strong sex drive (typically said about men) and then this last year (2020) has personally taught us, is how viral a plague can really be, so of the nature of, caused by, or relating to a virus or viruses

    Vulnerable/Venerable - vulnerable means being susceptible to physical or emotional attack or harm, and if a person is venerable they’re accorded a great deal of respect, especially because of age, wisdom, or character (or if you’re religious, holy)

    Dyed is something that is colored, and died is deceased


    Chalk (it up to something) ; chock (-full of something); choked (to cutoff air).


    to affect is the action, the effect is the end result


    If something doesn’t bother you then you werent fazed by it. If you are between two states of being that is a phase.


    Please. For the love of all things holy. I beg you.

    Loose: the opposite of tight

    Lose: to misplace something or the opposite of win.

    I BEG YOU.


    breath is the noun, breathe is the verb


    Ah perfect. I needed these words for an alien character to get them all wrong when writing to a human.


    Ohh! I have some!

    Notching is when you make a notch in something, while nocking is the act of slotting an arrow into a bowstring.

    Reign is a period of rule by a person of royalty or authority, and rein is a strap used to control or guide an animal. Likewise, it’s the same for phrases like “ reigning champion” and “reined in”.

    A cord is usually something like a thin rope or a wire, and a chord is something that you play on the guitar.

    Reliving yourself means you’re remembering a part of your past; relieving yourself means you’re going to the bathroom


    When something is diffused it means it’s spread out, like what happens when you add dye to water. When something is defused it means the situation is made safer or less tense, like removing a fuse from a bomb. 


    Sweetie: A term of endearment or affection (usually understood to be a shortened form of “sweetheart” or “my sweet”), or occasionally a word used with very small children for candy.

    Sweaty: Covered in perspiration.

    The Paper Doll Experiment

    Primarily a creation of necessity but one that worked well, the paper doll became a part of my practice. It serves as both petition and poppet, allowing for an easier construction and handling. Outside of its capacity for writing, the ability is has for other things such as combustion, varied colours and the like, it did serve quite well for its purpose. I based it as follows:

    Write the name of the person on the head, the seat of consciousness. Write what you want to happen across the chest and belly (if it is to increase) and on the back (if it is to decrease), apply appropriate symbols as well as handle the rest of the poppet as needs determine (for example, cutting off the feet and hands to bind, drawing chaotic squiggles over the head to create confusion, drawing a heart and colouring it in while chanting a prayer or incantation to draw the person to you and so on). WHen done, offer it to a spirit or deity to consecrate it to the working for empowerment, alternatively, use an awakening ritual

    Examples of Paper Poppet Works

    To make a person kinder to you - name on forehead, petition on the front side with a small heart drawn and coloured in green while saying a command for the person to be kinder to you. Then take syrup and dot the heart, the hands, the feet and the head (so all their actions to you will be better). An extra addition is to add sugar, rose petals, chamomile, lavender, catnip or another herb of the such onto the syrup which will be sticky and allow it to bind onto it.

    To curse a person with ill health - name on forehead, reductive charm of the word health on the back. Take a yellow or black pencil and scribble over their body parts saying an incantation that they shall be afflicted with ill health, headaches, sickness, fevers, leg pains, head pains etc. take the poppet and place it in a jar and add vinegar to it.

    To heal a person - name on forehead, increasing charm of good health on the front, an orange pencil is used to create the charm and is again used to write petitions on specific body parts. It is placed on a plate with oranges, salt and an orange candle where it can be worked on from one sunday to the next using suitable prayers, taking off the oranges as needed.

    To make two people kind towards each other - two poppets are made with the corresponding names on their forehead, a heart and a petition on each of their chests. The hearts are coloured in green and syrup is applied liberally to the bodies of each person that are then stuck together (face to face). This is wrapped in white, pink or green ribbon and kept in a secret place.

    To make money stick to a person - a poppet is prepared, name on forehead, draw a crown, a dollar sign or other representations of wealth on the chest with a petition. Place a syrup on the petition and on the hands and sprinkle witch cinnamon, thyme or chamomile (to make money and good fortune stick to your hands and to you as a person).


    Reductive Charm of Good Health - literally




    *Heal can be written in a different but suitable colour as to distinguish two different petitions in one. A petition to Heal and a Petition for Health.

    Additional Ideas

    If I wanted to afflict someone's eyes, I could do it when the Moon is in Aries (as Aries governs over the eyes) and reverse a candle or light a black and red candle in order to use Aries's energy for that purpose. Then I would draw eyes on the poppet then take a pin, hold it in the flame of the black candle to empower it, then scratch out the person's eyes. This would be to make them blind to me or to legitimately harm their eyes. On the flip side, I could light a red candle at the same time, draw eyes on the poppet and anoint them with oil that has been charged to aid in healing. This can be used to open someones eyes to a situation or to heal their eyesight. In both the former example (afflicting) and the latter, St. Lucy is good to call upon.


    what if every Tumblr user suddenly looses their mouse?


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    I just reblogged this with the command, shit


    Do you know how much this helps people who have trouble with the mouse? (Me, other disabled people) thank you


    Yup, I use these when my hands get particularly weak (like now)


    Alt + R is the new command to reblog Alt + Q is the new command to queue

    Still watching this youtube channel about what I can only describe as "Dark Classical art" and this one absolutely floored me because I was unaware of it and I want to share it because it changes my perspective on this artist completely.

    You might be aware of Louis Wain. If not by name then by his art. He's the artist behind that series of cat drawings that slowly became more and more abstract and bizarre.

    This series of paintings of cats are often labelled as a visual representation of Wain's deteriorating mental illness and schizophrenia. Even more so often labelled as "a tragic display of a painter's failing battle with schizophrenia."

    The paintings look like this and were painted around the very early 1900s.

    Ok got all that?

    So here's the thing.

    Although Wain did suffer from a mental illness that was strong enough for him to be institutionalized, his mental illness was never diagnosed with clear certainty. Although "Schizophrenia" is so heavily applied to him based purely on how his series of paintings LOOK, despite actual specialists widely disputing this. On top of this, although he did paint the kaleidoscope cat portraits during this time, it was not the only things he painted, and he was quite capable of painting "normal" pictures of cats.

    The Kaleidoscope Cat portraits are more images of him experimenting with colour and shapes, something the Smithsonian themselves state on their website.

    Wain had actually made his entire living painting whimsical images of cats, often for product adverts, before he was incarcerated and was actually a very beloved artist at the time. When his friends learned of his incarceration, they started a collection of donation money to help transfer Wain to the Bethlam Royal Hospital instead, one of the best mental health facilities of the time. Even the Prime Minster of the time donated, and they raised a large amount of money across England to help him.

    4 years later, Wain drew this as his final image which he released publicly

    I knew all about "the Schizophrenic cat Guy" but he had always been presented to me as some tragic case of an artist going mad and his skills and work unraveling as he went insane.

    Which is why I wanted to share this information which was new to me. And because I think it's important.

    What is Hunger Pangs?

    Two book cover images side by side. The one on the left is red, with the words

    In a world of dwindling hope, love has never mattered more...

    Do you ever start something as a joke and lose complete control over your life? 

    Hunger Pangs,affectionately referred to as “Phangs” by the self-proclaimed phangdom, is my debut novel published in Nov 2020.

    Like most things on my blog, the original concept began as a joke. My friend and enabler, @jeneelestrange, and I were talking about our least favorite tropes in romance/erotica, including but not limited to toxic “alpha” masculinity, boring, broody stalker vampire boyfriends, and the absolute profound bullshit that is the Conflicted Love Triangle and Bury Your Gays.

    Eventually, it culminated in this post:

    A screencap of an ask submitted by user Jeneelestrange that reads: Just write a poly involving were-any-large-carnivores and it will be bought. You know this to be true.

Joy's answer underneath reads:
Is this your way of telling me to write werewolf vampire porn? Cause if it is I’m 100% down with this.

Also now all I have in my head is a vampire and a werewolf who love each other despite clan feud wars and they meet in secret on moonlit nights. I could be the Shakespeare of our time.

“But soft, what light through yonder window breaks?”
“It’s the dawn, Vlad, you idiot. Get away from the window you know you’re not supposed to be up at this hour.”
“You have no poetry in your soul.”
“At least I have a soul.”
“You are so grumpy in the morning.”
“I love ruffling your fur.”


    It was meant to be a joke. I really cannot emphasize this enough. It was meant to be a shitpost.

    A throwaway ADHD impulse.

    Certainly not something I was supposed to turn into a book, let alone an international bestseller with enough material to turn it into a five-part series.

    But Tumblr somehow managed to trick me into becoming a professional author, and well, here we are...

    I also started writing the series while dying, which I highly do not recommend as a functional creative process. Absolutely do not start a 500k five-part novel series about love and hope while dying from an undiagnosed genetic disorder. Or if you do, make sure you actually die so you don't have to edit the damn thing. (I am mostly kidding.)

    There are two editions of the novel. The Flirting with Fangs edition depicts on-page sexual acts and the Fluff and Fangs edition which uses alternative scenes/fade-to-black scenes for those who prefer not to read about sex. You can read more about why I decided to do this here.

    So what is Phangs about?

    In the simplest of terms, Phangs is a queer-polyamorous-paranormal-satirical-romance series featuring vampires, werewolves, and all other manner of creatures that go bump in the night. It’s been described by some readers as the queer, goth love child of Terry Pratchett meets Jane Austen, and frankly, no amount of promo I could ever do will top that.

    If Game of Thrones ascribes to the idea that the night is dark and full of terrors, Phangs is the monster-fucker politely sidling up to them at the bar and asking if they can buy them a drink.

    The narrative follows the antics of three main characters, a disabled, hard-of-hearing werewolf named Nathan, a 400-year-old neurodivergent-coded mad scientist dandy vampire named Vlad, and the mysterious Lady Ursula, who drops into their world like a magical atom bomb.

    It’s set in a pseudo-regency-steampunk-ish-gaslamp fantasy universe that, if you squint, looks much like our own, excepting, of course, the existence of vampires, werewolves, and government bodies being held accountable for their actions.

    Style-wise, it is basically a love letter to fandom, which has led some people to believe it’s fanfiction with the serial labels filed off. But as the person who spent five years agonizing over the world-building, I can assure you this is all very much the product of my weird little ADHD brain picking up tropes, shaking them upside down, and running off with whatever interesting things shake loose.

    Thematically, the series touches on many things, but the book’s overriding theme is love. Romantically, of course, and love between families, both found or otherwise. But also love as an act of courage. As a choice. An act of defiance in dark and troubling times, and what it means to be loved and belong even though you’re different.

    Especially when you’re different.

    Both of you...

    And I really fucking hope you enjoy it.

    To read the full synopsis and check out the heat ratings, buy links and content tags, go to www.joydemorra.com

    Jesus Tea 2.0

    OK, so since the Original post is a bit of an organizational mess and I’ve been getting asks and having to clarify things, here is the new, More comprehensible Recipe of JESUS TEA:

    Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor, trained herbalist, or even a particularly good cook but this shit tastes like it came from God Themselves, and considently makes be feel drastically better when I get Colds, the flu or sinus infections.



  • 1Tsp salt. Doesn’t have to be fancy but if fancy salt will make you feel better then u do that.
  • 1 small glass warm water
  • Dissolve salt in small glass of warm water.  Take large sips and gargle, then spit the water out, repeat until your throat feels like something you can breathe with insead of a rubber hose full of Pain Slime.  My doctor explained once how the salt breaks up the mucus buildup somehow, but I was high off my mind on Dayquil and was distracted by her third eye and don’t remember.  

    Point is, gargling salt rinse will help with clearing mucus out of you swollen face and help with the pain and breathing.



  • Large Pot (just make a ton of this at once so you can go back for mugs)
  • Tea Infusers/Coffee filters/those little cloth bags: For steeping tea. 
  • Working Stovetop
  • Ingredients:

  • 1 Quart water, if you want more, double recipe.
  • 2TBs Chamomile (in an infuser)
  • 3TBS Roobois (in an infuser)
  • 1 tsp each: cloves, cumin, cardamom
  • ½ tsp each: white or cayenne pepper, Tumeric.
  • ¼ nutmeg
  • ¼ powdered cinnamon or 1 small stick
  • Slice or 3 of giger root
  • 2-bay leaves (all of the above in an infuser)
  • ¼ cup or 1 lemon’s worth of juice
  • 2 cups 100%+ Vitamin C Apple juice- cloudy juice or American Cider (NOT ALCOHOLIC CIDER) taste the best.
  • A Shitwhack of Honey

    • Put water in pot, bring to a high simmer/not quite boil, reduce heat to medium, add infusers of Chamomile, roobois, and spices. Steep until tea is dark and fragrant even to your sad, clogged up nose, about 3-5 min depending on taste.
    • Remove from heat and allow to cool to a drinkable temperature and add lemon juice, apple juice and Shitwhack of honey:
    • How T pour a shitwhack of honey:  Open up cap on honey and start pouring.  Keep pouring.  Your spouse or roommate or parent will coem by and say in a cencerned voice “Isn’t that enough honey?”
    • “No.” you say.
    • There is never enough magic bee juice.
    • Let the bees heal you.
    • Drink the tea by the mug, alternating with glasses of water and occasional salt rinse until you are hydrated and no lnger feel like death warmed over.


    Can I use this instead of Cold Meds? NO.  This only treat symptoms and beyond staying hydrated, won’t help heal you.  Be sure to get vaccinated if you can, and take the appropriate medications.  If your fever/symptoms last for more than 5-7 days, go see a doctor ASAP becuase Influenza is a dangerous disease and NOT to be fucked with.

    I understand full well that modern captialism is bitch and that it’s hard to get time off to be sick but you can help your fellow proletariat by frequently washing your hands and avoiding touching things, keeping your face covered when possible, and being kind to yourself when you’re off work.

    A Note about Cold Meds: As I found recently, lots of cold medication can interact dangerously with lots of Mental Illness medictions like SSRIs, antipsychotics, mood stabilizers etc. If you’re on ANY kind of long-term medication, use a Drug Interaction Checker to make sure you don’t accidentally fuck yourself up like I have.

    Can I put Booze in? I extremely reccomend NOT doing so, as Alcohol is a sedative that can interact badly with cold meds, and taking sedatives while you’re having trouble breathing is not a great plan.  Don’t make your liver work overtime when you’re already sick.  If you’re perfectly healthy and think this is tasty, feel free to add whiskey or whatever to it.

    Can I substitute differnet Ingredients?  Sure!  This recipie is a general guideline and you can add or remove whatever you want. Some Reccomendations

    Adding te
    a: You could probably add a regular Black tea and have it taste fine. I don’t because the caffiene keeps me awake and I want to sleep when sick.  If you can’t have chamomile, green tea will have simmilar effects and flavor, but it also has a tocuh of caffine to it.

    I want it spicier!  The Fire will heal me!: Add: More ginger, more cayenne, or a bit of sriracha at the end, with the honey.

    I’m a spice weenie!: Less tumeric, ginger or pepper, maybe trim the lemon, but it’s good for your throat.

    I can’t have Magic Bee Juice:  That’s fine! Use whatever sweetener you like.  I like honey because it tastes good and sometimes it helps throat pain the way others don’t.

    On Apple Juices: Check the label of you apple Juice to make sure it’s the kind with 100% or more of your DV of Vitamin C, becuase that will help treat the uncomfotable symptons of your particular yuck and help you recover faster. Juicy Juice and Motts tend to be good brands.

    On Meausrements: I’m an american and bad at math.  Everything’s in nonmetric and I have no idea how to convert it to Civlized measurments. Sorry.

    Writing Tips

    Punctuating Dialogue

    ➸ “This is a sentence.”

    ➸ “This is a sentence with a dialogue tag at the end,” she said.

    ➸ “This,” he said, “is a sentence split by a dialogue tag.”

    ➸ “This is a sentence,” she said. “This is a new sentence. New sentences are capitalized.”

    ➸ “This is a sentence followed by an action.” He stood. “They are separate sentences because he did not speak by standing.”

    ➸ She said, “Use a comma to introduce dialogue. The quote is capitalized when the dialogue tag is at the beginning.”

    ➸ “Use a comma when a dialogue tag follows a quote,” he said.

    “Unless there is a question mark?” she asked.

    “Or an exclamation point!” he answered. “The dialogue tag still remains uncapitalized because it’s not truly the end of the sentence.”

    ➸ “Periods and commas should be inside closing quotations.”

    ➸ “Hey!” she shouted, “Sometimes exclamation points are inside quotations.”

    However, if it’s not dialogue exclamation points can ask be “outside”!

    ➸ “Does this apply to question marks too?” he asked.

    If it’s not dialogue, can question marks be “outside”? (Yes, they can.)

    ➸ “This applies to dashes too. Inside quotations, dashes typically express—“

    “Interruption” — but there are situations dashes may be outside.

    ➸ “You’ll notice that exclamation marks, question marks, and dashes do not have a comma after them. Ellipses don’t have a comma after them either…” she said.

    ➸ “My teacher said, ‘Use single quotation marks when quoting within dialogue.’”

    ➸ “Use paragraph breaks to indicate a new speaker,” he said.

    “The readers will know it’s someone else speaking.”


    i can’t really explain why, but people who go to great lengths to make their magical practice seem « scientific » by throwing around quantum terms, relating magical ~energies~ to kinetic energy or whatever, claiming to use the scientific method to test/verify spells etc, put me on edge.

    maybe it’s that this rhetoric seems intended to provide an air of objective truth that probably shouldn’t be there? idk.


    Dude I have been meaning to do a post about exactly this but I currently can't brain good due to medication changes.

    I do like to jokingly refer to my notebooks as "lab books" because that's kind of how I use them. Some version of the scientific method can be useful within your own craft for things like tracking variables at play when doing spell work to see if you can repeat and/or improve your results by adjusting these, but that's about where it stops...

    The idea that you can prove that your methods work better than other methods is simply ridiculous. If we could use the scientific method to prove any of what we're doing then by definition this shit would not be occult.

    All you're proving (and basically only to yourself) is that some methods work better than others for you.

    Anyway, I'm sorry for hijacking your post... I've just been thinking about this a lot recently.


    100% - and no I love the discussion

    Yeah, to be clear my only issue with the scientific method thing is when someone claims to literally use the scientific method, implying casting spells are comparable to experiments. Because then it’s like - how are you measuring your variables? Do you have a measurement system for the power or energy you raise? Or is the dependent variable a binary spell worked/spell didn’t work? How do you know your desired result wouldn’t have occurred anyway/how do you compare against a control group (this can be an issue in macroeconomics and the « social sciences » that I studied, let alone magic)? And then is it repeatable by others (another social sciences problem ahah)? Peer reviewed? It’s not like we all have a standardized path/education.

    Possibly, I take things too literally. But I do get that usually people just mean they take a methodical approach, record everything, change up elements and see the results, etc. And that’s very respectable (I go like 90% by vibes personally).


    *garbled sounds of excitement*


    Simple Altar Set-Up (General)

    Prepare a space to make the altar. If possible, either orientated towards the north or east. Wash the space down first with normal water then salt water, then with normal water, then again with an infusion of jasmine tea (used to attract wise and helpful spirits). Anoint the four corners of the altar with olive oil creating a symbol of choice (a cross, pentacle, a symbol or sigil of one's deity or any other holy symbol). Thereafter, cover the altar with a white cloth. On the left hand side, place the black candle. The black candle represents the ability to draw energy in and the left hand of the witch's craft, representing acts of what is perceived as darker magick. On the right hand side, place a white candle representing the ability to project energy and the right hand of the witch's craft, that being works that are generally perceived as lighter or more beneifc in nature. In the centrre of the altar, place a glass of water, this is the conduit of spiritual energy. During the rituals taken, it can be placed either at the back of the altar or on the left side. If one is using incense, then it can be placed on the right side of the altar (as it can be perceived as opening a channel from the magus to the spirits, instead of the water which represents the spirits to the magus).

    The basic upkeep is thus

    Every morning and before and after rituals, the water is disposed of and replaced with fresh water.
    Every Sunday, the altar is cleaned. The glass is washed in salt water, the table cloth is also washed in salt water. The previous process of water, salt water, water and jasmine tea is used again and after that, the table is anointed. Any excess wax drips are taken off and the candles, if needed, are replaced with new candles.
    For rituals of bane, destruction, any offensive protection or when calling upon spirits of a 'darker' nature, the black candle is lit.
    For rituals of healing, benefit and when working with spirits of a 'lighter' nature, the white candle is lit.
    Rituals centred around the waxing to full moon use the white candle whereas rituals centred around the waning to new moon use the black candle.
    During rites of divination, general spirit work, offerings and other of the such, both candles are lit (the white sends out, the black receives)
    Additions to the altar can include one drawing symbols with chalk over the altar.