I love videos of people performing religious ceremonies for small animals. Especially if it's not something a small animal could participate in theologically.


    Sadie the Dog has been BLESSED upon this fine ASH WEDNESDAY she has been reminded of the FRAGILITY OF LIFE and has observed the start of the LENT SEASON


    Butters the Cat is wearing a TINY KIPPAH


    Cat on tiny praying mat !!!


    Cat on a tiny praying mat!!!


    Bark mitzvah :)


    you are all going to lose your minds over Kukur Tihar, aka Diwali for dogs


    seeing fanart of breaking bad characters hanging out is funny and i love it but it’s also insane in retrospect because i can’t think of any piece of media where every character hates each other so fucking much. like nobody in that show likes each other at all


    breaking bad show:

    walter white ruins everyone’s life around him in the most evil ways possible for basically no reason other than personal gain and dies a sad miserable lonely death and nobody mourns

    breaking bad fanart:

    jesse we have to take saul to mcdonalds


    you know how when you marry someone with a title, a lot of the time you also gain that title??? like. becoming a princess because you married the prince.

    by that logic does marrying a wizard make you a wizard as well


    i’ve met a lot of wizards who say it doesn’t work like that because wizard is like doctor

    “i didn’t go to wizard school for ten years to be called MR. EVIL.”

    sorcerers do work like that though if you marry a sorcerer you also become a sorcerer

    had a dream last night where marbles were back en vogue and everyone carried their marbles around in cute little pouches that they'd clip onto their backpacks or purse straps or belt loops so they'd always have their marbles on them and your marbles were deeply personal objects that showcased your individual personality and people would get really passionate and proud of them and playing for keeps was a deeply serious and honor-bound affair and i played a game with an old man while waiting for a bus and he told me how he met his wife while playing in a for-keeps tournament and in a miracle shot he knocked out her most precious marble a brilliant sparkling green one with an inside like a geode and when he looked up he found she was crying at its loss and so right there on the spot he proposed to her so that she could divorce him and take it back in the divorce "but in the end," he told me, "she kept me and the marble" and i awoke teary and resentful to be ripped from a fleeting world that had found for itself such a small and beautiful peace


    “This is a tapestry I made myself! I just finished it!” 

    “…. this is…. big.”

    “Eighty feet long, ten high, in forty panels! It was originally going to be sixty feet, but then the Thomas Malory Arthuriana got big and I had to put more stuff in.” 

    “… Malory published in the fifteenth century.” 

    “Do you have any idea how long it takes one person to embroider eight thousand square feet of tapestry?” 

    “You’ve had a lot of free time in the last eight hundred years, haven’t you?” 

    “Not once I took up embroidery as a hobby, no!” 


    “Want to see my stalagmite cultivation work?”


    she asked me if i believed in god and i told her that when i was four i almost drowned in a public pool and in my panic mistook a stranger for my father. i clawed my way up his leg. four years later he’d send my parents a picture of the scars alongside a tin of cookies. he said, “i hope she’s still okay. i carry her with me. it isn’t every day you save a life. it isn’t every day you feel like you were here for a reason. when it does happen, you have to cherish that memory. for once, i had a purpose. just being there was enough. she tore me open but she taught me a lot about love.”


    in the cambrian period the ocean was shallow and the sun never set. every day was sunday morning and there was never any dark. the world was a watery wonderland and air didnt exist yet. animals had just invented eating eachh other and it was really funny. having eyeballs was all the rage


    its true ❤

    what do you know ❤


    the ocean was made of sprite also


    theres been a lot of people on this post trying to correct basically every aspect of what ive said but nobody's confronted me on "everyday was sunday morning"

    everybody agrees everyday was sunday morning