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    In the groupchat

    Slytherin: y'all may hate this quarantine, but at least YOU aren't stuck in the same house as Gryffindor

    Ravenclaw: yesterday I texted Huff and mentioned I was sad. She didn't respond anymore

    Gryffindor: @Slytherin HEY, YOU STOLE THE LAST BISCUITS SO

    Gryffindor: wait, that doesn't sound like Huff at all

    Ravenclaw: 10 minutes later I got a text from her saying 'look out of the window'

    Slytherin: no

    Ravenclaw: she f*cking sprinted to my house

    Ravenclaw: she was still wearing her pajamas

    Hufflepuff: YOU WERE SAD

    Ravenclaw: YOU WERE BARE FOOT

  • Ok but like
  • The worst thing about Tony dying in Endgame
  • Is that we don’t get to see him as the father figure for everyone
  • Not just to Peter, Harley, and Morgan
  • But for literally everyone
  • Because that’s kind of what Tony’s become over the years
  • It’s just natural for him now
  • To take people in and take care of them
  • Nebula understands it just in the short time she and Stark spend out in space together
  • How he worked with her and played games with her
  • How he didn’t yell or hurt her or blame her for anything
  • Just in that short while he becomes the father she never had
  • And she just ends up adoring him
  • Every time the Guardians make a trip to earth she *casually* visits Tony
  • Spends time with him in his workshop
  • He teaches her about earth tech and how to fix up the old Iron Man suits
  • And instead of constantly asking for better and being disappointed in her as Thanos always was
  • Tony guides her gently, talks to her about life, spends quality time with her
  • Nebula would never admit how much she cares for and depends on Tony
  • She even threatens to cut off Rocket’s tail if he were to ever mention the time he walked in on her and Tony having a particularly deep heart to heart while fixing an old car engine
  • Rocket just prays Nebula won’t figure out he told Quill from how many extra trips they’ve been making to earth recently
  • It takes Wanda awhile to warm up to Tony after Civil War
  • But she finally realizes he was just doing his best in trying to protect her and the team
  • And it was hard for him to juggle everything at one time
  • She starts staying at the compound again so they start seeing each other often
  • She helps babysit Morgan sometimes and they become really close
  • One day she mentions this old fountain that had been down the street from her childhood home that she used to throw coins in to make wishes
  • The next day an exact replica of it has been installed on the lawn of the compound
  • She tells Tony she doesn’t know how to thank him
  • He tells her she doesn’t have to
  • Tony becomes the only person that asks her about Pietro and genuinely listens to her talk about him and her memories of them together and what it was like losing him
  • He does the same with T’challa and Shuri when it comes to their father
  • And while all three of them know he could never EVER compare to their dad
  • T’challa still feels comfort knowing there’s someone he can go to, to ask for advice
  • And Shuri loves hearing someone say how impressed of her inventions and how proud of her they are
  • Steve starts thinking about the fact that just because he’s been alive for a hundred years does not mean he’s actually aged or matured that much
  • He stops looking down on Tony
  • And even stops looking at him as his equal
  • He starts looking up to him as someone to talk to and ask advice from
  • He starts baring his soul to Tony
  • And when he expects snarky remarks and sarcasm in response
  • Tony only meets it with encouragement and kindness, somehow always saying exactly what Steve needs to hear
  • When Bucky doesn’t know how to restart his life
  • Tony casually sets up different jobs for him around the compound and even at shield
  • Taking note of which ones he enjoys the most so he can find the perfect life for him
  • And even, like Fury did for Barton, makes sure he has a living space that suites him exactly
  • Thor finds that after Odin is gone, Tony is one of the few people he genuinely enjoys talking to about his triumphs in life and Asgard and how fond he is of his people and how he hopes he made the right decision with leaving them to Valkyrie
  • Tony just listens
  • He knows it’s what Thor needs
  • And Thor just
  • Fully trusts him
  • And it’s been a long time since he’s been able to do that with someone
  • He’s so nice to Mantis everytime he sees her
  • Laughs at Drax’s jokes even when they aren’t funny
  • Spends time with Rocket even when he’s trying to be the asshole that pushes everyone away
  • Helps Scott with projects whenever he needs it
  • Makes sure everyone stays connected with Coulson after finding out he’s alive
  • Makes it to all of Peter’s debate meets and band recitals
  • All of Harley’s special events too
  • When one of the Guardians spills all of the details about Quill’s dad, Tony even starts spending more time with him and helps him try to find Gamora
  • Pretty soon the avengers compound is one giant house
  • Everyone loves coming back because everyone loves being around each other
  • But especially Tony
  • They all feel safe and at home around him
  • And it’s because he takes care of them all
  • And he always will