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    Final Post (mayyyybe???)

    Hey Y’all!!!  Sorry that this post is super late to the party and it probably won’t reach anyone.  So as I’m sure you can guess, tumblr’s gone kind of dead for me, since most if not all of my friends on here fled with the new update.  I get that, but like also, I really appreciate this site, just because this is where I got really comfortable with the concept of being gay, while I was working through a lot of my Catholic guilt from my upbringing.  So while I won’t delete this blog for sentimental value, I doubt I’ll be checking in regularly.  HOWEVER!!!!  I’m graduated from college now, and I’m writing more than ever, so I’ll hopefully be keeping active on fanfiction.net a lot now, if y’all are interested in my stories.  I’m also on instagram and twitter regularly now, so hit me up there, especially my mustals that are still on this website!!!

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    I won’t say goodbye, since who knows if I’ll revive this blog later, so I guess this is just so long for now!  Love you guys!!!


    the real “problem with political correctness” is not that it’s considered offensive to use slurs, but that there are now many “progressive” environments where saying the right things is more important than doing the right thing. it’s why it’s so easy for abusers to gain traction in leftist circles (they learn the right words quickly and employ them to frame their own behavior as progressive); it’s why so much potential activist energy gets poured into fighting about language; it’s why moderate liberals didn’t believe fer/guson had a problem until the police emails with actual racist language were leaked. (you can do racist things, you just can’t SAY racist things.) i don’t have a neat conclusion here but a related point is that i’m so much happier since i started focusing on like, being a good kind caring person instead of trying to remove the word “crazy” from the vocabulary of everyone in my family


    Just saying this is truly one of the best “discourse” posts on this site like……this hits the nail directly on the head re: what is going on with language right now and everyone pushing back in the notes only serves to further prove the point it’s making