Pop Quiz: I'm a Dumb Jock and.....

Reggie filled the weird questionnaire based on his personal experience dealing with jocks. He found jocks to be highly manipulative as they would use everything other than their brain to get what they desired. It might be their looks, their body, their charm or their blessed endowment, the point is they would always get what they want and people would just realize that they got manipulated after the jocks got what they wanted. Pretty privilege.

After clicking the "send" button in the online form, he decided to go to Francis house for some studying. He and Francis already befriended each other since junior high and with some of their final days in high school already passed and only a couple weeks left for now, he wanted to ensure that he spent as much time as possible with Francis as the talented school journalist would go to UC Berkeley while he would go to the other coast to attend Columbia. Weirdly, he decided to walk into the house despite its 3 km distance

"I think some run will do me good,"

Reggie didn't notice the changes happened to him as every stride he took got longer as he himself experienced height increase, and quite a significant one. Other than that, his legs also got defined alongside his upper limbs with his arm turned veiny and muscular. The changes spread to his flat stomach which became increasingly defined, packs of abs emerged like buns raising in the oven. His bony pecs swole into quite a bulging defined mass that slightly jiggled as he continued his run

As he arrived in Francis front door, his shirt in his hand, his jeans turned into sweatpants and his once blonde hair turned jet black. When Francis opened his front door, he meekly welcomed the rather sweaty jock and handed him a fresh towel.

"Great, you know I'm going to run here. Oh yeah, where's the kitchen? I need some water,"

"Follow me,"

Francis filled the mug with water from the tap and handed it to the changed Reggie. Francis lowered himself to get some snacks stashed in the cabinet under the island while furtively glanced Reggie which gulped his drink in one go.

As Francis grabbed the snacks and closed the cabinet, his eyes met with Reggie's seductive eyes

"So, what should we do tonight, buddy? I know you can finish our group task all hy yourself in under an hour so it left us with some extra time,"

Francis blushed. He knew he shouldn't be aroused by this whole thing as he is responsible for Reggie's transformation but not like he got any option because it's the direct order from the head of the student's body and the football team captain who seemed to be very friendly to each other despite their personal feud literally a month ago. And who says that he doesn't like this? As long as he is not the one turned into some meathead jock, he is actually fine by all of this and the only way to avoid the transformation is by obeying the order from those two.

I like the general idea behind this whole story scheme @papermoon357

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