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    This is the way to work right? Why they hell did I think Id run there today? First I tried on this necklace thing my friend got me and then I have all this energy to fricken run to work? So unlike me. Good thing I have these running shoes and shorts instead of my usual suit… like I left with these on right? Don’t remember getting shirtless but fuck… I look good. Don’t know why I’m all body shy with a body like this, I’m fucking pumped. Yeah just got to stretch it out, this body needs to loosen up if I’m going to work and meet up with my bro. Huhu right, I’m such a dumbass always gettin lost. Gotta get to work… now where’s the gym at?

    Fuck man this stuff seriously works. You’re turning into such a stud. But you sure it doesn’t effect our heads if we keep them dry? I mean I’m feeling seriously sexy and all but like these fumes dude… they’re so fuckin… good bro… like hard to think bout anything but your fucking hot lips… and chest… and cock…. Fuck. You’re drooling too dude. We’re totally turning into dumb himbos huhu. Let’s just dunk our heads and see what happens. It’ll be so hot being a mindless slut with you.

    I don’t what you mean man. I wanted this. I was sick and tired of being the kind little studious one, all sympathetic, trying to fix everyone’s problems, all anxious what other people think, always feelin insecure when it came to sports or sex. So I changed all that. Amazing what a little will power will do when you really want to jock out, burn up brain cells and swell with confidence and muscle. And wait till you see my cock. Yea that’s right. Not your shy little boy anymore. Mmm I can still myself growing which each flex. I can see you thirsting for all this. So what’s it gonna be? You gonna continue complaining how your sweet little friend is gone and decided to grow a pair, or are you gonna give in and worship the whole new me?

    These really aren’t my style. Are they even my prescription? I mean I’m not into trends. I don’t know how sunglasses would change my whole look or personality but fine I’ll try them on…

    Brah these are sick! Totally get what ya mean. I feel fucking hot with these on. Probably better off without this shirt though huhu. So you wanna lift or fuck?

    He started taking some of his roommates supplements hoping they’d help give him a boost in the gym. They did more than that. In a few short weeks he went from timid bookworm to cocky musclehead with no intent on stopping his transformation into a full fledge horned up douchebag.

    The physical effects were obvious. I could see him swell and groan in his sleep, his body, face, and cock taking on the perfect jock proportions. But it wasn’t till the morning, when he woke up to say a cocky “sup bro” in a new deep voice, stroking his new muscles confidently- that it was obvious. The mental changes were a success. The meek kindhearted roomie I once had was gone, and I got the horny bro I’ve always wanted


    He promised he’d play truth or dare with me and as expected the scaredy-cat chose truth. So I asked him- what makes a hot jock? He was nervous at first but I told him I’d knock him out if he lied so he started to answer, anxiously at first- all worried he’d insult me- but then with increasing confidence (and a deepening voice) as his body started to pack on muscle and his mind started to warp into the cocky gym-assessed version of a bro he was describing. It was amazing watching him give in to the changes so quickly, freely describing every stereotypical muscle head attribute you could think of. The real finisher was when he described a jock cock- I could just see the intelligence in his eyes melt away as he groaned, lust took over and he dipped his hand into his tightening shorts to grab his inflating package. I loved this game and the best part was yet to come. After truth there’s always the dare. Wanna play?

    Nice catch bro. You’re really reeling in the muscle now. Every time you pull that hook back I can see your arms swell and abs pop. Looks like you caught a nice dumb look too. Good. I know you thought we weren’t using any bait, but it’s your IQ on the line and you threw a lot out there. So stop thinking so much babe. Cast another line. Use up those brains. Catch some more muscle, some more cock, some more confidence, become the perfect himbo.

    He was very hesitant to get to know me. For fuck sake, I'm his roommate and he's acting all awkward around me and very timid. Like, I don't care that he's a bookworm who never even touch a game console, I want him to be my buddy and make my dorm life fun.

    But well, cannot stand a roommate who cannot even speak his own mind and can't let loose for a while so I decided to take the matters into my own hand

    Now he's probably the horniest fuck tool I ever stumble upon in my entire life and he's got the skill to make my game night much more fun. Well......with that stick in his arsenal, things escalated to be very fun, very quickly.

    Oh, no, when I said stick, it's not that joystick that turned him from nerd to dumb jock, it's the other stick confined in that shorts of his

    He might have one on his head but he’s not a pothead anymore. Not since his friend gave him that new kind of edible. Now he’s too obsessed with bulking up and staying hot to ever get high again. Besides flexing and jacking off to his own hot growing reflection is enough of a pleasure rush.

    Pop Quiz: I'm a Dumb Jock and.....

    Reggie filled the weird questionnaire based on his personal experience dealing with jocks. He found jocks to be highly manipulative as they would use everything other than their brain to get what they desired. It might be their looks, their body, their charm or their blessed endowment, the point is they would always get what they want and people would just realize that they got manipulated after the jocks got what they wanted. Pretty privilege.

    After clicking the "send" button in the online form, he decided to go to Francis house for some studying. He and Francis already befriended each other since junior high and with some of their final days in high school already passed and only a couple weeks left for now, he wanted to ensure that he spent as much time as possible with Francis as the talented school journalist would go to UC Berkeley while he would go to the other coast to attend Columbia. Weirdly, he decided to walk into the house despite its 3 km distance

    "I think some run will do me good,"

    Reggie didn't notice the changes happened to him as every stride he took got longer as he himself experienced height increase, and quite a significant one. Other than that, his legs also got defined alongside his upper limbs with his arm turned veiny and muscular. The changes spread to his flat stomach which became increasingly defined, packs of abs emerged like buns raising in the oven. His bony pecs swole into quite a bulging defined mass that slightly jiggled as he continued his run

    As he arrived in Francis front door, his shirt in his hand, his jeans turned into sweatpants and his once blonde hair turned jet black. When Francis opened his front door, he meekly welcomed the rather sweaty jock and handed him a fresh towel.

    "Great, you know I'm going to run here. Oh yeah, where's the kitchen? I need some water,"

    "Follow me,"

    Francis filled the mug with water from the tap and handed it to the changed Reggie. Francis lowered himself to get some snacks stashed in the cabinet under the island while furtively glanced Reggie which gulped his drink in one go.

    As Francis grabbed the snacks and closed the cabinet, his eyes met with Reggie's seductive eyes

    "So, what should we do tonight, buddy? I know you can finish our group task all hy yourself in under an hour so it left us with some extra time,"

    Francis blushed. He knew he shouldn't be aroused by this whole thing as he is responsible for Reggie's transformation but not like he got any option because it's the direct order from the head of the student's body and the football team captain who seemed to be very friendly to each other despite their personal feud literally a month ago. And who says that he doesn't like this? As long as he is not the one turned into some meathead jock, he is actually fine by all of this and the only way to avoid the transformation is by obeying the order from those two.

    I like the general idea behind this whole story scheme @papermoon357

    Consider this a tribute

    Hey bro. You think I wouldn’t notice you dosing my coffee with that jock growth shit? Making me grow all week and get all horny for muscle? Could’ve just asked dude. I’ve always wanted to be a hot jock. So I went ahead and used the rest that shit in my morning cup and fuck it feels good. I’m gettin swoll dude. You wanted a cocky muscle bro for a roomie? Well look at me now. I’m just getting started.


    And they said you can’t feel images


    He kept eyeing the guy across the room. They entered the gym at the same time but he could have sworn the guy was skinny at the time. He was originally at the treadmills like him but now he was over at dumbbell rack cranking out curls with heavier and heavier weights. At some point the guy had taken off his shirt, revealing a well developed chest, hard abs, and thick wide shoulders. He was too distracted by the new gym jock and wondering how big, cocky, and hot that guy had become to notice that at some point he had lost his shirt too and was becoming just as big and thick as him. He longingly watched the dude smirk and grunt at his reflection like a true bro, wishing he could be just as dumb and hot as him. Just like that his head went empty and clear. It all seemed so easy now. The need to lift, fuck, and flex. Adjusting his suddenly uncomfortably large bulge a dumb cocky grin spread over his face. The dude across the gym was now overtly checking him out too, adjusting his own massive bulge. They were the hottest, biggest, dumbest bros in the gym and he couldn’t wait for the showers.

    At first he was small and light enough on his feet to dodge the guy, but the first hit took the wind out of him and knocked him down. Attempting to get up quickly, it was obvious from the new tone on his forearms he was already changing. Before he knew it he was punched down again. From that point on he was doomed. Every subsequent hit to his rail thin frame his body grew wider, thicker, bulkier. When he attempted to fight back, it was no use- he could feel his head get that much more foggy with jock dumbness every time he tried to land a punch and every time he tried to escape from the ring and got dragged back in. He was getting pummeled and before long his grunts were deep and slow and his body at least twice its original size. He knew one more knockout and that would be it, the jock growing inside him would take over. One last attempt he tried to crawl away, watching as his forearms continued to inflate, feeling how his face was contorting and shifting, and his brain cells rewiring, the prospect of getting big and lifting and punching becoming more and more enticing as his cock began to fatten and inflate. It was no use. It felt too good. He had to give in. And with one last deep grunt he was knocked out against the mat a small dumb satisfying smile spreading over his face as the jock finally took over.