He was the most cut throat workaholic guy in the office. I knew he had no social life so I didn’t envy him but he was completely in my way for a promotion. That is until I recommended the shirt I happened to get an “extra” of. It fit him fine and he went on through the day as normal. At one point I encouraged him to loosen up a little and he unbuttoned the collar. I could only smile as I saw his face reshape ever so slightly, his jaw getting a little sharper and some stubble come in. I could swear I saw him fill out the shirt a little. But best of all he complained how his head felt a little congested.

    I wanted to speed things along, so during lunch I “accidentally” spilled some coffee on him. It was room temp- so don’t worry. Nice guy that I am I offered to help get him cleaned up. Gave me a front row seat to get him finally shirtless. As he unbuttoned he grew, voice getting deeper, complaining how hot and dizzy he was getting, all while he was swelling with muscle and confidence and transforming into the sexy dumb himbo I wanted him to be.

    Seeing the results, his cocky dumb pride, trashing his glasses and flexing his new bod in the mirror, I can’t help but be jealous a little of the dumb hunk I help make. Sure the promotion was mine now but maybe work isn’t all it that it’s cracked up to be. Maybe I should give the shirt a try too…

    They were a bunch of nerds until they started to lift those shirts up and reveal some skin. That’s all it takes with Jocked-Tz shirts. One revealing lift of the shirt and the formerly shy intellectual group of friends dumbed down and buffed up into perfect jocks. All they’ll want to do now is flex and show off they’re bigger bods, but if you think they’re big and cocky now wait till you see them when they get out of those shirts and really grow.

    Use As Directed

    “Oh my God! Jeremy?” I shouted, caught off guard by the handsome young hunk sitting nearly naked in the living room.

    “Huh? Oh hey Clint… What’s up?” Said the young man in a deeper and characteristically dumber voice.

    I could see he was listening to my music player My special music player. One I’d been slowly using to turn my own self into a sexy muscle himbo without much success… Success that from what I could see came much easier for my formerly homely looking chubby dweeb of a roommate. Well as he lifted that shirt, I could see he wasn’t very chubby anymore! And I have no idea how big his cock was before he used my special tracks, but that little pair of briefs left absolutely nothing to the imagination.

    I’d gone back home for two weeks to take care of some family business. Jeremy had been my dorm mate back in college, so when we both graduated, it just seemed a natural fit we continue to live together. He knew I was gay, and he was fine with it. He was completely straight, but being an unattractive geek, he didn’t have much luck in dating anyway.

    Oh shit! I just remembered some of the subliminal messages of these tracks, if they did this to his body in just two weeks, how much did it change his mind and personality… And more importantly, did it change his sexual preferences?

    He saw me looking at the music player and gave me a goofy chuckle and smiled, “Oh sorry Clint, my music player stopped workin’ I figured I could borrow yours for my workouts and stuff. I was just finishing up my ab workout.”

    I only nodded in response, then I saw his cock twitch out of the corner of my eyes.

    “But I’m done now, you can have it back!” He said standing up, now slightly taller than me when he used to be several inches shorter. “Damn, workin’ out always makes me so horny!” he casually announced while biting his lip and groping his hard cock.

    Damn! That’s one of the subliminal lines on the track, and it was so hot hearing this big dumb fuck boy say it out loud to me. I was speechless even as I could feel my own cock getting harder in my tight jeans.

    … And then he stripped off his shirt and briefs, now fully nude in front of me with a porn star cock sticking up at a 45 degree angle and dripping precum onto our hardwood floor.

    I’m sure he saw the look of total astonishment mixed with a bit of lust on my face. He only smiled and laid down pulling his legs up and showing off his perfectly juicy muscle ass.

    “So, can you fuck me now, please?” He said in the same frustrated tone of someone with an itch they were unable to fully scratch without some outside assistance.

    I dropped my bag and couldn’t get my clothes off fast enough to give this muscle himbo slut exactly what he deserved.


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    He looked pathetic and as dorky as ever in that oversized ill fitting hoody. But he told me it was a brand new Jock-Teez sweatshirt. All he had to do was take it off and he’d finally put me in my place, show me what a true jock should be.

    He said it like it was a threat or some kind of revenge thing. Little did he know I’d find it super hot to see see a nerd like him turn full blown jock…but still I could only snicker- he was just a short nerdy beanpole swimming in a giant boring zipper hoodie. But then with one uncharacteristic confident gleam in his eyes he started to pull the zipper down, shaking his hips awkwardly like it was a strip tease. As he did though his moves got increasingly more confident, smooth, and undeniably… sexy as with every inch of skin exposed he was not only slowly packing on muscle and size, but also the looks and cocky swagger of a jock.

    By the time the sweatshirt slipped off his growing shoulders and down to his narrowing waist, he’d become a cockily smirking perfect jock version of the pesky nerd I once knew, his jeans barely holding onto to his tiny waist and leaving nothing to the imagination of all the growth that happened down below. And watching it all happen- I was hard as hell and on the verge of creaming myself.

    “Like what you see bro?”

    Fuck even his voice was deeper making my dick throb harder.

    “Look who’s hot now”

    And I did. Eyeing every hot inch of what he’d become. Maybe he had wanted to make me jealous or scared of him or something, but I didn’t care. This was so fucking hot. And I could see it in his eyes. That smart intelligent glint he used to have was gone. Those eyes were cocky, empty and horny now. Whatever his original intentions he was getting hot for me now, I could tell.

    I got up closer. Feeling his body heat. Getting a whiff of his new musk. Making sure he could smell mine. I could see the massive bulge in his jeans twitch harder. “Why don’t I pull those sleeves off your wrists and we can see how big and dumb a jock can really be”

    “Huh? No. I call the shots now. Wait. I ugh….”

    I pulled a sleeve off one wrist and he let out a long moan that got even deeper as his body shuddered with more size. His jeans had dropped to the floor along with his shredded briefs. There was no hiding all his massive perfection now. The eyes that stared back at me now we’re devoid of thought, just plain hunger.

    “More” he grunted

    Fuck yeah. A nerd gone full on jock fuckboy? I wasn’t gonna pass this up and I pulled the last of the sweatshirt free.

    He didn’t look like much when he first put on one of the JockTee-z shirts. Just a normal self-conscious wall flower of a guy. It’s not until he started opening up those buttons one by one that the cocky look came in, that chest started to puff up into 2 solid pecs, those abs started popping one by one into sweet existence. Nows that he’s got the shirt open he’s dripping with confidence and new urges to flex and show off. But just wait and see what he’s gonna look like once he completely gets out of that shirt. Once he pulls those broadening shoulders and swelling arms free he’s going to need to get those tightening pants off and that shirt will never fit again.

    You might think you’re too shy, too skinny, too fat. Maybe you’re too smart for your own good or just want to be more confident and a little sexy. No matter the reason, trying on a shirt is easy and with JockTee-z the thrill is taking it off. Just by pulling the shirt up a little that body-shyness of yours is going to drift away as you feel yourself grow with a little muscle and confidence. And as each inch of skin is revealed you’ll feel how good it is to be cocky and swell with even more massive jock size. Every layer of fat will melt into hard muscle. As you pull the shirt over your head those plain ugly features of yours will chisel and sharpen into pure jock hotness. And finally, as you chuck the shirt aside, as you flex and show off what you’ve become, all those old insecurities will go with it. Leaving your head perfectly dumb and horny for the stud you’ve become. And don’t worry- everything that happens above will happen below. Our tops always match their bottoms in the end- when the shirt comes off. So enjoy the new thick thighs, the massive ass, and monster thick cock- just know that with your new size, you’re gonna want to peel off those tight pants quick, or find a bro to help.

    Introducing JockTee-z. The shirt that you won’t feel any different in when you have it on. Cause it’s not about keeping it on, it’s all about taking it off. Pull it up, give a show, the more you tease, the more you grow. Go ahead. Try one on, feel the confidence as you take it off, and see what you become. You won’t want to wear a shirt again.


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    Introducing Jacked Jeans, a new product from GAIA sure to get every guy’s attention.

    A unique pair of one-size-fits-all jeans, the jeans are categorized by desired muscle type - lean, bulk, bodybuilder, athletic. Oh, I almost forgot. Once you put them on, you’re definitely never putting a shirt on ever again… and definitely getting a new life that suits the new, jacked you!


    Testimonial: Tried on a pair of JackedJeans and I’m like never goin back to wearing any other stuff. Like gonna be one of the only pieces of clothes I got now. Like seriously. Who’d want a shirt with a bod like this and underwear? Fuck no. Nothings coming between my jeans and this ass. Feels so good against my skin and junk. Tight in all the right places but room to grow. As much as I love having them on, there’s nothing like sliding them down and putting on a show or peeling them off for a bit of fun. Get a pair and hit me up. Love to find a guy in one of the bulk fits. You put em on and I’ll help you take em off ;)

    Using JockSuds detergent for the first time can be confusing. Those clothes you take out won’t be the same as the ones you put in. But don’t worry as you unload all your worries and insecurities will unload too and you’ll grow in body and confidence to perfectly fit the new set of threads you now own.


    I swear. Minutes ago you were a physics student, you looked nothing like this, you even had glasses!

    Dude I have no idea what the fuck you’re talking bout. I’m studyin exercise science bro. See my shirt- “property of Athletic department” huhu

    No I swear that shirt was a dress shirt moments ago.

    Just like get your laundry done and quit bothering me. Like you didn’t even start your machine- JockCycle? Huhu I just used that too. There you go. Started it up.

    Oh fuck!

    You’re welcome bro

    JockSuds Cycle

    It’s hard to say what did it. The musky sweaty smell of the JockSuds detergent, the way the bubbles reshaped and transformed his plain old clothes into muscle fit shirts and dirty sweat stained athletic gear, or is it the built-in Jock-Cycle setting on the machine? Wherever the cause the effects were clear. By the time he started unloading, a little confused by all the new items, he’s grown into a whole new version of himself- tan, muscled, cocky, horny- ready to show off every piece of his new self with or without the clothes.

    He kept it above his bed- not because of some kind of patriotic American pride. Hell no. He kept it for what it could do, for what it did to him. Now any guy he brought home, he could easily pull it down wrap them up in it and watch it do to them what it did to him. Sculpt them, mold them, pump them up with pride, confidence, and pure bro jock power.

    Pale pudgy and shy he felt extremely out of place among the hot fit group of boys that invited themselves onto his boat. That is until they wrapped him up and tangled him in the flag. As he struggled his grunts took on a different tone going from surprised pleads, to pain, to deep pleasure. When he finally emerged he was one of them.

    When he jumped in the pool he had no idea the muscled up jock that was in there before him left some residual JockSun sunscreen in the water, not until he crawled out of the pool thick, cocky and light headed with muscle. Now all he wants is to find that stud and thank him.

    JockSun sunscreen is completely waterproof so enjoy its effects in and out of the water. Just choose the waterproof spf you want and come out of the pool feeling like a whole new thick you. Some sunscreen might even be left behind in the water for others to enjoy.