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    This speech-language pathologist taught her dog 29 words, and he can even form full sentences.

    Video by Christina Hunger

    Dogs actually do have a language center in their brains. They process language just the same way we do, just not as well.

    They <>do understand our words. This is not true of all domesticated animals (horses, for example, can only manage to distinguish a relatively small number of spoken commands…but boy do they know what youâ€<>™re really saying).

    They don’t understand “just your tone of voice” as a lot of people think.

    As of 2016 the record vocabulary for a dog demonstrating understanding of words is <>over 1,000.

    So if you give them a way to talk back, they’re going to use it.

    The development of language skills is probably a side effect of domestication and of being kept in close contact with humans. A dog that was a better hunting partner would be kept and bred and over time they developed a better understanding of language.

    In other words, dogs are pretty dang smart because we need them to understand us.

    And also that is a very good boy.

    ^ Would like to agree and make one amendment - very good GIRL. This is Stella the dog!

    Check out the owner Christina’s Instagram: one of the first things I saw was a video where the dog started barking and, when prompted by the owner, said “outside, look look look look look look look, come outside.” Which is basically exactly how one would expect a dog to speak. 

    The owner described bringing an unknown package into the house, and the dog ran away to push the buttons for “help no no help help” which is also about what I expect goes on in a scared pup’s mind.

    In another video, the dog tried to push a button, and the button wasn’t working. The dog paused and then pushed the buttons for “No. Help.” 

    In yet another (which the owner seemed impressed by), Stella said “come eat come play.” The owner asked the dog which she wanted to do, to eat or to play? And the dog clarified “come eat.” After eating, then the dog tried to instigate play. So the dog may have been able to understand a short spoken question, and how “questions and answers” work, and also understands sequences, even if she can’t express them (”I want to eat, THEN I want to play”)

    Stella can even recount short-term memories, like when her family returned from the beach for dinner and she said “water good, no eat, play”

    By the way, the owner uses the buttons as well, which probably really helps reinforce their meaning. She uses them to say things like “Stella all done eat” or “Stella and Christina go outside, bye!”

    Wanna know my favorite part? Stella sometimes pushes the buttons for “Stella good” when she’s done a good job. Stella IS good! :D She also makes phrases using “love you,” like “Christina, love you, come play!”

    *whispers* amazing 


    we do not deserve doggos….

    cops thought they got poisoned by workers at shake shack when they downed milkshakes in their big age and turned out to be lactose intolerant and they investigated that shit so fast they updated everyone of their buffoonery within 24 hours but it’s been three fucking months and breonna taylor’s case is still “under investigation” and her murderers walk free.


    Overheard in a coffee shop, long conversation between two men about attempts to get more muscular (both were very tall and skinny) and one said to the other "I just wanna be that guy, you know? Like my friend needs his fridge moved and somebody is like 'awww man you're gonna have to call a moving company' and then my friend is like 'nah, man, I got my buddy Alex,' you know?"

    What an absolutely adorable reason to want to be strong. Live your dreams, skinny man. Your body is thin but your heart is swole.

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