My boyfriend had another party. This one was just me and his friends. They were drunk when I got there and gave me something to drink. They were all laughing so I asked what was in it and they said it didn’t matter and to just drink fast. He told me to dance for them and I said no. I was kind of annoyed. He grabbed me by my hair and slapped me a couple of times, put his hand around my throat and asked if I wanted to get him mad. I said no. He told me to strip to my underwear and give his boys a nice private dance. So I did. They kept grabbing at me and I was getting light headed. He told me to strip completely and asked his friends what they thought of his new bitch. They were laughing and calling me a whore but they said I was hot. Boyfriend told me I had to make it a party and do whatever they wanted me to. They took out their cocks. He forced my mouth down onto one of them and told me not to embarrass him. I wanted to stop but didn’t say anything until one of them told me to get up so he could fuck me. Then I said stop, I don’t wanna do this. My boyfriend got so mad. He dragged me up and shouted in my face that I’d do whatever he said. He punched my face and stomach and pushed me down onto the floor by my throat. He screamed at me to open my legs. His friend started raping me while my boyfriend crouched over my chest, he held my throat and spat at me. Telling me he only wants me if I’m fun and do what he wants. Then he tells all his friends to be as rough as they want. He told them about how I was used to it, how even my dad raped me and they all laughed about it. One of them told me to loosen up and tried to force another drink into my mouth but most of it went over my face and he laughed and poured it all over me instead. Two more used my pussy and mouth. When they were done my boyfriend fucked my ass while they watched. They were laughing and telling him to make me cry, make me scream. It was funny for them. They had their phones out, I don’t know who has seen that. When he was done they made me clean everything up.