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2021-04-22 05:17:08

    this is the most sophisticated phishing e-mail I have ever received and if they had sized the logo correctly and actually proofread the fucking thing I probably would’ve clicked that button


    actually please reblog this because someone else got it too. do not click on the links in this e-mail if you get one like it, just forward it to spoof@paypal.com and delete it

    2010-2011 pop was literally. katy perry doing that weird like candyland fantasy. nicki minaj queen of rap. LMFAO said 'male stripper rights'. rihanna giving sexy but make it tragic. pitbull releasing the soundtrack for like all-inclusive resort holidays to spain. ke$ha giving representation for girls who get too drunk to take their makeup off. lady gaga ended homophobia. and the cast of glee undoing all that hard work. justin bieber becoming to preteen girls what the beatles used to be for women in the 60s. 3oh!3 invented obnoxiouscore. jaaaaason deruulooo. we no speak americano