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    It’s me. Trying to not starve or lose anything else our family has. Every penny counts.


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    "Well, look at you... on your knees, begging for Mistress Amber’s dirty workout socks. And it only took a single video! You should have seen your face looking at the screen: mouth open, eyes glazed, completely mindless before my feet... I couldn’t believe how easily you fell into a trance. 

    And you know what the best thing is? The video wasn’t even meant to hypnotize you. I was going to let you sniff my soles until your brain turned into cheese... but I guess seeing all those slaves worshiping my gross gym socks was just too much for you. Deep down, I think you were always a foot freak...

    You are now, at least. You probably don’t remember spending the night under my socked feet, sniffing... trapped in a daze... powerless before the sound of my voice... as I slowly turned you into my mindless, obedient foot slave!

    And now... here you are. At the feet of a world cross country champion. Not bad. I do need someone to pamper my poor, tired, little feet and to wash my sweaty socks clean... why don’t we get started on both, hey, foot slave?”


    You still alive? Haven't seen anything in a while

    I am, indeed, alive. Sorry I haven’t posted anything in a while - due to a combination of work, writer’s block and extreme melancholy, I just haven’t been able to come up with anything worth jacking off to.

    I *have* been trying to get back in the game, so perhaps you’ll get some new stuff soon. If not, just hang on tight! I would never leave you guys without a warning. Even if I had to come back from the dead in order to deliver it!


    New post at 9 pm (GMT+1). The curse has been lifted! :D


    You still alive? Haven't seen anything in a while

    I am, indeed, alive. Sorry I haven’t posted anything in a while - due to a combination of work, writer’s block and extreme melancholy, I just haven’t been able to come up with anything worth jacking off to. I *have* been trying to get back in the game, so perhaps you’ll get some new stuff soon. If not, just hang on tight! I would never leave you guys without a warning. Even if I had to come back from the dead in order to deliver it!


    Love your captions and stories. Would you be able to do one where a ballerina hypnotises her nemesis using her pointe shoes, and uses her as a hypnotised foot slave? Thank you in advance, and keep up the incredible work

    “Back and forth... back and forth. Your eyes are drawn to my shoes, like a moth to the flame...”

    “Round... and round... a graceful spiral of beauty and perfection... taking you deeper and deeper under the spell of my dancing feet...”

    “Yes, Nina... my feet are hypnotizing you. You can’t look away from them now. Even as your eyes are wanting to close... you must watch. Watch and obey... watch and obey.”

    “I have danced in these shoes for days, Nina... can you imagine the smell? The taste? Of all that hard work? Just the thought of it makes you feel weak, doesn’t it?”

    “Surrender to my feet, Nina. You belong to them now. Come, my slave... it’s time you got to know what your rival’s sweaty soles taste like. There's only 2 hundred people watching.”

    Alexandra’s idea of a narrated choreography had made Nina jealous. She could never guess her rival would make a very special tape, just for her...


    If you woke up one day with with the power of mind control would you fulfill your perverse desires or show more restraint?

    I’m ashamed to say that I’d probably fulfil my perverse desires. Within a week I’d probably have turned a number of my favourite celebrities and a few ladies I know into my my mindless obedient fuckdolls. But on the other hand I’d also be using my mind control powers to secure world peace, fight crime and protect the environment. So… Yay? I guess?


    Ditto. I’m not sure I’d be able to resist temptation, at least initially. Realistically, I’d probably try it for a few days, realise it’s not quite as fun as in fantasies, make everyone forget what had happened, and use my powers for good. 99.5% of the time ;)


    According to utilitarian ethics, using your mind-control powers would not only be a completely moral act, it would actually be a moral obligation (even if you didn’t use them to secure world peace). 

    If you would make it so your slaves were happier being slaves than free-minded people, you would be maximizing the total well-being of those individuals. Your action would have a net positive effect on society, therefore.

    Hypothetically, you could even plunge the entire planet into war and famine - as long as Humanity were deriving more pleasure, both carnal and intellectual, from obeying you, it would still be a moral action. 

    And that, kids, is why philosophy is messed up.

    Growing up as a secret foot fetishist, your cousin Jenny’s feet had been the holy grail of your teenage fantasies. But after many elaborate ploys to lick her soles, including a fake Cosmopolitan article which described the supposed benefits of foot worship to women’s body image, you just gave up on ever getting a taste of Jenny’s succulent toes. They became an artifact of legend.

    A decade later, your cousin had grown up to become a generic gamer girl, and you had found your future in the noble art of RPG development. It seemed like a match made in heaven - yet truth be told, Jenny never cared about your games. No... not until Elder Soles 6 came out.

    When you arrived at Jenny’s house with a very special copy of your new game, your pants were a bit moister than usual. She didn’t seem too excited to play it, but you knew she couldn’t decline... you were literally itching as you watched her walk over to her PS4, boot up the game and kick her big, juicy feet up on a stool.

    “What should I do?” she asked, staring at the main title screen with a strangely mystified look. “Just hit ‘play’. The game will sort everything else out for you...” you replied, smiling ominously as you saw her reaction to the opening cutscene: ‘look at my toes... look at my toes... look at my toes!’ said the evil Foot Queen, putting the innocent Princess under her obedient foot spell.

    Five hours had passed. Jenny was deeply immersed in the last mission of her epic quest - to bring the mythical Sandals of Chu-Le into the Foot Queen’s lair and use their own ungodly stench to snap the Princess out of her trance! She was so focused on the game, it almost seemed like her soul had been sucked into the console...

    When her character’s toes wiggled, so did Jenny’s. When the Foot Queen’s slaves stuck their wretched soles in the heroine’s face, Jenny flinched and held her breath with her. And when she finally tried to shove the Demon Mistress of Stink’s sandals into the Princess’s face, she too was overwhelmed by the Foot Queen’s final gambit... to destabilize the Sandals’ stink-energy and release a wave of mind-melting foot odour to consume Humanity!

    As the screen faded to black, Jenny was left staring into the void. Almost as if... she were in a trance! A devilish smirk took over your face. So many days of hard work, weaving layer after layer of subliminal messaging and covert footnosis into your game, and it all paid off! For Jenny’s brain believed she was just another character in the game and as mankind fell into eternal foot servitude, so did your cousin.

    Once the final cutscene had played out, Jenny was no longer an average female gamer. She was a brainwashed foot slut of King Id’s harem, destined to bear her beautiful, thick soles for her master and to please him with each and every one of her toes. She was destined to forever obey her Master’s commands. And you were her Master...

    For the longest time, you kept finding yourself at the bottom of Lizzie’s feet. You never seemed to remember what you were doing down there, except that it left a funny taste in mouth... as well as a certain moisture in and around your pants.

    When people started addressing you by the name‘Foot Licker’, you began to suspect something was very much off. And yet, your new friend never looked surprised to see you kneeling at her soles...

    It was only after you mustered up the nerve to ask Lizzie about your little, er... predicament that you truly realized what was going on. Never looking away from her phone, she slowly explained to you the events of the previous two months.

    You were perplexed. From day you’d met, Lizzie had been secretly hypnotizing you, each sentence of her texts carefully worded to crush your mind’s defenses and make you fall deep under her spell.

    After all this time, a few words was all it took to drop you into a trance. If Lizzie was bored, she could just mention her poor, tired feet to you... and like a good pup, you’d come crawling over to her, mindless and eager to worship Goddess Lizzieshuge, soft, smelly soles!

    And you weren’t the only one. In the few weeks since she had moved in town, Lizzie had already turned a dozen more people - her friends and colleagues - into brainwashed foot slaves. Each with their own trigger word, just one text message away from doing her bidding... completely unaware of the power that Lizzie held over their mind.

    You couldn’t believe what you’d just heard. For a moment, you felt like lashing out. But then, you heard Lizzie say something... two words: foot, licker. And just like that, a gentle wave of obedience and bliss washed over your mind. 

    Your muscles relaxed, your eyes felt heavy, and for a second, your legs moved of their own accord. You were kneeling when you looked up to Lizzie’s face: but all you could seem to focus on was her feet.

    Her long soles seemed so perfect, all of a sudden. So worthy of being worshiped and obeyed. With pure lust, you dragged your tongue over her arches - the taste of her feet was simply divine! 

    It didn’t matter that Lizzie had taken advantage of your weak brain to hypnotize you. It didn’t matter she had total control over your thoughts and actions. It didn’t even matter that you’d spend the rest of your life obeying her beautiful, goddess-like soles! All it mattered was that Lizzie was your Mistress - and you were her obedient foot licker.


    Hey there! I really like your work, but raceplay makes me extremely uncomfortable. Do you plan on reblogging everything from your race-focused account to this one, or will that stop soon?

    Don't worry, Anon. I've been reblogging those posts to make sure anyone's who's interested will have the chance to follow my new blog. Since I already have 10 posts over there, I probably won't reblog any more of them. Thanks for the feedback!

    “Hey, girl, what’s the deal?! Why didya pull me over?”

    “The deal, maam, is - you were driving 45 miles per hour on a 30 miles per hour road! I need to see your driver’s license, please.”

    Oh, is that right? Lil’ honkie hoe…” “Yes, ma’am, that is right. And if you keep acting smart, I might have to take you for a little ride in the patrol car…”

    “Well, ain’t ya lucky, white girl… I have exactly what you lookin’ for!” 

    “Ma’am, what are you doing?!” “Oh, nothin’. Just slippin’ offmy sandals…” 

    “Maam… maam!  Stop it right there… I’m warning yo-” “I have all you need to know right here, Officer… on the bottoms of my sweaty black soles!”

    M-maam… by Title VII of the Black Feet Act *sniff* … you are committing a federal foot crime! I am placing you under arrest for the charges of attempted footnosis… *sniff*... and failure to obey a police order. Please lower your soles… and s-surrender peacefully! *sssnnnifff*”


    “Nice try. *giggles* On your knees, white hoe!”

    “N-no! I… I have been trained for this. Your… feet… don’t… control… me!”

    ”Oh, really? Is that why you were smelling ‘em just now? Cuz you aren’t footnotized?…”

    Yes, Mistress, I am not footnotized… *sssnnifff* I mean NO! I am footnotized! I mean, YES. I mean, NO.I mean… *snnnniiifff*”

    (Oh my god… the smell’s already melting her brain! She’ll believe anything I tell her!) “Don’t worry, ma’am, I get it. Say, Officer… have you heard about Title V of the White Slave Act?”

    What? No, I… I can’t think right now. *ssnniiifff* I need to focus on your feet… r-resisting your feet!”

    “That’s okay, Officer! You just need to know that, as a white policewoman, you’re obliged to sniff a black woman’s soles on request.” “That’s… that’s not true. *sniff* I… am… not… your… *sniff*… foot… slave!”

    Oh c’mon, Officer. Would a girl with such a beautiful pair of soft… tasty… powerful-smelling… ebony soles lie to you?” “N-no…” “Then get on your knees and smell my feet!” “But… but!” “Or should I accuse you of resisting footnosis?”

    “N-no, maam. You’re right… it’s my duty to smell your feet! *sniff sniff* I’m so sorry, ma’am… I should have never tried to resist the spell of your perfect ebony soles! *sniff* I must protect and serve black feet! Please, ma’am… can I smell between your toes? *sssssnnnnniiiiiffff*”

    Go right ahead… white hoe.”


    i’m not a woman but i’ve been edging myself to this blog for a good 10 minutes now and i feel amazing 🤤❤️ so glad i finally found a foot hypnosis blog ❤️

    “Aww, you poor thing! It must be really hard to read Edward’s blog, knowing you will never be brainwashed into becoming a mindless, obedient, sole-licking, toe-sucking, shoe-sniffing foot slave... 

    Don’t worry - I’ve been on my feet all day long, and myfootnotizedsecretary here is going to take a sweet, long time to clean off all that sweat. You can jerk off all you want. Just remember: if you cum before Master Edward comes by to say ‘thank you’, I might be forced to use my footnotic powers on you...”

    See this, WHITE GIRL?

    This could be your life. With the Federal Enslavement and Entrancement TaskforceAct, millions of young Mexican women would finally be able to afford their very own American foot slut. And YOU could be one of them!

    Once theFEET Act is passed, it will allow the US government to secretly and arbitrarily brainwash the nations white women, providing the great Mexican Empire with a steady stream of mindless, obedient foot slaves.

    This law will cap military spending at 0.1% of GDP, freeing hundreds of billions of dollars in preparation for the Great Lick Forward: the five-year plan to turn the United States into Mexico’s white slave colony! 


    In the first six months, the FEET Act will ensure that at least3 million white girls are exposed to the sight, smellor taste of a Mexican woman’s feet. Three million more white teenagers will receive special classes on Hispanic foot supremacy and attend weekly hypno-learning sessions with Mexico’s top footnotists! 

    The major urban centers will have specialized foot washing facilities, where young latinas can help to lace the water supply with theirmind-melting foot sweat, keeping the white population passive and subservient.

    Those white females who decide to voluntarily undergo a lobotomy, in order to surgically remove their free-will and give themselves a raging foot fetish, they will be given a distinct “Foot Slut” status and will be turned over to a younger, hotter mistress every ten years. 

    Finally, the FEET Act will eradicate any and all forms of footphobia, abolishing the racist, xenophobic, anti-foot mainstream media in favor of the National Brainwashing Channel (NBC), which will serve to teach the entire American population that they belong under the superior soles of the Mexican Empire.

    This is the future our party fights for. But we can’t do it alone. In order to pass the FEET Act, the Moviemento Mexitoe will need a two-thirds majority to amend the constitution and strip white women of all their rights.

    White girls you all know what’s it like to be hypnotized by a beautiful pair of Hispanic feet. You have all drooled when seeing them on TV. You have all tried to catch a whiff of your Mexican maid’s stinky shoes. You have all begged your latina friend to lick her sweaty soles. You know you want this.

    This midterm elections, vote Moviemento Mexitoe and help the FEET Act turn into FEET Fact! #Mexitoe


    Where to get the bliss4soles app?

    Dear Costumer,

    After our most recent and regretful incident with the European Court of Human Rights, Mesmer Co is sorry to inform you that the Bliss4Soles app will no longer be available for purchase.

    Though we are working tirelessly to “persuade” the judges, it seems unlikely the verdict will be overturned. From the bottom of our hearts, Mesmer Co would like to apologize for any nuisance this may have caused you.

    Mesmer Co: enthralling goods


    Hey long time fan here. I just wanted to say thank you for the stuff you do. You’re like one of the only blogs I’ve found that fits my fetish like this. It’s great, the content is great, you’re great. Hugs, a fellow footnosis fan.

    Hey there, Anon! Sorry it took me so long to reply. I often find myself so caught up in the creative process, I forget to thank you folks for the amazing feedback. So here it is: thank you! 

    I've been on the consumer side of hypno-foot fetish porn since my early teenage years. At first, it seemed like I’d never run out of kinky stuff to read and watch. But then, I realized how much of a niche fantasy it really is. When I created this blog, the fetish was going through a particularly stagnant period. That’s what led me to start writing captions, inspired by the great @hypnofootfetishist himself. 

    Since then, I’m glad to say there’s been quite a few new writers and artists popping up here and on dA. I like to think I had a small role in rejuvenating this fetish, but that’s really up for debate! ;P

    Though I’ve been working to create good, sexy foot fetish content for the last two years, none of this could have really been possible without the help of wonderful people like you, Anon. Your support and reactions are what truly makes running this blog worthwhile. 

    So once again, thank you. For everything.And a big hug to you too! :3