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    Kay was a regular at the gym five days a week. He mainly went to be physically fit at his good age of 43. The other reason he went was because of the eye candy at the gym. He never stared, of course, but would take a quick glance every now and then while working out.

    One day, Kay happened to notice someone new at the gym whom he hadn't seen before. He was curious as who the new guy was. While working out, he kept noticing the new guy looking his way. The guy was buff and looked to be at least 6'2" tall. He was a looker.

    Once Kay was finished with his workout for the day, he went to the locker room to shower and leave. He saw the locker room was empty. He sort of like having it to himself when he went to shower. After a good shower, he noticed the stranger was there, and the locker room was just the two of them. The stranger had removed his shirt and was just holding it in his hand.

    "I think you will do nicely, stranger." The guy spoke to him with a smile. Kay was confused at what he said. "Excuse you?!" Kay replied back.

    "Name is Chase, and I have been looking for a new indestructible shirt to wear. I saw you in the gym and thought you would make that perfect shirt." Chase moved closer to Kay.

    Kay didn't like this situation. The worst part was that he wasn't even dressed. He just had a towel wrapped around his waist, and the guy was blocking his only exit out. He really didn't know what else to say to Chase at this point. But he saw that he was too late as Chase charged towards him rapidly.

    Chase bear hugged Kay. Kay was up and close to Chase necked upper body. Kay tried to break free, but Chase was just too strong. Suddenly, Kay felt the towel around his waist drop to the floor as his body was shrinking. But not just shrinking, but also forming onto Chase's body. He rapidly saw himself being changed as the rest of his body wrapped around him and became cotton. The last effect was he changed to black with "Levis," appearing on the front of his shirt body. When everything was done, Kay found himself completely immobilized and fully wrapped around Chase's upper body.

    Kay mentally screamed for help, which only made Chase laugh. He heard the locker room door open and close back. He could hear the gym music in the background as well as many of the workout machines running. He tried screaming out for help to anyone that could hear him. He then heard another door open and closed. Now he heard outside sound of cars on the road. He immediately saw that he was no longer in the gym but on his way to Chase's car.

    Once inside his car, Chase decided to speak to his new shirt buddy. "I know it's not ideal to be a stranger's object, but I wanted a new workout shirt that will survive my intense training sessions. Only human transformed objects have that durability. Objects that have a soul and a mind seem to last a very long time. I just thought you would be my object when I saw you. Anyway, I won't change you back. So you should start accepting your new existence and life. In time, your mind will worship me just like the other poor souls I have turned into objects." Chase paused as he thought about the current underwear and socks he was wearing. "Just like my current socks and underwear. I meet them at the gym just like you, now after six years they love being my object and worship their owner. You will be the same in time too, you poor loser." Chase finished and laughed as he started his car to drive home.

    Kay mentally weep as he realized his fate was sealed and controlled by this stranger. Soon his mind would be warped as his owner's sweat and body odor will make him become more submissive mentally to Chase. At least, he thought, Chase was good looking, it might not be all bad.


    Dave had been living as roommates with his long time friend, Grant for at least two years in their two bedroom apartment. Both of them were doing well financially that just one of them could afford the apartment and expenses alone. But both chose to share so that it would not be a burden on one person alone.

    One day, Dave left his computer screen on on his laptop in the living room of their apartment. Grant had asked if he could use it briefly to look up some information, which he didn't mind his roommate using it for a short while.

    Grant went to the Google search engine and tapped in the search window. Dave's most recent search popped up. He saw that Dave was looking up foot porn videos. He clicked on one of the search topics. He was surprised at what came up. He never knew this about his roommate. His roommate had hid his foot fetish desires from him well. He thought he would have to see how true this search was.

    Dave came back into the room to see Grant turning the computer screen towards him. "Care to explain this, buddy?" Grant asked as the foot porn video was playing. Dave had recognized it as one he frequently watched multiple times. Actually, it was usually on top of his search list. He began to wonder how to explain his obsession with foot fetish porn.

    "It's something I am really into, but never experienced." Dave paused, feeling slightly embarrassed. "I like feet in some sort of way, just like you see in that video." Dave wondered what his straight roommate would think.

    Grant didn't want to embarrass his friend, but he did want to help him out. "Since you haven't experienced it yet and want to worship feet. I will help you. Get on your knees and give me a good foot massage." Grant put his feet on the table after laying the computer down. He waited for Dave to comply with his order.

    Dave was a little shocked at what Grant told him to do. He did find his roommate nice looking, but figured his roommate would not be into foot worship or having another guy down at his feet. "You want the experience or not? Be a good foot sub and get to my feet. " He heard Grant demand.

    Dave got to his knees before his roommate and began to massage one foot at a time. He sort of liked how his roommate dominated him. He massage each foot for a good ten minutes before starting to get up.

    Grant was enjoying the foot massage and decided to take things a little further. He also wanted to explore this experience with his roommate, but from a Dom perspective. "Wait, you aren't done yet, foot sub. Remove my socks and sniff my feet." Grant paused, "really put you nose to my feet, take in all that manly smell." He added with a smile on his face.

    Dave was even more surprised at how Grant was getting into the spirit of things. Not wanting to ruin the experience, he went down to sniffing his roommate's feet. They had a small odor but wasn't bad. He kept sniffing, waiting on Grant to tell him to stop.

    Grant watched as Dave held and sniffed his feet. He was starting to like having his roommate be a foot sub down at his feet. At first, it did feel weird ordering him at his feet, but it soon felt relaxing. The massage was wonderful, and even feeling the sniffs on his feet felt good. He saw that Dave was liking being dominated at his feet. He wondered again how far he could push him in this experience. "Now lick the soles of my feet and suck my toes, foot sub." He commanded.

    Dave immediately began to obey his roommate, "Yes, Sir." Grant foot tasted salty, but he licked anyway. He started from the heel going all the way up to his toes. He did this at least five times per foot. He licked between each toe with his tongue before preceding to suck each individual toe.

    Grant felt in ecstacy from the moment he felt Dave's tongue run up and down the soles of his feet. It was like something he had never experienced before. He closed his eyes enjoying every moment. When he felt Dave lick between each toe, he could not contain himself. He lossened his shorts and began to jack off not caring if his roommate saw this. The toe sucking really intensified his ecstacy. By the time Dave got to the last toe, he let loose his load. He didn't expect the experience to go this way. He grabbed something to clean up right away. "That's enough for now, foot sub." He told Dave. He saw Dave smile as he knew both enjoyed the whole experience.

    Dave got up and took his computer to his room. He was called back into the room about ten minutes later. He noticed the table was pulled further away from the couch and the TV was on Grant's favorite sport team. "Foot sub, I need a foot stool to rest my feet on while I watch my game. On all fours now." He heard Grant order him. Seeing that the experience wasn't over, he obeyed. ""Yes, Sir." He spoke. Call me Master Grant, foot sub." He heard his roommate tell him. He saw Grant was really getting into it. "Yes, Master Grant." He responded back obediently while Grant rested his feet on his back.

    Dave spent the next several hours completely ignored while Grant enjoyed his game, eat snacks and chatted with some friends on the phone. Sometimes he would pat him on the head and tell him 'good foot sub.' Then he would go back to not paying him any mind. Truly Dave was loving the whole thing. He also saw how much his roommate was too.

    Every day for the next six months, Grant made Dave be his foot sub, doing anything he ordered him to do. Both were loving it because it was mutual fun for them. But there was a change. Dave's job was sending him to a new permanent job site several states away. They had made travel arrangements for him to move to the new city and had set up a one bedroom apartment for him with one month's rent already paid. Grant did not like that his foot Dom fun was coming to an end.

    On the last night before Dave was supposed to drive to his new location, Grant took him out for one final night of fun as roommates. They got back and had drinks before going to bed. Dave had passed out on the couch since all of his stuff was packed and on its way to his new apartment. Unknown to him, Grant had put something special in his drink.

    Grant didn't want the fun to end and was wanting a way to keep things as they are. He found a shrinkage durable potion online and ordered it. When Dave wasn't looking, he mixed some of it in his drinks at the apartment. He knew the only way to keep his foot sub was to shrink him down to size, and have him as his tiny pet. He feared killing him at a small size, but the potion was to promise that any person shrunk with it would be indestructible.

    The next morning, Dave woke up to a totally different environmental change. The world looked ginormous and he was no longer on the couch, but in a cage on the table. He realized that he was small, but wasn't sure how he got this way. He then saw Grant approaching, but he looked like a giant to him. He then realized what happened when he saw him smiling at him awake in the cage. Grant some how shrunk him.

    "How and why did you do this to me!? Reverse it right now!" Dave demanded, not liking the fact that he was tiny.

    Grant looked at the results of his plan. Dave was really his pet foot sub now. With him being on six inches tall, he would be relying on him for safety and care. "First of all, be careful with your tone of voice and attitude, my tiny pet. At your size, you should realize who's in charge for real now." He told Dave to make him fully understand his situation.

    Dave wasn't having any of this. He grew even more vocal. "I demand you undo what you did to me right now! You have no rights to shrink me or keep me as your pet." He paused. "I am not yours to toy or play with, Grant." It didn't matter the size difference, he was going to be defiant till Grant made him normal again.

    Grant knew he had to teach his pet the new house rules. "You gave me that right when submitted to be my foot sub for these past seven months. So I have every right to decide what to do with you. It was true before and even more so now." He paused to make sure that Dave knew his defiance would not be tolerated now that he truly was his foot sub pet. "Secondly, I am Master Grant for real, my tiny pet. To show you how much you need to respect me, let's try an experiment." Grant opened the cage and grabbed Dave from inside. He carried him to his room and placed him on his bed.

    Dave felt like he was being manhandled as he was held in the grip of Grant's hand. He didn't know what his roommate had in mind about an experiment, but he knew he might not like it.

    Grant removed the sock from his right foot and smelled it. It was a little funky. He smiled at the thought of what he was about to do to Dave. But he needs to teach him a valuable lesson about how a tiny pet should treat its owner and Master. He picked up Dave. "Not really sorry about this, but you asked for it." He dropped him into the funky sick.

    Dave felt like gagging as the foot odor was so strong, being so tiny landing at the bottom of the sock. It couldn't get worse, he thought to himself. He looked up to see how wrong he was. He saw Grant's foot enter the sock. "PLEASE DON'T DO THIS, YOU WILL KILL ME," he pleaded loudly. But he only heard Grant laughing at his plea. "I don't know, but we will see." He heard his roommate say as the foot continues to fill the sock he is in.

    Grant fully secured the sock onto his foot. He could feel Dave squirming under the sole of his foot. Either he will actually kill him or his pet survives. He lowered his foot on the floor and applied pressure. He even twisted his foot, fully rubbing him under his sole. The squirming ceased, and he felt Dave flatten out to the sole of his foot like an extra layer of cushioning. He kept this up for five minutes. He removed his sock and found his pet plastered to his foot, but alive. He couldn't contain his excitement over thus. The formula actually worked. Dave was indestructible. He slowly peal him off his foot.

    Dave was so scared of dying once he felt Grant apply pressure, crushing him under foot. But something happened. He began to expand and flatten out. He found himself plastered up against the sole of Grant's foot, unable to move a single muscle. Grant was really the master now. He saw daylight soon and an excited smile on Grant's face.

    Grant watched as Dave slowly resumed his form, but still tiny. "I think you need to get use to your new life, little pet. The shrink formula I put in your drink makes this your new permanent size. I can't reverse it." He paused as it was time to have fun with his pet. "Now do your best to massage my feet at this size, or do you want to be an extra layer of cushioning for my feet for days." He paused again with a serious look on his face. "That is no idle threat if you haven't realized." He pushed his giant foot close to Dave.

    Dave knew this was now his reality. He truly became Grant's foot sub pet. "Yes, Master Grant." He spoke as he did his best to massage the giant foot of his master. His reality of being a foot sub became all too real now. There was no going back. If he wanted this to be pleasant, he would fully have to comply with his owner and former roommate.


    Nathan could hear the thoughts of his friend on his feet. He had dared his friend that he could not mentally survive a week on his feet. Zane took him up on his dare and volunteered to be turned into a pair of socks for him to wear.

    Zane was true to his word that he could mentally survive a whole week on Nathan's feet. He didn't complain not one bit, no matter what he tried. Nathan wore him to work everyday and used him for gym right after. No matter what Nathan tried to do to get him to beg to be off his feet, he would not bend. He was planning to win this dare, since it was only for a week.

    At the end of the week, Zane saw that he was in for a surprise. The dare was really a trap to get his friend to be his pair of socks. Nathan had no intentions of turning him back. His friend had heard that human transformed objects are durable and much more comfortable than normal articles of clothing, and he wanted to try that theory out. The dare was the way to get him to volunteer to be his socks to test his theory. All his friend put him through was to test his durability, not to break his mind.

    Zane began to beg for some sembliance of mercy, but Nathan just ignored him. He was just his socks now and nothing more.


    The new employee Jason hired was proving to be a nuisance. He was always late for work. He took way too many breaks when he was at work, and every two weeks, he's always asking for two days off. On top of that, his work was very sloppy, and he usually had to have another person redo it. The only positive was that the guy had a pleasant attitude about himself. The only reason he hadn't fired him yet was because a friend of a friend asked a favor to hire him and give him a chance. But now it had been eight months, and he was tired of the mess the guy made.

    Jason called Eric into the office. "Unfortunately, things are not working out to well with you here." He paused, look sternly at Eric in the chair across from him. "You are always late, and do sloppy work. You ask for way too many days off. Not too mention your sloppy work has caused some delays in the project. I have given you enough chances to improve. I am afraid I have to fire you." Jason finished.

    Eric could not lose this job. He had promised his friend he would do better. If his friend found out he was fired from another job, his friend said that he would be done with him. He simply couldn't lose this job now. "Please don't. I promise from now on I will do better. I really do need this job." He pleaded almost to the point of on his knees begging for his job.

    Jason wasn't going to allow any more delays on the project or a lazy employee. Eric was being fired and that was rest.

    Eric got to his knees before Jason. "Please, I will do anything to stay hired." It was humiliating, but he wanted to keep his job.

    Jason just couldn't believe how much the guy was begging to stay hired. But he was not going to keep him around to make any more blunders that would cost him money and time. Yet, there was another opportunity that he could consider to help Jason stay employed and not be a nuisance at the same time. "There is one way I won't fire you, but you have to fully agree to the new terms." Jason paused. He pulled out a strange device and placed it on his desk. "You agree to be my personal assistant." He added.

    "Yes, Sir. As long as I stay hired with the company. I will agree to the new terms." Eric got off the floor and back in the chair. He didn't know what exactly he would be doing as personal assistant, but at least he wasn't being fired.

    "Good. Each day you report to me first. I use this device, and I turn you into my socks to wear while I work." Jason paused as he picked up the device and pointed it at Eric. He punch in the settings. "At the end of the work day, I take you off my feet. You will personally serve my feet while I work. And if you are wondering, it's a paid job." He added.

    Eric was about to ask for something different when a light shot from the device towards him. He lost consciousness a few seconds later. He awoke sometime later to a foul odor and himself being wrapped around something. He felt wiggling in his body that he could not stop. The foul odor was all around and inside him. He then realized that Jason didn't lie to him. He was literally a pair of socks on the boss's feet. He could now feel the pressure of Jason stepping on him relentlessly. The wiggling he felt was Jason wiggling his toes. It was a horrible experience. Jason's boots were like a foul foot odor prison that he had no escape from.

    Jason found his work socks excellent. His feet never felt so good before while working. Eric may have been a slack worker, but he was the best pair of socks he ever wore. This really was his best idea yet.

    At the end of the ten hour work day, Jason removed Eric and reformed him back to human. Eric reeked of foul foot odor. His feet did a number on Eric. That gave him a devious smile at that thought. "See you in the morning, socks." Jason left, just laughing at Eric's humiliation.

    Eric endured the next twelve months being worn every week by Jason at work. At least he was paid well, but still, the fact that another man was using him as socks was degrading enough. But he did keep his job. That was what mattered. Despite that, though, it was torture every day. He would report to work and spend the next ten hours in the most foul boot odor, trapped around Jason's feet. He would be stomp and crushed, sweated in and absorbing that foul foot sweat. Sometimes, on the weekends, Jason would not bother removing him before going home. He would then ball him up and stuff him in the foul work boots all weekend long. It was a horrible experience to say the least. He was sort of looking forward to project completion. Because it meant his sock torture would be over.

    Once the project was completed, Jason didn't want to lose his special pair of socks. He called Eric into the office one last time. As soon as the door was closed, Jason fired the transformation device at Eric. He watched as Eric was reduced to socks once again. He went and picked him up off his office floor. "You were simply to special for me to let go. I am afraid your new existence as to comfort my feet from now on." He laughs. "If your friend asks about you, I will tell that you quit since you and I are the only ones who knew about our sock deal. Time to take you home to add to my collection permanently." He stuffed Eric into his pants pocket and left the project for the final time. There would be other construction projects as there was more on the list, but at least he had his special socks to wear from now on at work. The thought made him smile.

    Eric mentally cried for help as he was now forever at Jason's mercy and at the mercy of Jason's feet for life.


    Hick saw a help wanted ad in the newspaper. There was no description of the position, but that it paid weekly. He was in dire need of a job since being laid off from the warehouse two weeks ago. He called the number in the ad and was told to apply in person. He was given the address to report to in the morning.

    The following morning, Hick took a Uber to the site, which happened to be a construction site. He was curious as to what help they needed. He didn't have much experience in this field, but was willing to learn. Bills were starting to pile up and money was needed. Being paid every week would help greatly.

    He found the boss in charge of the hiring process. Hick was expecting to receive an application to fill out and note character references. But he was shocked. The boss was only interested if he was willing to start right away. It seemed like a dream come true. Of course, he was ready to start learning and working as soon as possible.

    Hick followed the boss to his office and took a seat. The boss asked if he drove here or was dropped off. Hick told him he took an Uber since he didn't own a car. He saw the boss smile, which he thought was rather strange. The boss had poured a drink and handed it to him. Hick didn't think much about it and drunk it down.

    A couple of minutes later, Hick felt strange. Something wasn't feeling right. He heard the boss call in a guy named Ricardo. Hick felt like the room was spinning. A minute later, Hick saw a young guy walk in. "You called, boss," Ricardo spoke while looking at Hick.

    "Your new construction boots just arrived. The perfected formula should give you no less than six years before he starts wearing down eventually." The boss said, and laughing at Hick. Hick felt Ricardo touch his head. "Excellent, I been needing a new pair, thanks boss."

    Hick then felt the room grow in size as the boss and Ricardo looked on with smiles. Both of them grew to giant size. He tried to run but fell to the floor. He found that he could not move a muscle and lost all consciousness within seconds of hitting the floor. The only thing he remembered was hearing the boss and Ricardo laughing hysterically.

    Moments later, Hick regain consciousness. He found that his body was reshaped and spilt into two. His sight was different as the light source was slightly diminished. He could still hear the voices of the boss and Ricardo talking.

    "I think he is awake now." Ricardo spoke, looking in and feeling the now insole face of Hick. "Sorry to tell you, but the ad is a trap. So it was good you didn't drive. No one will come looking for you here, and we will deny you ever arrived. You will be Ricardo's work boots from now own." The boss told to Hick, handing the other boot to Ricardo.

    "I hope you won't mind my foot odor. It can get really bad, especially after a long day of work. Whoever you were, you are nothing but my boots now." Ricardo laughed as he began to put on his new boots.

    Hick was combated with the most foul smell he ever came close to. The socks smelled like they hadn't been changed in days. The foul odor socks pressed on his face without a care as the feet were secured into his boot bodies. It made matters worse when he saw that the socks were already sweaty. He could taste the foul stench of the socks pressing down on his face with each step Ricardo took. This was a complete nightmare. No one knew what the boss did to him except Ricardo. He would have no chance of rescue or escape. He mentally weeped as he was reduced to just an object on a stranger's feet at work.


    Kevin realized he should have read the fine print when he enlisted in the military. They were trying out new disciplinary measures for recruits that fail to pass their PT exams. He tried his best, but his physical fitness just wasn't enough to get a passing grade.

    As punishment, he was transformed into a pair of military boots and assigned to another comrad to wear as his boots. Kevin was written off as missing in action. The comrad that received him was aware of what his boots were but wasn't bothered by it. As long as the boots comfort his feet, that's all that mattered.


    Kyle was highly pissed off at the three guys who yelled homophobic slurs at him and his friends. Those three would make it a point to bother them. On a few occasions, one of his friends wanted to fight them, but he would always manage to calm him down. But deep down inside, he really wanted to get some revenge on those three in a very special way.

    Kyle hatched a devious plan to make Grey, Lial, and Jensen fell sorry for what they tried to do to him and his friends. One day while in the restroom, Grey, Lial, and Jensen showed up. He could tell that they had followed him. They fell for his trap. He made sure he was alone in the restroom with them. Before they could start with more homophobic slurs, he pulled out his transformation cellphone device, which was already preset. He flashed at Grey, who instantly dropped to the floor as white Versace underwear. The other were shocked and attempted to run. He flashed a light at them and both dropped to the floor as Adidas socks. He grabbed up the pair of socks and underwear, and put them in a bag. He definitely was going to try them on when he got home.

    Once he arrived at home, he went to his bed room and stripped. "You three thought it was funny to pick on me and my friends. Now the joke is on you. You get to be worn by me." He spoke as he pulled up Grey around his waist. "How does it feel to cradle my crotch and ass, Grey." He laughed as he rubbed his crotch area, knowing full well that was where Grey's face was. He took some sadistic pleasure doing so. To have Grey at his mercy felt so good.

    He slipped on Lial and Jensen on his feet. "How does it feel to be wrapped around my feet, boys. For me, you two feel really comfortable." He laughed as he wiggled his toes in his socks. He grabbed his device and deleted their transformation data. Without it, it would be impossible to make them human again. "I just deleted the information needed to restore you guys. Sorry to say, but this is now permanent." He spoke to all three. "Good news is that I plan to keep you even after you are torn and worn out. You will definitely make good jerk off material." He laughed again.

    He took a picture of his new underwear and socks with his normal phone. Sent the picture to his friends with the caption 'homophobic pricks like to be worn.' A few seconds later, they all sent him laughing emojis.


    It was five hours later when Reed returned to his apartment. He had bought several different outfits to go along with his new sneakers he got at a discount price. The one thing he did notice was that he feet felt so heavenly the entire time he wore his new sneakers. No pair of sneakers had ever produced such comfort for his feet. He took them off and placed them under his bed.

    Jake was so relieved to be off feet. He could tell the insides of his sneaker body were starting to smell like the pair of socks that were constantly crushing his face. To make matters a little worse, his insole face was slowly conforming to the contours of the guy's feet. At least he knew the guys name as Reed, from the conversation he could hear when he and his friends were talking. But it was now time to plan his escape back to his humanity. He had been footwear long enough. He tried to change back, but nothing happened. Tried as hard as he could, but every attempt failed. He saw only a glimpse of light for his perspective. He realized he was in a confined space. He would have to wait for another opportunity to transform back unnoticed.

    The next morning, Reed decided to wear his new sneakers for his daily five mile jog. He normally would use his workout sneakers, but his new AND1s were so comfortable yesterday after being on his feet for hours. He wanted to test them on a five mile jog.

    Jake finally saw bright light, only for it to be snuffed out with a white socked feet that secured themselves in his sneaker bodies. The good thing was that the socks had a fresh smell to them. He was unsure of what was about to happen.

    Jake found what adventure awaited him as the constant pressure was different from yesterday. It felt like he was running. He knew exactly what would happen to him now. The socks would sweat, and there would be a strong foot odor once more. He mentally begged for mercy but knew there was no way for Reed to know what he was doing to him. To him, Jake looked like regular sneakers.

    One mile into his jog, Reed was so amazed. His feet felt no fatigue or pain. The level of comfort coming from the insoles felt like he was running on fluffy pillows. And like massaging his feet at the same time. He really had never encountered such sneakers as these. He really began to wonder about them. They weren't feeling like normal footwear should, even though there was no complaints about the comfort he was getting.

    By the time Reed had returned from his jog, Jake's insole face was soaked with sweat from the socks. The odor of Reed's feet had saturated every part of the insides of the sneakers. His insole face had fully contoured to perfectly match Reed's feet. He wanted to end this shoe nightmare as soon as possible. At this point, he didn't care he he got caught with his secret known. He would tell Reed his complete story on how he was trying to elud a stalker only to end up being bought by him at a department store in the mall.

    After Reed had removed him off his feet, Jake saw this as the perfect opportunity to transform back and get back to normal life. He watched as Reed left to go shower. The time was just perfect. He thought about his human form. But something happened or didn't happen. Try as he might, he could not return to humanform. This was a first for him. Every attempt ended in failure. It was then that he knew why. All that sweat and conformity was preventing him temporarily from transforming back. It was impossible for him to turn back, at least for now. He was truly stuck temporarily as Reed's sneakers.

    For the next four months, Jake was subjected to the normal abuse sneakers take from their owners. He was used for more than just workout sessions. Reed nearly used him every day. He would get a day off at times, and placed under Reed's bed. He rather enjoyed the breaks from being wrapped around his owner's feet. But soon it was back to the torture of Reed using him without mercy. Treated like normal footwear completely unaware.

    Reed took a good look at his AND1s. They still looked in perfect condition four months later. And they still felt the same as the first day he bought them. Normally, insoles wear down over time, but these didn't. He wished he could find more shoes like these. He definitely was glad he found them on the mall department store that day.

    One day, Reed came back to his room to find some stranger on his floor. He wondered how the stranger got past him and into his room without him knowing. "Who are you?" He asked with his cellphone phone in hand, ready to call the police.

    Jake got to his knees. "Please don't call the police, Reed. I can fully explain everything." He saw a confused look on Reed's face. "How do you know my name?" He heard him ask. Jake expected that question.

    Reed was surprised and confused. The stranger knew his name like he was familiar with him.

    "Some months ago, you came looking for a pair of AND1s in your shoe size, but couldn't find any till you spotted a pair on the floor without a price tag. Since there was no price tag, the store manager sold you the sneakers at close to half price. " Jake paused as the next part would sound impossible to Reed. "I was trying to elud my stalker, so I turned into a pair of size fourteen AND1s on the floor. My stalker did find me, but he didn't realize that I was the sneakers on the floor. After he left, you arrived in the area. I didn't want to expose my secret, so I stayed in sneaker form. I have been trying to transform back. It just took this long." Jake finished his tale of how he was found in Reed's room.

    Reed heard the fantastic tale the stranger weaved. But something did catch his attention about his story. He knew about the shoes being sold half price because there was no price tag. He needed further proof that the stranger wasn't lying to him about being a pair of sneakers. "If your tale is true, what was the full price, and how much did I buy you for?" He asked.

    "Full price was $32.99, but you paid $15.00" Jake responded. He could not forget that part. The fact that he was literally sold like a common object was a bit morbid to him. He was just ready to go home and back to normal life.

    Reed realized the stranger was telling the full truth. He now sees why the sneakers were so different. The shoes he has been wearing for the past four months were really a person who turned himself into sneakers. "Why didn't you turn back sooner, and what's your name?" He asked. He was getting a devious idea in his mind.

    "Name is Jake. The times I was in confined spaces and the fact that your foot sweat and constantly conform my insole face to your feet prevented me from doing so earlier. Not to mention the stinky behind socks you stuffed into me, sometimes overnight. As you wore me, I could not transform back. All these factors. But at least I finally was able to do so." Jake spoke, getting to his feet, a little relieved the cops weren't going to be called.

    Reed had no intention of letting his special shoes leave so soon. He knew he had to trick him into being sneakers again. "I don't believe you. I am calling the police." He spoke, pressing the number for 911 in his phone. "Please don't, I beg of you." Jake pleaded. "Prove to me that you was a pair of AND1s, or you can explain your story to the cops." Reed demanded, with his finger ready to dial.

    Jake saw no other option. He didn't want to go to jail. He thought about the sneakers in size fourteen. Instantly, he was back on the floor as a pair of sneakers. He realized he made a critical mistake, but he was already too late to stop Reed.

    Reed quickly grabbed the sneakers off the bedroom floor. He found a pair of stinky dirty socks on the floor and stuffed them inside both sneakers. He knew this would prevent him from transforming back. "You were the best pair of sneakers I ever bought and I simply can't let you leave so soon. Besides I paid for you, so technically you are my property legally even though I didn't know my shoes were a person at the time." Reed paused as he continued to speak to his special footwear. "Now that I know how to keep you as footwear, better get used to your new life." He finished and placed them under his bed to further trap Jake in shoe form. He went back to what he was doing previously.

    Jake felt like a fool revealing how to trap him. Reed now truly owned him. There was no way he was getting his humanity back unless Reed made a mistake. But that was doubtful. Reed liked his AND1s, and he wasn't going to let them go, even if they were a person.


    Trey had established a good online friendship with a guy he met on A4A, named Brett. He thought Brett was a cool and kind guy from the conversation they had nearly every day for a good solid two weeks. They agreed to meet finally at a local dinner in person for the first time.

    Trey and Brett hit it off good from the first meeting, and thought to take their fun a little further. Trey started meeting at Brett's apartment for a fun time of sex and cuddling. It was great. His favorite thing to do was to give Bret's feet some attention, which Brett greatly loved. He would give Brett the full works, from foot sniffing, to foot licking and to foot massages.

    After several weeks since their first meeting in person, Trey had started to have a strange fantasy. He wanted to spend at least a day wrapped around Brett's feet. Still it was only a fantasy till he saw an advertisement for a transformation formula. The advertisement even presented a video of the formula in action. He saw a guy become an object and return back to human form. He realized that his new found fantasy could come true. He immediately ordered several bottles of the formula.

    The next day he wanted to see if Brett would be okay with it. "I want to ask a favor." Trey asked curious if he would allow it.

    "Sure, what is it?" Brett asked, wondering what it could be from the excited look on Trey's face. "We have been good friends for a while now, and I have been having a fantasy of being wrapped around your feet for a day." Trey told him.

    Brett thought it was a little silly idea, but it was not feasibly possible. He laughed at the idea. "What do you mean, like as a pair of socks or shoes?" He asked back. Trey nodded yes. "As either one actually." Trey spoke. Trey was prepared to show him it was possible.

    "Sounds interesting, but impossible." Brett joked back. Trey pulled up the video on his phone. He was shocked as he watched a guy shrink and form into a pair of sneakers and reform back several minutes later. At first, he thought it was fake, till he watched it a second time. It was definitely legit and real. But the thought of doing such a thing to his friend, to treat him as a object on his feet, was something he wasn't sure he could do. "I know it's your fantasy, but I can't honestly do that to you. I like you too much to make you be an object on my feet," Brett responded back to the video.

    "Please, it's what I want to experience," Trey pleaded. Brett would not even dare think of putting his friend to the torture of serving his feet that way. "The answer is no, dude. So stop asking." Brett told him, hoping to silence that fantasy.

    The denial only made Trey want it more. Trey begged at least once a week for a good solid month. It was to the point that Brett knew that the only way to get him to stop was to let him have his fantasy come true.

    "Okay, today you get to be wrapped around my feet as my socks, if you want so badly." Brett finally told Trey one morning. He saw the look of excitement on Trey's face. "But once I put you on my feet and until I remove you, you will only be socks to me. I won't talk with you, nor will I worry about your experience on my feet. You will just be an object for my use. I hope you understand that." Brett added. Trey nodded that he understood in agreement.

    Trey was so hyped for this experience. The thought that he was about to be Brett's socks at long last really excited him. He remembered the warning on the bottle of the transformation formula. As long as he is attached to the person, he won't have the ability to transform back. Also, if he's placed in a constrained position, he can't transform back. Lastly, if he doesn't transform back to normal after five days, he might be stuck in that form permanently. Remembering the warning, he had no worries, what could go wrong. Brett only promised to wear him just for one day, Trey thought to himself.

    Trey took a small sip of the formula and placed the bottle on the table. He thought about the picture of the pair of socks Brett wanted him to be. Almost immediately, the transformation ability took effect. The room grew large as he shrunk in size rapidly. When he had shrunk to the appropriate size, his body morphed into black cotton and split into two. The final part was that both parts reformed as socks. He found the whole procedure painless. He had some vision as he felt and saw Brett pick him up off the floor. He felt like he was being manhandled, being held in his hands. He felt a weird sensation as Brett's feet slipt into his sock bodies to a nice fit. He found it wonderful being wrapped around his feet at long last.

    Brett found Trey to be super comfortable pair of socks. He thought maybe this might not be a bad idea after all. But he was going to be true to his word. Trey would be treated like an object on his feet. He hoped he loved it as much as he was loving the comfort he was providing his feet.


    Trey next found himself trapped in Brett's work boot. The foot odor was strong and almost repulsive. But at least the insole beneath him wasn't too bad. The odor from the insole was a little stronger than the rest of the boot. He knew Brett worked a long 8 hour shift and sometimes longer on some days. He thought he would be mentally prepared for it.

    About three hours into Brett's shift, Trey was starting to think this was not a good idea. His feet started to get sweaty, which made his sock bodies wet with sweat. Unfortunately, he had to taste. The saltiness was bad. The foot odor increased as his own sock bodies began to smell like the boots themselves. He was literally beginning to smell like his friend's feet. He was getting the full experience of being a pair of socks. He could taste his owner's now sweaty feet, and soak up his foot moisture. Smelling like his owner's feet made it even more dominating. The constant crushing was bad enough. It really was starting to get painful with each step Brett took.

    It was six hours later, when Trey finally felt fresh air as he was removed from the stinky work boot. Brett had worn him for a full nine hour shift without a care on what his feet was doing to him. He felt his friend rub his hands on his sock bodies and commented on how sweaty he got his socks during work, but didn't take him off his feet. Instead he watched as Brett changed into his workout clothes and went for a nice walk to the gym for a good long hour and a half workout session. The workout shoes smelled just as bad as the work boots. Trey wanted to be off his friend's feet now, but he was powerless to transform back as long as Brett wore him.

    Brett almost felt bad for Trey. He had smelled his work boots and his workout sneakers. The foot odor was horrible. The thought that Trey was stuck in that smell for nine hours. And the fact he is about to experience another hour and half in another foul smell question how he could do this to a friend, but then, Trey wanted this so badly. Still, Trey was the most comfortable pair of socks he had ever worn, so he didn't feel too terribly bad about what he was doing to him.

    About two hours later, Brett arrived back home from his work. He saw his socks were super soaked, but his feet was dry and never felt better. Normal socks never comforted his feet in this way. He decided he would wear Trey again tomorrow, one more day wouldn't hurt, he thought. He removed his sweaty socks and stuff them in his work boots for safe keeping. He figured if Trey was put there and separated, he would be unable to transform back.

    Trey was mortified. This was only supposed to be for one day and no more. But Brett had stashed him in the stinky work boots, separating each sock. He would not be able to resume human form at all. He realized that Brett intended to wear him again the next day. He was powerless to stop his friend from wearing him.


    Trey was so loving his owner's feet. For the first four days of being worn, he was tormented for hours by Brett's feet. On day six, he realized he was stuck this way for life. But after day ten, Trey wanted nothing more than to be worn on his owner's feet. He literally worship everything about Brett's feet, even down to his foot odor. He was Brett's property and he didn't want any of that to change.

    Brett thought that Trey didn't want to return to human form after he had left him on his bed on the eighth day, free to return to normal. Since he didn't revert, he was happy to keep Trey as his lucky and best socks ever.



    Ryan grabbed his old work boots as his new work boots were much better. He went outside and dump them into the trash bin in his yard. “No need for these anymore since I have you, Kyle. You make a way better pair of work boots than what I have been wearing for the past six weeks.” He laughed as he went back in to relax for the rest of the afternoon.

    Ryan took off his new work boots. He decided that Kyle needed to get used to his foot odor since he would be worn for at least 8 hours when he would be at work. He grabbed a pair of stinky socks and put them down into each boot directly onto the insoles. He figured Kyle’s face was what he was crushing under his feet when he walked in them. “Enjoy my scent, buddy. You’ll need to get used to it since I own you.” He added and left Kyle alone in his room. He was looking forward to truly testing out his new boots the next day.

    Kyle knew sort of what he was getting himself into, but he didn’t expect this treatment so soon. The socks press to his face were so foul, if he had a human mouth, he would gag. Having no ability to move the sock made it worse. He was forced to smell those stinky socks till his owner was ready to wear him the next day. He truly found himself reduced to being a stranger’s object.

    From what felt like days, he finally heard Ryan return to his room. Even though it wasn’t days, just that the stinky sock torture made it feel like that. Kyle noticed that Ryan ignored him and proceeded to get in the bed without saying a single word to him. This was his life now, just an object for his owner’s use and abuse.

    The next morning, Kyle was relieved to see the stinky socks removed, but his relief would be short-lived as a thick black socked foot would enter and crush his insole face. It would deflate and inflate with each step Ryan took, therefore providing the ultimate comfort for his owner’s feet. His was a constant crush and release over and over.

    Ryan didn’t speak to Kyle. He wanted him to feel the full footwear treatment that he pathetically agreed to. After a full day’s work wrapped around his sweaty socked feet, Kyle might end up regretting his choice.

    Ryan worked in construction and most of his days were ten hour work shifts. He hoped Kyle was up to the challenge of comforting and serving his feet all that time, especially with how much he paid to own a person as his object.

    Kyle was not fully prepared for what awaited him. He could feel the pressure of the 6'2" tall muscular construction worker crushing his insole face. He had worn a fresh pair of socks, but after four hours at work, the socks weren’t so fresh. They were sweaty and started to emit a foul stench. Kyle could taste the saltiness from the sweaty socks. If he had a physical mouth, he might have gagged. He thought he was blessed on that end of this deal.

    By the end of Ryan’s almost ten hour day, Kyle’s insole face was wet with foot sweat. His face smelled like a hard working man’s foot odor. He felt himself marked by this stranger.

    Ryan got home and rested his feet on the cushioned foot rest, still wearing his boots. His feet felt so good all day long. It’s been ages since he had a day like today. So far, Kyle was really working out to be a good investment of his money. Before yesterday, the thought of treating a fellow human being as just footwear would have sicken him. But now, it really doesn’t bother him one bit, especially when the person literally volunteered to be worn on his feet.

    It was two weeks later, Ryan dropped a couple of Formula Z on his work boots. He watched as simple looking work boots resume human form. Kyle still smelled like his feet. “So, how was your first two weeks under my feet?” He asked, wondering what footwear really feels serving their owners feet.

    Kyle smelled himself and saw the foot odor didn’t go away. “At first it was really bad after the second day, but I kind of gotten used to it. The worst of it is when you sweat. It becomes a sauna of foot odor and sweat. Really not pleasurable conditions.” Kyle responded.

    “How about the stepping part? I do a lot of steps at work according to my watch.” Ryan asked.

    “That too took some getting used to as well. Your feet crushing my face almost endlessly. But you are my owner and I serve that purpose.” Kyle responded back, still a little relieved to be human again. Being boots for a stranger wasn’t really a good idea, but he was now stuck in it.

    Ryan open the formula X bottle and dropped one drop on Kyle’s head. “I just wanted to know the human experience of being my boots, but now it’s back to being my footwear before you start thinking of running away. ” He touched Kyle’s shoulder. The process began instantly.

    Before Kyle could even consider running away, he was back on the floor as his owner’s work boots. This was his life now and forever. It was already too late to have regrets. Ryan and his feet owned and controlled his life.

    Ryan was about to destroy the formula Z bottle with liquid inside but changed his mind. If Kyle could make an excellent pair of work boots, he could surely use him for something else at another time. He stored away formula Z for a time he might want to use him for something else.

    Ryan smiled as he looked down at his boots and thought to himself. This was the best investment of his money he had ever made. Especially since he had seen that he could order additional bottles of Formula X and Formula Z. Kyle could be anything he wanted, and it was all perfectly legal.


    Caleb look down at his Calvin Klein underwear and Nike socks. He really didn’t expect the transformation to last this long. It was only meant to be brief, but it has been over several hours, and he still hasn’t been able to undo the change.

    Caleb had three of his friends hang out with him on the previous night. He was excited about his ability to transform common objects into other things. His three friends, Jake, Tom and Bryan wondered what it would be like to be transform into an object.

    Caleb had never transformed a human into an object before but was curious to do at least one time. Here he had three willing volunteers that wanted to be his test subjects. Seeing their curiosity, he took them up on their offer.

    He snapped his fingers and watched as all three friends shrunk in size before his very eyes. Once down to a proper size, each friend morphed into three separate white moldable blobs and began to reshape again. Tom became a pair of Calvin Klein underwear. Jake and Bryan turned into a matching pair of Nike socks.

    He was curious as to how it would feel to wear his friends as articles of clothing. He got undress to change into his now transformed friends. He first put Tom on, making sure to rub his crotch area. He figured that Tom’s face would be in that particular part. He next put on Jake and Bryan. He wasn’t sure which was which since they looked like a matching pair. But that particular fact didn’t matter. They were a pair of socks.

    Caleb saw the level of comfort was unmatched. Human transformed objects felt so much better than normal clothing. He decided he would have to try this often. Seeing how his friends were supposed to spend the night, he thought being his article of clothing would be fine. He would transform them back to human in the morning. He went to game and watch movies the rest of the night before going to bed. It really was the first time he felt such excellent level of comfort from anything he had ever worn before.

    The following morning, he woke up still realizing he was wearing his friends. He quickly removed them and placed them on his bedroom floor while he went to shower. He snapped his fingers to turn his friends back to normal.

    Forty-five minutes later, Caleb returned to see the socks and underwear was still on the floor where he left them. He snapped his fingers several times, but nothing happened. He was confused as to why they weren’t turning back. It was then he realized that a human transformed object that refused to be returned to normal can’t be transformed back until it wants to, when using his power.

    Seeing that his friends like being a pair of socks and underwear, he put them back on. He went to go sit on the couch. If they want to be his article of clothing so much, he would give them that option. He would see if they want to be human again after a week or two on his body, Caleb thought to himself with a smirk on his face.


    Drake looked up at his giant friend as the large foot hovered above his four inch size body. He knew what one good stomp would do to him. He got to his knees to beg his friend not to do as he had threatened him. But all that only brought pleasure to his friend's face as the foot landed, ending his existence all because of a small practical joke of messing with his friends favorite body wash.


    Jake had noticed he had a stalker. He kept seeing a strange guy just about wherever he was when he wasn't home. And to be honest, it was getting quite creepy.

    One day in the mall, Jake saw the stranger once more. He decided he would elud him in one of the busiest department stores. His plan was to quickly exit before the stalker even noticed he left. He entered and watched as his stalker followed him in. He saw the guy was persistent.

    He knew of only one plan to elud his stalker, but it was risky. Seeing that it was his best option, he proceeded with his operation. He made sure the guy had followed him toward the show department. Once in the area, he found a cleared section with no customers. He quickly used his transformation power.

    Jake instantly was a size fourteen pair of AND1 sneakers on the floor. Just at that moment, the stalker arrived but only saw the sneakers on the floor and left the section. He was relieved to see him disappear at last. It was time to revert back to normal and exit before the stalker got wind of his plan.

    Just as Jake was about to transform back, another guy showed up. He seemed to be looking for a particular pair of shoes. He didn't want to transform back now because his secret would be revealed. So he waited to see if the guy would eventually leave the area. The guy looked to be about 6'4" tall with an athletic built body. Jake actually found him attractive looking. He could also tell that his shoe size was rather large. It was then he saw his situation could be bad for him. He only hoped the guy would not be interested in him and move on.

    Reed couldn't find the exact pair he needed in his size. He was looking for a pair of AND1's, but found none in his size. It was then he noticed a pair on the floor, but it didn't have a price tag on it. It looked like someone just left them there, totally brand new look. He tried on the left sneaker, and found it to fit perfectly and comfortably on his foot.

    Jake looked on with horror as he saw the stranger approach him. This was bad, yet he didn't want anyone knowing about his secret power. He felt the guy pick him up off the floor and examine the sneaker tongue of the left shoe. He saw the guy smiling as he began to walk off with him in his hands. The fact of him being temporarily worn on his left foot brought on the gravity of his situation. This stranger wanted to take him home and use him as his pair of shoes. The worst was that the stranger was unaware of the true nature of the sneakers in his hands.

    Reed found just what he was looking for and in the right size. The only issue was how to pay for them. There was no price tag on either sneaker. He went to find a store manager to see how much the sneakers cost.

    "I found these perfectly new pair of sneakers on the floor, no price tag. I was wondering how much for them." Reed paused. "They were the only pair I found in my size." He handed them over to the store manager to examine.

    The store manager saw that they were brand new, but curious as to why the price tag wasn't there. "Follow me," he told Reed. He went to one of the computer stations, and found that particular pair in that size wasn't even on the inventory list. Yet, they were brand new sneakers. He couldn't just let these leave without the store making some money on the issue. "I can sell them to you for $15.00. They were originally $32.99. Discounted due to the price tag removed and not boxed." The store manager lied since the customer wasn't looking at the computer screen.

    Reed couldn't believe his luck. It was a bargain to get them almost half price. "I'll take them." He replied. He followed the store manager as he went to get a box to place them in. It was hard to find a box that they would fit in, but he eventually found one.

    Jake saw his situation go from bad to worse. Once he was placed in the box, there was no getting of being sold to the stranger. If he is confined in a small space, he would not be able to transform back unless in open space. He was literally stuck as the guy's sneakers until an opportunity presented itself.

    Reed followed him to the cash register where the store manager put in his code that allowed him to mark down items in special cases. Once paid for, Reed left the store with his new shoes in the bag.

    Reed really was anxious to test out his new sneakers. He went to the closes mall restroom. There he took off his old sneakers and put on his new pair of AND1s. He felt like he was walking on clouds. They were really comfortable.

    Jake wanted to cry. He went into that store to elud his stalker to end up being sold away as footwear for a total stranger. The nightmare got even worse because now the stranger was completely wearing him. If the box situation was bad, being on feet was worse. He really couldn't transform back now. He could smell a slightly bad foot odor coming from the slightly dingy white socks. The fact that it was pressed on his face made him have no escape from it. His face would compress and decompress with each step. It felt never-ending. With no end insight to how bad his predicament would get, he was forced to end a never ending torment at the feet of a stranger who was completely oblivious of what he was doing to another human being.

    Reed went to place the old shoes in his car and to meet up with friends in the restaurant section of the mall. He could not wait to show off his new shoes. They were the best pair he had ever bought. He had plans to spend the rest of the afternoon with his friends in the mall.