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    how fucking arrogant can you be to think any eugenics program could ever weed out “fascist genetics”. even if the “dark triad” was a reliable precursor to fascist ideology and even if “dark triad traits” could be reliably linked to genotype (they aren’t and they can’t be), how fucking far to jupiter are you if you think you can remove it from a population of seven billion, let alone in some “anarchist” manner? how do you programmatically sterilize anyone in an “anarchist” manner?

    Do you ever see some discourse float by and think “Maybe I’m not hanging out on the worst parts of Tumblr, actually”

    monkeys acting unexpectedly human is the funniest fucking thing in the world to me

    also I don't mean like, a monkey that's been trained to do something like pretend to talk on a phone or whatever. I mean a monkey just being a monkey and its natural behaviors are uncannily human and u think oh just like a people

    <>monkey: *picks the gross stringy bits off of her banana before eating it*

    <>me: oh I understand now. you are just a tiny, hairy person


    Doc, what are the top five items food banks LOVE to receive? I'm doing a collection soon and want to ask for specifics.


    That aside.

     I’m only going to talk about food items but if your food bank takes personal items, a lot of times diapers, feminine hygiene products, etc, are very very welcome. 

    1) Canned chicken and beef 

    looooooove this stuff. It’s expensive, it lasts forever, it tastes good and it can be used a variety of ways. This stuff is fucking catnip to food banks, it’s so hard for us to provide proteins. 

    2) Fancy nut butters

    Peanut butter is a standby for food banks as a shelf-stable inexpensive protein, but if we have a family with a kid with a peanut allergy that’s not going to work. Non-peanut butters are expensive and it’s something we hardly ever see donated. (we also like peanut butter, but that’s easier for us to buy ourselves than non-peanut butters)

    3) Canned or packaged tuna

    You may notice a trend here in shelf-stable proteins. And yeah. That’s basically it, so I’m not going to keep harping on it. But this stuff is a godsend. 

    4) Easy breakfast things for kids (Granola bars, instant oatmeal, and the like) 

    Whatever Donald Trump tells you, most people who get food from food banks are actually working their asses off and so they have to leave Obama to raise their baby or whatever, and they don’t have a lot of time in the morning. Things like this that kids can make for themselves are expensive. (Another trend you may be noticing–donate shit that costs a lot of money. That helps us more than all the shitty green bean cans in the world) But they are so helpful for busy working families where the parents may not have a set schedule and sometimes little Amanda is making her own breakfast before she runs off to school. Don’t let kids go to school hungry. 

    5) Shelf-stable juice

    This is one people never think of! But if you show up with a bunch of (preferably reduced sugar stuff) bottles of juice at my door, oh man, you are gonna get so many check mark and okay hand emoticons. This stuff is great for kids, and it doesn’t require refrigeration until it’s opened, so it works great for food drives. 

    But seriously, give money

    And it’s way better food, too, anything you get prepackaged has A TON of sugar and/or salt in it…collecting cans may be more exciting than writing a check, but if the point is to help people, the check is going to get a lot more done

    Yoooooo heads up for those of you with kids, I know this time of year schools start holding canned food drives so keep this in mind if you’re able to give.

    collecting cans may be more exciting than writing a check,<> but if the point is to help people, the check is going to get a lot more done .

    hint: the point should be to help people.