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    Gentrification creates a stifling homogeneity in urban areas that makes it less suited for the everyday lives of the lower class and more suited towards the leisure and tourism of those with expendable income.

    An old, decrepit laundromat gets replaced by an upscale bakery? And people are mad? It’s not that the poor hate organic vegan cupcakes, it’s that most of us don’t have a way to do laundry in our own home.

    Run-down corner stores replaced by hand-made designer clothing boutiques? We don’t hate your eco-fabric shawl, but I can’t eat that for dinner after work like I could have a can of beans I grabbed from that corner store when I don’t have time to take the bus to the real grocery store after work.

    What gentrification brings in and of itself is not typically bad, it’s that gentrification brings institutions of leisure and pleasure and makes it so that the poor have to go farther out of their way for basic necessities. It turns low-income living spaces into local tourist attractions. It can even create food deserts by putting restaurants, grocery stores, etc. in that the majority of the lower class cannot afford.

    Imagine if someone totally renovated your house and turned it into a mini theme park - they took away your sleeping space, where you prepare food, where you clean yourself and get ready for your day, and replaced it with things that will please people who are visiting, who have their own homes they can go back to, who are here not for their entire life but just as a distraction from their otherwise mundane existence. It’s not that you hate theme parks, it’s not like you’ve never been to a theme park and vow to never visit one again. It’s just that you need to live! To survive! And the leisure of those who have more than you should not invalidate your existence.

    I am glad this has made the rounds. Some people feel a dense misunderstanding or misinterpretation concerning gentrification, and I think it helps to hear a description/explanation of what gentrification is from those who are both affected by it and educated by the culture from which it hails. I and many others enjoy some of the delights of gentrification while simultaneously having their livelihoods threatened by it. 

    For those just entering the Hamilton fandom thanks to Disney+


    2) before you start with the “woke hot takes” about Hamilton, we have already had all of these conversations. Please don’t make us go back.

    A) the characters in the musical are far from accurate portrayals of the founding fathers.

    B) you can acknowledge that the real historical figure was racist/homophobic/misogynistic etc. And still like the musical

    C)the musical is NOT historically accurate. Lin acknowledges it in many interviews and in the Hamiltome (the book about the making of the musical) for example: the Schuylers had more than three daughters, the Hamilton’s has more than two children, Angelica was already married prior to meeting Hamilton, it is more than likely that Hamilton, Laurens, Lafayette, and Mulligan were never actually in the same place at once… I can go on.

    D) if Hamilton the musical has sparked your interest in learning what really happened, that’s good. Don’t let people bully you out of learning because of the catalyst of your interest.

    Please. You can romanticize the Broadway characters. You can identify with the Broadway character. But if I see “Thomas Jefferson did nothing wrong uwu” in the tags again, I’m going to lose my shit.



    Does not equal

    Okay? Cool.

    I think people, women and girls especially, need to know that if you have a good thing going with another female friend, roomate, a cousin, a siblings, etc–then you don’t have to feel like marriage is like and endgame or something (if that makes sense). Ya know, lemme just make this girl centric. 

    Let me clarify. I see a lot of girls having happy relationships with their sisters, cousins,best friends, roommates to the point where they’ve been living together for years and are comfortable with it. And becuase of that comfort with the girls they’re living with, a lot of women just end up wanting to live/stay with their roommates, best friends, sisters/cousins, etc., for the foreseeable future. 

    And when a lot of girls bring this up, they’re met with “well one of you is gonna get married” or “no boy friend in the picture” or “well you can’t stay together forever/you can’t plan your lives around each other” or “what about if one of you gets a husband”

    and like–seriously, just stop. when girls mention wanting to spend their lives with their boyfriends and shit, people don’t give them this much flack. girls are expected to pack up their lives to move with their boy friends/husbands.

    but god forbid, two girls are just happy with each other, are in a place of comfort with the other that they wanna live together and spend their lives together (either romantic, familial or platonic), then people start to criticize them. So my point is, girls if you’re living with another girl and have been for years and you two are comfortable staying with each other and have basically spoken about just wanting to stay with each other, then do that. if this person makes you comfortable, makes you feel safe and happy, and supports you (whether romantic or not!) then do not let people ruin that bond or shame you for not getting married or being with a man or anything like that. like if you  have something good going, then keep the good going.

    and this doesn’t have to be romantic (if it is that’s fine too!!).

    also re ppl being like “ well you can’t stay together forever/you can’t plan your lives around each other “

    um thts literally what romantic couples do? or at least are expected to do anyway, esp women in cishet relationships sooo

    You can totally plan your life around your friends, or one very close friend. Romance is fine, but not a prerequisite. Love is not limited like that.

    “Romance is fine, but not a prerequisite. Love is not limited like that.” A+ quote.

    One of the most stable households I know is a friend who moved in with her friend and co-parents the friend’s kid. They’re not lovers, either. Just absolute besties making a beautiful life and family together. It’s a wonder to see.

    I can drink 3 cups of coffee and go straight to sleep, this is just one example of what is fundamentaly wrong with me as a person

    That’s a possible sign of ADHD, my dudes. :P One of the prevailing theories explaining ADHD is that it’s caused by a lack of certain neurotransmitters, specifically norepinephrine and serotonin.  Everybody has a background level of these neurotransmitters, and when they see or do something novel or interesting, those neurotransmitters increase, and then decrease back down to normal levels.  Because people with ADHD have less of these than they should, they are constantly looking for something new and interesting to give them that jolt back to normal levels.  That’s why they’re so easily distracted and why they hyperfocus on things that interest them. Stimulant drugs, like caffeine, cause your brain to make more of those neurotransmitters.  So while neurotypical people might get a buzz off caffeine, people with ADHD just get bumped up closer to normal levels, and so, if anything, feel calmer.  That’s why they prescribe what are basically amphetamines as treatment for ADHD and why ADHD meds are so bad for people who don’t have ADHD.



    <>W H A T<>

    Yup! At my job as a mental health counselor where we assess people, if we start detecting hints of what we think might be ADHD, it’s actually something my supervisor trained me to do, to just ask “So when that sort of thing happens, do you ever drink coffee or soda to calm down?” or “Does coffee actually help you wake up, or does it just not do anything?” because it’s such a commonly known fact about ADHD for people in the mental health field.

    Roughly the same concept applies to autism, but I’m unsure of the neurotransmitter interactions.

    Many autistic folks are hyposensitive to psychoactive drugs, which includes stimulants like caffeine. It takes me about three cups of coffee to feel awake, but it doesn’t necessarily calm me down like it would a person with ADHD.

    What if there was an apocalypse but some people were really really in denial and optimistic and thinking everything will be back to normal soon?

    Like they’d be foraging through the ruins of New York for supplies, shooting raiders in the face and saying “Man, this recession is really bad, huh?”




    this post, plus that satire one about the increasingly ridiculous callout culture that slowly became more and more accurate

    this one


    was anything going on in 2017??? did everyone randomly have prophetic visions????????

    Another one from 2017 by @nullsynth

    the words of the prophets are written on the subway walls

    turns out we had the 2020 vision after all

    “the words of the prophets are written on the subway walls” is actually a really fucking metal quote and i will be using it in the future

    @handoverthehands it’s from Sound of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel. Referenced as well in Spirit of the Radio by Rush and again in Disturbed’s cover of the original.

    And that in itself was a reference to the Book of Daniel from the bible, when the words of the prophet were written on the Babylonian palace walls.

    In the real world, it’s not the kings and people in power who see the signs of doom, but the poor people in the subway, helpless to stop it.

    <>Level 1: Prophecy proclaims that no man can kill villain; killed by woman.

    <>Level 2: Prophecy proclaims that no weapon can harm villain; pushed down stairs and dies.

    <>Level 3: Prophecy proclaims that villain will be brought low by no mortal hand; kicked to death by angry mob.

    <>Level 4: Prophecy proclaims that no power on Earth shall be villain’s undoing; fatally distracted by sun in eyes.

    <>Level 5: Prophecy proclaims that only power of laughter can defeat villain; beat up by clown.

    <>Level **: Prophecy claims that villain cannot be killed by man nor beast, at day or night, or inside or outside. He is killed in a doorway at sunset by a half-man, half-lion

    (this is actual Hindu myth)

    <>Level ???: Prophecy claims that hero cannot be killed during the day or night, nor indoors or outdoors, neither riding nor walking, not clothed and not naked, nor by any weapon lawfully made. He is killed at dusk, wrapped in a net with one foot on a cauldron and one on a goat and with a spear forged for a year during the hours when everyone is at mass.

    (actual Welsh myth!)

    what i’m getting from this is that rules-lawyering is an ancient and honorable tradition

    Somebody: If you have trouble remembering things use sticky notes! set an alarm! Make a schedule on a whiteboard, it all works!

    My adhd brain: You don’t need to pay any more attention to that alarm or the sticky note anymore, it’s not new. It’s part of the environment and is just there because. There is nothing standout or noticeable about it so you don’t need to read it.

    i don’t think we acknowledge enough that when children want to be treated “like adults” what they really mean is “like people”

    this is just my own observations of course but 90% of the time when a kid tries to get people to treat them like an adult, what they really want is the respect and acknowledgement that they associate with adulthood - because that’s what they must give the adults. they have to give that to the adults in their lives, but the adults never give that same respect back, and so they see that difference and decide that they want to be treated “like an adult”

    and sometimes i see parents who are like fine you want to be treated like an adult then you can work and pay rent but that’s the exact OPPOSITE of what the kid is actually asking for. you’re just belittling them, clearly intending to punish them for daring ask for your respect, clearly intending for them to break down and beg to be “treated like a child” again because you purposefully twisted their wants. they ask for respect, and you give them abuse.

    never, ever, ever, treat a child like a full grown adult. it’s our responsibility as adults NOT to, because they ARENT adults no matter how much they think they want to be, and it’s our job as adults to take care of them.

    that said, ALWAYS treat children like people. because they ARE that. they’re real people with real agency acting as best as they know to with what knowledge they have

    it’s not a matter of kids trying to grow up too fast, it’s a matter of kids wanting to be treated like people instead of objects or pets.

    story time: my first girlfriend (who is still one of my very best friends!) ended up being HELLA aroace and when we were dating as young teens i had a HUGE suspicion that she was? but she hadn’t come out yet and i didn’t wanna just be like “hey so you seem to have zero capacity for romantic attraction” so instead we just kept dating and i never made a move, so to say. never tried to kiss her or anything we just hung out and watched cartoons and sometimes held hands but that was it

    years later when she told me about being ace i just had to laugh and be like “buddy i know. ive always known” and yeah. i love her a lot

    “how did you know” mostly just Vibes but also the first time we shared a bed all she wanted to do was info dump to me about dragons

    so, she and i were recently talking about this and having a good laugh over the whole thing. and then she tells me that back then, her main reason for agreeing when i asked her out was that she figured that dating would mean we would spend a lot of time together, and since she already loved hanging out with me, getting to do it even more sounded wonderful

    she had NO idea how dating or romance worked. she was literally googling stuff like “what does it feel like to be in love” whenever somebody at school talked about having a crush. she just saw an opportunity to spend more quality time with a best friend and leapt on it without considering anything else

    so yeah, maybe she never loved me romantically. but the platonic love that this girl has shown me over the years is so warm and pure and i wouldn’t trade it for anything in the whole wide world!!

    okay so. her text has become so famous now that i feel obligated inform you guys that the girl im talking about in this post is none other than Rachel:

    as you can see, not much has changed. still ace as fuck, and still keeping me up past my bedtime with random info dumping

    I unironically adore weird teenagers who don’t know exactly what the hell is going on yet. This kid came in for a job interview at the grocery store today wearing very nice slacks and suspenders and a bow tie, with his lil pink hair all done up, and I’m just like, “Oh, we gotta hire this kid. He kicks ass. Motherfucker’s going to groceries prom and we couldn’t stop him if we tried. He’s my manager now; I only answer to grocery prom kid.”