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    I’ve never been a huge fan of cops and I’ve stupidly been watching police brutality videos where police fuck with the disabled so I would like to remind spoonies on meds if you keep you meds in one of these 

    or these

    You need to have your pill bottle with you ESPECIALLY if you take narcotics,  Schedule 2 Drug like Vicodin or Oxycodone things like that. 

      If you get searched with just the pills  ( this is a forum of police discussing that how you could get arrested for possession ) they will arrest you until someone can bring the bottles, is what’s happened to some people. you need to keep you pill bottles on you or the paper receipt with the info maybe. I’m not sure if you can just keep the sticker i’ve never asked but i’m gonna call and see. An angry irrational cop will not care you are disabled and I have heard of people getting arrested for having vitamin D because cops couldn’t tell what it is. 

    SO TLDR; If you keep you pills in one of those containers you also need to keep the pill bottle with you or else it could get you arrested. Yes they sell those fuckers in the store with out telling anyone. 

    This is really important information. I wonder if a photo of each bottle would do the trick, too.


    (In the United States, that is.)

    This is a reminder that, statistically, half of your professors are adjuncts, which means that they work part time, at an average of $2500 per course (not per credit hour, per COURSE, for an ENTIRE SEMESTER), which in some areas amounts to less than minimum wage. In order to make ends meet, many adjuncts work at multiple campuses, teaching up to seven classes at a time. They have to be re-hired every semester. They have to wait until the registration period is over before finding out if they will get any classes to teach. They make up substantially more than half of the instructional workforce at some institutions, but they have no role in governance, no voice with the administration. In many cases, they have no library or computer privileges, no professional support, and no office in which to meet with you.

    Adjunct faculty are disproportionately women and people of color

    If you think this likely has an impact on the quality of the education for which you are paying increasingly exorbitant tuition, then you are correct. You and your parents owe it to yourselves to find out what your university’s adjunct hiring practices are. If you are a high school student considering higher education, ask administrators for this information and let them know that it matters to you. Support the efforts of adjuncts to unionize. Universities in the US increasingly operate on the retail model of education. They see students and parents as the customer, and the best way to get them to change is to let them know that the customer is not happy. 


    The oldest case of acute decompensated heart failure has been found in 3,500-year-old mummified remains, a research team announced at the international congress of Egyptology in Florence.

    Consisting of just a head and canopic jars containing internal organs, the remains were found in a plundered tomb by the Italian Egyptologist Ernesto Schiaparelli in 1904 in the Valley of the Queens, Luxor, and are now housed at the Egyptian Museum in Turin.

    They belong to an Egyptian dignitary named Nebiri, a “Chief of Stables” who lived under the reign of 18th Dynasty pharaoh Thutmoses III (1479-1424 BC).

    “The head is almost completely unwrapped, but in a good state of preservation. Since the canopic jar inscribed for Hapy, the guardian of the lungs, is partially broken, we were allowed direct access for sampling,” Read more.