Hello step bros , its nearly midweek . We hope your week has been good , if not your four horny stepsisters are here to make it all better with our tight bodies to drain your balls of all you cum hehe.

    4 of us used to have separate accounts on tumblr before , then we all found each other and started chatting . We found out 4 of us had alot of things we love in common . As you can tell one of them is a step bro kink hehe. We decided to join together and create this one tumblr.

    We will tell more about of ourselves in the upcoming posts.

    For now we have a Special Gift for our stepbros and you only need to do 2 things to get it . You just need to REBLOG this post and MESSAGE us your favourite step sister based on the pictures hehe.

    That is all for now , we look forward to having some online fun with you stepbros hehe!!

    Hey daddies , so we 3 are back but now we are sharing 1 tumblr unlike before where we each had our own tumbkr , we decided that It would be more fun if had just had a tumblr together hehe.

    From the video , Lyn is the left one wearing the long black plants , Nic is the middle one wearing the short dress and lastly, Gracie is the right one wearing the shorts. Now you know which one of us is , whose ass do you like best hehe?

    Since this is our new post for our brand new tumblr , we have some special Gifts for you guys!

    Here's what you need to do to get it !

    First thing is to Please give us a Follow ๐Ÿ˜

    Second thing is Reblog this post so that we can share the gifts with others

    Lastly , after completing the first two things , drop us a message with either one of our names . So either Lyn , Nic or Gracie (Choose your favourite Girl.)

    Once we see any of our names , we will send you a Special Gift from the one of us you chose!

    Hey I'm trinity , I'm her again after my previous account got deleted . If you remember it's the one with the sex staycay story haha.

    Since this is my new tumblr , I have some thing to tell about what I will be doing here.

    1) Sexy Pictures and GIFs

    The first things is , I will be sometimes giving away or posting some sexy pictures and GIFs . It will be both NSFW and SFW . But of of course , I won't be giving it out the NSFW ones just like that. You guys will have to do something to get it hehe.

    This is the first one and here is what you have to do to get this special

    • Follow my tumblr
    • Reblog my post
    • Message me " hey sl*t" ( without the censor)

    I will send the special after receiving your message.

    2) Audios and Videos

    The second thing is Audios of me moaning and Videos of me doing naughty things hehe. For this , you will have to get the post to a certain number of notes. Now for the first one.


    3) Sexting , Chatting & Sharing

    I will aslo be sexting , Chatting with anyone who is interested. Just HMU if your are interested.

    The sharing part is that I will be sharing stories and fantasies either while chatting with you guys or writing them out and posting them.

    4) Cumtributes

    I love cumtributes and if you like to do them hopefully you can do them to me hehe. PM if you wany to ;)

    That's most of the things I will be doing here I hope to have some fun with all of you heheh!

    this is my first photo here on tumblr & im real turned on n excited to share my body with everybody so pls reblog and follow me. If you do both of that AND on TOP of that, you DM me, youโ€™re rly special to me so Iโ€™ll be sending you my nudes x

    hope you like my body ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ’•โœจ

    pls help spread my slutty body around x