HardSmoker Pig (Cerdako)
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2023-03-24 09:01:41

    So I have a little rule. It’s just in my head. I’m a faggot and in no position to dictate rules to Alpha males. But it’s just a little rule I think to myself when I see guys in Superman shirts.

    Superman shirts are HOT, as they define the ultimate, most powerful man. My rule is: Only men with chests and biceps that could be Superman’s should be allowed to wear Superman shirts. Superman shirts need to be fucking busting at the seams! Like this Alpha babe above. (Praise god Under Armour makes Superman shirts.)

    When I see pussy boys wearing Superman shirts, I have to laugh. Hopefully one day some Alpha males will band together and help pass legislation that restricts the wearing of Superman shirts to muscular studs.

    There. I feel better sharing that.