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    Nothing to see here ! Wake the F*ck up ‼️‼️👆💥💥💥💥💥


    Navy Commander Spills The Beans On The JAB And What It's Doing To Our Men!


    60,000 doses disappeared remember that first batch


    The truth will is coming out....


    They banned his access to the computers after this video.

    He is just the latest to gain notoriety for doing this. Props to him but there are many that don’t take a viral video hold of things. Over two years ago Dr Theresa Long started it all really. And here we still are. Article from Nov 2021.


    She's 100% right.

    So I work I healthcare. I'm in management. I don't touch patients. Not qualified for that.

    But I help make sure the hospital stays open and the lights stay on.

    I'm also massively prounion, and pro-universal healthcare.

    So that said, I hope they rip that fucking prick in the recording a new asshole. I hope the feds come after him for that HIPAA violation and they beat him so badly that the other hospital administrators only dare whisper about his fate after a few drinks.

    Follow this lady's advice. And if they are fucking you, get help and get what's owed. No mercy.


    Honestly this should trigger a full outside audit of their billing because the administrator basically admitted they are overcharging patients and is trying to cover it up.