SpaceTime 20181219 Series 21 Episode 100 is now out

    SpaceTime covers the latest news in astronomy & space sciences.

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    Today’s stories…

    Largest black hole collision ever observed Astronomers have discovered the biggest and most distant black hole collision ever observed.

    Voyager 2 enters interstellar space For only the second time in history, a spacecraft has travelled beyond our solar system and entered interstellar space.

    Virgin Galactic reaches the edge of space Virgin Galactic’s VSS Unity spaceplane has set a new company altitude record – reaching a height of 82.7 kilometres or 271,326 feet.

    The Science Report Drying soils due to global warming will mean more drought conditions in the future. People who identify as LGBTQI+ are more vulnerable to symptoms of depression from as young as 10.New insights into Australia’s Marsupial Lion. Australia’s first F-35 Joint Strike Fighters touch down at the Williamtown Air Force Base. Alex on tech: Samsung unveils its new foldable screen smart phone.

    Last Saturday’s show….

    OSIRIS-Rex arrives at the potential Earth impacting asteroid Bennu NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft has arrived at its target – the potential Earth impacting asteroid Bennu.

    Another door closes on trying to solve the dark matter mystery A new dark matter observatory in South Korea has failed to find any supporting evidence to support a controversial 20 year old claim identifying dark matter.

    The white dwarf ticking down to possibly go supernova Astronomers have detected a bright X-ray outburst from a white dwarf which could be counting down to a spectacular supernova.

    New crew arrives safely aboard the International Space Station Three new crew members have arrived safely aboard the International Space Station.

    Dragon flies to space station SpaceX has successfully launched its CRS-16 Dragon cargo ship carrying 2540 kilograms of supplies and equipment to the International Space Station.

    The Science Report The Greenland Ice Sheet melting much faster. The link between neonatal vitamin D deficiency and schizophrenia. Children entering puberty far earlier than previous generations. Drugs to treat Hepatitis C now costing the Australian taxpayer over a $1 billion annually. Skeptics guide to magnetic therapy

    SpaceTime Background SpaceTime is Australia’s most respected astronomy and space science news program. The show reports on the latest stories and discoveries making news in astronomy, astrophysics, cosmology, planetary science, galactic and stellar evolution, physics, spaceflight, and general science. SpaceTime features interviews with leading Australian scientists about their latest research. The show is broadcast coast to coast across the United States by the National Science Foundation on Science360 Radio and around the world on Tune in Radio. SpaceTime is available in Australia as a twice weekly podcast which averages around three million downloads annually. It’s hosted on line through on all major podcast platforms. SpaceTime began life in 1995 as ‘StarStuff’ on ABC NewsRadio. Stuart Gary created the show while he was NewsRadio’s Science Editor, evening presenter, and news anchor (a position he held for more than 17 years). Gary wrote, produced and hosted StarStuff, consistently achieving 9 percent of the Australian radio audience share - according to Neilsen ratings survey figures for the five major Australian metro markets (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, & Perth). The StarStuff podcast was hosted by ABC Science on line achieving over 1.3 million downloads annually. Sadly, the popular program was axed in 2015 during ABC budget cuts. Rather than remain with the ABC, Gary resigned to continue producing the show independently and rebranding it as SpaceTime. The first episode of SpaceTime was broadcast on February 8th 2016 and the show has been in continuous production ever since. SpaceTime now reaches an audience almost three times greater that it achieved as StarStuff and continues to grow.


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