Her pet
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    I am thinking something along the lines where we before we go out she puts the strapon on. I meet her somewhere and bring her home. I reach down pants and find the dildo. I am surprised and begin to question her and she slaps me and tells me to shut up, throws me to the bed and pulls it out. I try I get away but she straddles me before I can move. She climbs up to my chest where she slaps me with the dildo and demands me to suck it. Shoves it in my throat and begins to thrust. Making me gag, she doesnt care and keeps going! She jumps off and pulls. Of my pants and flips me over! Pants still and ankles so. I can’t run away. Spits on my ass and starts to finger my ass. Loosens it up enough so. She can stick her strapon in. I try to get away and she forces my head into the mattress. She fucks fast and hard and soft and slow. Letting me know who’s in charge. She does this until. I she gets off as many times as she wants. After she puts her clothes back on and kicks me out.

    - this can also be done as a full role reversal and he’s expects the dildo and enjoys it. Enjoys sucking it and pretending to jerknit off. And she fucks him!

    Both sound amazing.


    She punishes him to remind him of who is in control, and that he is Her pet and will obey Her. But She also punishes him because She knows he needs it, that it helps heal the painful childhood traumas that have marked him but also helped turn him into the man that She loves so dearly. 


    It is always a mutual need….and when fulfilled it makes them both feel better and more connected in a intimate way.