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    Caught by Daddy

    I’ve never made a very good man. I know that. With my long hair and big, plump ass. I’ve never managed to get any pussy and always seem to get more attention from men than women. I’m not gay though! I’m definitely straight…or so I thought.

    My mum married a jackass named Jerome shortly after she split from my dad. A large, black asshole that constantly made my life a misery. He called me a wimp and a pussy and fucked my mum really loudly, knowing full well I could hear. He made her scream that she loves his big black dick while I tried to sleep in the next room. Fucking prick. I hated him. But there came a time when I was getting…hard at the sounds coming from my mum’s bedroom.

    One day, when I was alone in the house, I had to go into her room to find the password to the wifi, she always changes it the paranoid bitch. That’s when I saw a pair of her panties on the floor. They were still slightly wet…I ignored them and tried to find where she had written down the new password but my eyes kept flitting back to the pair of panties on the floor…

    In a split section decision, I stripped off and slipped them on. I was shocked by how well they fit me. They slipped over my large ass and small dick perfectly. My ass looked amazing framed by the little piece of black lace.


    It felt surreal as I paraded in front of her mirror. I was hynotised by the wobble of my big, white butt. I don’t know what made me spank it the first time, but suddenly, I couldn’t stop. The sudden slap, the warm feeling spreading through me and the jiggle of my flesh made me rock hard in seconds.

    I looked amazing, even if I say so myself. As I said, I was aware I didn’t make a good guy, but I was still shocked by how good I looked as…as a girl. My hair suddenly made sense, as did my hairless face and body. My smooth skin, and rediculously petite figure completed the illusion. I had never thought about being with another man until that moment. Suddenly I found myself thinking…about Jerome…and the big black dick my mum shouted about-

    I was thrown out of my daydream by a noise in the doorway. I started and spun around, somehow already knowing who was there. My fears proved true as Jerome stood in the doorway. His large, muscular frame was like a wall of dark, smooth flesh preventing my escape. My mouth opened. I tried to talk, to explain. But the words left me. Especially when I noticed something in Jerome’s pants.


    “Well, well, well,” Jerome drawled slowly, taking in my near naked body despite my desperate attempted to cover myself. “I knew your mum was a cheap whore, I didn’t realise you were the same.”

    “I’m not! I just-” My cheeks were burning red as I scrambled for my clothes.

    “Don’t lie to me! I can tell. Look at your cute little dick poking through there.”

    “Don’t talk like that!” I tried to say it with conviction, but it only produced a sneer from Jerome. He knew he had me backed into a corner.

    “Show a bit of repect, slut.” He didn’t shout it. He just said it slowly and powerfully, which was somehow even worse. “Or I’ll ring your mother and you can try to explain why your prancing around in the knickers I fucked her in last night!”

    “No, please don’t,” I whimpered as I covered my body with my clothes. “Please, I’ll do anything.” My mum is the biggest gossip in town. She wouldn’t be able to resist, even if it was her son she was shaming.

    “I know you will.” He said as he stepped towards me. I moved backwards a little, but he closed the gap quickly. The enormity of my mistake was hitting me. The surreal feeling had turned into a complete outer body experience. I was light headed, a lump had formed in my throat and my mouth was dry. I had fucked up big time.


    He held me close as he released his massive black cock. I tried half heartedly to pull away, but his grip was too strong and my eyes were locked onto his dick. I could feel his sneer. I knew every second I looked longingly at his huge member he was gaining more ammunition on me. But it just looked so…big…and juicy…

    “Here’s what’s going to happen,” Jerome spoke as if discussing cars rather than his terms of blackmail. “You are going to do everything I say. If you do that, no one will find out about your habit.”

    “It’s not a habit,” I moaned softly, trying one last time to get his sympathy, “I was just-”

    “Ssssh,” he silenced my by pressing down on my shoulder. I felt my knees give way involuntry. “You may not realise it, but you will soon. I am in control now.”


    His cock touched my lips, my first ever taste of dick. I know now that it would not be the last, but back then it was a shock. The warmth of his dick, the musky smell, the salty taste. It took me by surprise. I tried to pull away, to gather myself, but now Jerome’s true colours came through. He grabbed the back of my head and pushed me onto his cock. My mouth parted on instict. His head breached my lips followed by the first few inches of his rock hard cock. I gagged slightly, my tongue wriggling around his head trying to find space. I sucked a little and registered the intoxicating taste for the first time. His dick tasted sooooo good! My penis was now pulsing slightly in my mum’s still wet knickers as I bobbed my head up and down over his tip. I was chastising myself in my head. Telling myself to stop. To run. Report him to the police. ‘I’m not gay!’ I repeated to myself over and over as if thinking it enough times will make it true. But the evidence was accumilating. I was there, sucking on my step dad’s cock dressed in my mum’s underwear.

    I suddenly realised he wasn’t holding me in place anymore. With a start, It clicked that I was now sucking his cock by choice.

    The emotions I felt at that moment were hard to understand. Confusion, lust, fear. And yet, the most overwhelming desire I had was to keep sucking. How crazy is that? I was straight up to that point. I know I was. Was that the moment I cracked? Was that the moment when I could no longer lie to myself? Maybe. All I know is, that was the moment when I wondered. What if his cock went…somewhere else.


    I was shaken from my thoughts by a loud moan from Jerome. Jesus, I was getting into the blowjob now. Into my degredation. Somehow, he kept getting harder. The feeling of him in one hand as I desperately licked and sucked him was doing something to me. Turning me into a slut.

    “Damn, you sure you’ve not done this before?” My cheeks went redder at the compliment. They felt like they were on fire now from humiliation, shame and arousal. “You’re well on your way to earning my silence.” I wasn’t sure what to do. I was having such fun sucking his massive pole, but I was having other urges. I felt my ass twitching as I imagined the feeling of him…penetrating me. How good would that feel. My hand found my ass and I softly played with myself as I sucked.

    “Oh, is that how it is slut?” Jerome said smugly as I lathered his dick with my tongue. “Suddenly realising your true place are you sissy?” I didn’t think it was possible for me to feel more embarassed and yet, I did. “You want my dick in your little boipussy?” I shuddered at his words, in part due to a little bit of disgust as the straight part of me desperately tried to fight, but mostly in lust, craving and arousal. “Is that what you want bitch?”

    “Mhmmm…” I murmured around his cock, feeling too embarassed to actually stop sucking and answer him properly. The answer didn’t please him. He grabbed my girlie hair, wrenched me off his cock and slapped me lightly around the face with it.

    “I asked you a question slut!” He shouted, his voice rising for the first time. I coward slightly, but his force, his power turned me on even more.

    “Y-yes,” I stammered, “Yes. I’d like to try-” He slapped me with his cock again, harder this time.

    “You think you can just ask nicely for my cock? No. Beg for it. Tell me where you want it. What you want me to do to you. Then I’ll consider it.”

    My mouth opened and closed a few times before I found energy to speak, “I want you to…” the words struggled to come, “F-f-fuck me. I want you to…” I swallowed my pride loudly, “I want you to pound my boipussy…like you pound my mum.” The smile that came across Jerome’s face was of victory, of triumph. He had broken me like he had my mum.

    He grabbed my hair and bent me over the bed. “Offer yourself to me.” He demanded.


    My body acted by itself. I spread my ass cheecks and tried my best to look seductive. At this point, all fight had just about left me. I was too horny, too curious, too broken to fight back. I wanted to know how he would feel in me. I wanted to know what it would be like to be abused by my beast of a step dad. I My thoughts briefly went to my mum. What would she say if she knew I was asking her husband to pound my girlie ass? For some reason, that turned me on. Maybe next time it’d be my moans keeping HER awake at night.

    Jerome had grabbed lube from his bedside table. He covered my ass and sofly rubbed my asshole. It felt good. His large fingers teased the opening and I moaned.

    “You’re going to be a good sissy for daddy aren’t you?” He asked as he inserted a finger into my ass. I didn’t reply. I just let out the girliest moan I had ever made. He laughed as he started to finger my ass. “Mmmmm, your ass is so tight. You’re going to have to brace yourself for my cock.”

    I jumped slightly as the tip of his cock touched my lubed, slightly loose asshole. The warmth of his dick spread through my body almost immediately and I shivered in ecstasy. He pushed slightly. Nothing happened for a while. Then he pushed harder. With a pop, my ass opened up to his dick. It stung a little and I had to grip the sheets tightly as I yelped in shock and pain. As quickly as it arrived, the pain left and was replaced by a feeling of fullness. My ass was stretched wide, the head of my step dad’s dick firmly planted inside it. Slowly, he pushed even further inside me. The pain reappeared as his cock worked its way into me and I tried to stop him, but he batted my arm away and kept pushing.


    “Awh, yeeeeah…fuck me…” I accidently moaned loudly as he pulled his dick out and thrust it back in. His big black cock sent wave after wave of pleasure pulsing through me. My little penis spasmed and I had to concentrate in order to not cum all over myself.

    “Don’t worry bitch.” Jerome replied, grabbing a handful of my hair. “I will.”


    I didn’t know what I was saying as he picked up speed and properly started pounding my ass. The pleasure of his dick was too much for me and I ended up saying things I never thought I’d say. The pain was all gone now. My ass had loosened for him and the tension had left my body. The feeling of his black dick and him forcing me back onto it using my hair was just too good. My moans were getting louder. My ass was twitching around his cock and my little white clitty was dripping precum. If he kept pounding my ass this good, I was going to cum.

    He didn’t though. He stopped and flipped me over.


    It only took a second for him to bury himself back inside me. His large black dick filled me up once again and I moaned loudly. I could feel pressure building. He was so deep, he felt so good. I was going to cum.

    “Stop,” I panted desperately, trying to push him away, but he was far too strong for me. “Stop, I’m gonna…” Jerome laughed loudly at me, but didn’t stop fucking me.

    “Your little clitty going to dribble?” He asked patronisingly. “Well, usually I wouldn’t let a little sissy like you cum. But I suppose you have been good…”

    It seems impossible, the thought of cumming from being fucked in the ass. But as I squirmed, moaned and gripped the sheets, it was definitely a reality. Jerome’s moans were getting louder too. He grunted as he pounded me with all his strength. It was all too much. Suddenly, my little willy spasmed hard one final time and I squirted cum over my chest.

    “Dirty…little…slut…” Jerome panted as post orgasm tension gripped my body. My eyes rolled into the back of my head as the pleasure continued despite my body now being unbelievably sensitive. In one motion, Jerome pulled out of me and moved to my face.


    Like a good girl, I opened my mouth wide for him as he jerked himself. His grunts got louder and lourder.

    “Do it.” I said, tongue hanging out to him. “Give me that black cum. Mark me as yours.”

    My little penis was already softening as his cum drenched my face, going in my hair, covering my tongue. I moaned loudly in satisfaction as he gave me his tasty seed. I hungrily swallowed what landed on my tongue and licked what I could reach off my lips.

    “Oh god…” I murmured quietly.

    “From now on,” he panted, “that’s exactly what I am to you. You answer to me. You worship me. You do everything I say whenever I say it. From now on your just my sissy slut. Say it.”

    “I’m your sissy slut.” I said as I leant in to kiss the tip of his cock and I was shocked when I realised I actually meant it. “I’m all yours.”

    “Damn right you are.” He said, throwing my mum’s panties at me. “Use these to clean yourself up. Your mum will be home soon.”

    The End

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