Yesterday I finally told the gorgeous Brazilian woman that I drew this axolotl for I was deeply, deeply in love with her.  The feeling wasn't mutual. But she cried, more than I did. Chances are she will become one of my best friends ever.  This is the first time I’ve fallen in love since my girlfriend died. Which is a good thing. But I also have a hunch it will be the last time. 


    All tips welcome on how about being nice and honest ? ... and how and show interested in others? in ways that doesn't lead to rejection?

    I want to think I'm nice and honest and show interest but I really doubt that since well.. sure I don't know how to talk with or act normative around others because.. constant rejection.


    I used to think I wasn't funny enough, or interesting, or too weird, or too shy and more. But then I started to think: what kind of people do I really like? As in: really like. Those are actually the people who are interested in me. Not sexually (didn't even happen anyway) but just plain nice, and curious about me. The ones that showed interest in what I thought, or felt.

    A lot of people say it’s important to listen. But I think it’s more important to ask questions. So I started asking people questions. Even pretty personal ones.

    The only snag is that to do this well, you actually have to really be curious. You have to be sincere. You have to invest. You really have to want to know the answers. And those lead to new questions again.

    I found out I really enjoyed it.

    That's how I did it. Doesn't mean it works for everyone of course.

    (So now I have bucketloads of really good, close friends, but I'm still single)