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    ... Can an egg be classified as a nut?

    an egg, by my estimate, *flips through botany notes* seems to be closest to a pepo (pronounced like‘its a peeeeepooooo’ btw, which haunts me), which is a modified berry where the exocarp (outer surface) becomes leathery and the mesocarp (middle tissue) and endocarp (inner tissue) become fleshy, similar to a watermelon or gourd. so theres my hot take on the matter


    7 depression tips and why they work, from someone who’s been hardcore depressed for two years

    hi so im recovering from a really mean depression and there are some things i learned and that i would like to tell you. 

    1. you need to reappropriate your space and time. depression is lying to you and generally shrinks your living space (aka: you spend your time in bed/behind your computer/in your room…). visit and do something (even if its just scrolling down social media) in each room you have access to. expand your perception and space, you’ll breathe more easily.

    2.plan depression outfits. a depression outfit is a comfy one you still can go out in. to me, it’s old ripped jeans and a turtleneck, my old work uniforms, sweaters. dressing up is one of the most important parts of managing depression. first of all, you’ll feel less like pathetic with proper clothes on (nothing worse than staying in your pj all day). secondly, and it’s a crucial point: it allows you to get out to run some errands. imagine you have to go grocery shopping or to the post office. if you’re in your unwashed pajamas you’ve been wearing for three days or more (been there done that) what you have to do is to undress, shower (if you can), and put on real, clean clothes. which is three things. depression messes wih one’s ability to start things, so it’s very likely you’ll drop your errands and just stay at home feeling like shit. but if you’re already wearing clothes, you just have to put on a coat and get out of the house. which is, trust me, 10 times easier than doing the whole dressing up thing.

    3. it’s okay if you stay the whole day in bed but force yourself to get up in the morning (anytime before noon) and drink a glass of water/juice. again, depression messes up with your ability to start doing things, but if you concentrate your will to just get up and drink something before going back to bed, i promise you’ll feel less shitty and might actually end up getting up for good since you’ve been through the trouble of getting up. You’ll feel better (and also you need water!)

    4. do one (1) physical, material thing that will improve your life conditions per day. aka: washing a single glass, scrubbing the mirror, etc. you’ll feel proud of yourself, and the tidiest your environment, the less shitty your brain will be. plus, again: if you manage to wash a single dish, maybe you’ll find yourself cleaning the whole kitchen without noticing. and thats a good thing. no pressure: just do one single thing. and don’t beat yourself up if you can’t, of course, but try, it’s gonna be better that way. 

    5.open the window (especially at night, i personally find it very soothing) and just… breathe fresh air, looking at the horizon or closing your eyes, and breathe in and out slowly. it’s great to take fresh air. bonus if you have anxiety/ptsd, honestly. opening the windows is one of the easiest ways i know to stop a panic attack.

    6. brush your teeth everyday, even if it’s the only thing you manage to do. i know every depression guide recommends it, but it’s really important. not showering for a few days is okay, you’re not gonna get sick that way. but dental hygiene is capital. not to mention you’ll feel less rotting in the inside if you’re less rotting in the outside. you can use your phone to schedule your teeth brushing of the day! really helps. 

    7.think about your hobbies and force yourself to do something related to an old hobby of yours. i know it’s no fun. i know you can’t feel anything, so why bother? but really, do bother. do it and eventually as you recover it will be fun again. you haven’t lost your passion, your goals, your motivation. it’s still there, but depression is like a blanket that covers it all. forcing yourself to still act on your hobbies (especially if those are not screen-related: books, gardening, etc.) will help digging through the depression layers to expose your will to live again. trust me on this one. i really thought i was just an apathetic mess, but actually depression was just mean. i believe in you! 

    and finally: hold tight and it’s gonna be okay! recovery is possible, and it’s gonna arrive sooner than you expect. energy and motivation are good things and they’re still around here waiting for you! 

    feel free to add your own! you’re all gonna make it i promise.


    The advice about dental care is really important. I’ve recovered from my depression, but I still have trouble remembering to brush my teeth because I got out of the habit while I was depressed.


    Oh I needed this today


    This is so incredibly accurate and helpful. I’ve scaled my daily ‘to do’ list back to one thing a day. Just one. And if I do more, yay. But since I’ve started doing that, not only am I doing the one thing, I’m doing other things on my ‘master’ list. Giving yourself permission to only do the tiniest of things will often open the door to do more.

    A friend pointed out something I hadn’t given much thought to or at least not consciously. I have a chronic disease but unlike other chronic disease mine requires a lot of maintenance in order to keep me alive. My life expectancy drops to zero within a couple of days without getting a dialysis treatment. My whole life is devoted to keeping me alive and that’s what makes enjoying life so difficult because I’m in a constant survival mode.

    But this is also why I need to go easier on myself especially as I get older. My life isn’t easy and yet somehow I’m still managing to live it. I’m stronger than I give myself credit for. The shock people have when they hear about my medical stuff is always a surprise to me because I live it, I have to, so I’m used to the day-to-day struggles so I don’t give it much thought. But so much of my time is given to doctors, appointments, procedures, tests, you name it. It’s a full-time job for me to keep me alive.

    Just wish I could have a vacation.

    idk how the hell i’ve run a blog called ‘botanyshitposts’ for almost four years now without ever thinking to talk about this but in high school my little brother wanted a pet that wouldnt die so we got him a moss ball for $8 at a pet store and he named it tiki and it lives in this dedicated plastic tank at our parents’ house even though we’re both at college now. usually it doesnt do anything but over the past two weeks of winter break our family has watched in horror as it has gone about the process of slowly and ominously rising from its usual position at the depths of its abode to the top, where it now floats with gravel bits stuck to it from literal years of not moving. my mom has moved it to behind the sink so now whenever i go to wash my hands in the kitchen i have to face it and im scared