This is one of the most beautiful pictures I’ve ever seen.. The wind blowing, her chill.. Her pale skin versus his dark pants. The chain around her ankles.. The wet ground must be dirtying her knees.

    It is not abuse. It is choice. It is strength. It is wholesome submission.

    It is trust.. knowing that he is right there, he will not hurt her beyond her abilities. He knows her.

    He will gather her up in his arms when they are done, he will wrap her up in his warmth, he will check every scrape on her knees, he will wash her hair and her filthy feet.. Getting in between every toe with warm soap on his fingers..


    Always a re-blog…& I adore the caption.


    You just love when I play with you in public… don’t you…


    Some communities have come together under the guiding principles of the New Patriarchy Party. These communities tend to be insular, eschewing some of the laws of the NPP in order to keep the spirit of the natural order vibrant and strong. Whether insular due to being in remote locations, being especially tight-knit, or simply preferring to handle things themselves, these communities will forego things like the re-education services offered by the Misogyny Enforcement Agency.

    They prefer to handle things on their own. Directed by the Men with the local cunts’ unwavering attention.

    True, there’s a higher disability rate amongst the property within these communities. Occasionally there’s even a higher mortality rate. The lessons taught to erring and obedient slaves alike, however, take in a much more direct and intimate fashion. That, the Men of these communities will argue, makes all the difference in the world.

    Besides, They think, what sort of Man can’t handle problems in His neighborhood Himself?