Stallion n I had fooled around a few time; in his truck, behind the barn, even one time when we both found ourselves at the latrine alone, in the middle of the day.. Every time it gets longer n more intense. It always starts off w us smoking n hanging out together. We both seem fascinated w watching how the other holds their cigar or breaths out nose jets while we’re talking. Stallion is bigger then me in every way, about 6′4″, so I’m always looking up at him as I watch the smoke come out of his mouth or nose as he holds the thick cigar in his mouth. He always blows the smoke towards me. 

    As we smoke n talk the excitement builds, He had a cocky smirk as he adjusted or rubbed for a few seconds across his thickening beer can before moving onto a long nipple tug. His shirt is always half open, past his muscular chest n I can usually see one of his huge nipples. I’ve played w them the time behind the barn when I first tried to take all his cock in my mouth. 

    When he makes his move he steps closer into my personal space, looking down at me through our cigar smoke. He stands close n just looks at me while puffing his cigar, making an intense orange glow right in front of me. The cigar hangs n move in his mouth as he talks. He takes a joint out n says we should light up. He sits down on a toilet, takes n pulls his hard beer can out n pulls me over onto his lap. 

    “This is just some more warm up. After this, we need to plan a weekend at the lake. We need to smoke n ride all night. How long can you hang on a cock while you enjoy a big cigar?”