My husband taking pictures of me and our son in the pool at the nudist camp last year. Our son did not want to pose with me for a photo at first, but his father persuaded him. I found out why. I was quite surprised, but it felt good when I felt his erect penis between my thighs as he positioned himself behind me. I wriggled a little on my hips, and I felt that it became even bigger and harder. And he began to breathe heavily against my neck. As an instinct, without thinking about what I did, I lifted one leg and his cock moved and it pushed now against my pussy. And I pushed my hips gently backwards. I have my son’s cock halfway inside my pussy when my husband take this picture of us. I believe I can see that on the picture, so I have hidden this picture from my husband, I’m afraid he’ll see it too.

    I looked around and found out that it was only us in the pool area. I asked my husband if he could be so kind and go up to our room and grab my iPad. At the moment my husband walked out from the pool area, I pulled my son out of the pool and I took care of his erection right there. It turned out to be a lovely summer. From getting cock once or twice a month, I now get cock once or twice a day.


    Every son’s dream


    Lucky son and mom


    For the first year after mom and I first started having sex, we would sneak away to a “mom-son date” while my dad watched football at home. We’d drive across town to a little motel mom had found, check-in there for a few hours, and head to our room. This became our regular Saturday routine and soon the staff working there pretty much expected our arrival on Saturdays. We used our real names to check in and we always got one room with one bed, went to out room, and checked out a few hours later. The staff was always pleasant and never hinted at knowing what mom and I were up to, although we did have one lady often greet us with “there’s my favorite couple.” Mom and I wondered if she or anyone else had happened to walk past our room and heard the sounds of sex coming from a mother and son being in one room. But then we figured maybe it was just a coicidence, considering my dad was just as clueless as to what we were up to. All dad had to do to find out would be to see the really sexy and revealing underwear that my mom was wearing to these innocent “dates with her son.”


    Beautiful love story.. love and respect for the cute couple

    Mom: Hey sweetie, this doesn’t mean I’m saying yes to everything you told me yesterday… It just means I am willing to give this a try.

    Me: Give what a try?

    Mom: This mom son dinner thing. 

    Me: You mean a date?

    Mom: *Blush* yes. but No guarantees!

    That was 7 years ago. Now she is divorced from dad and we have a beautiful house and 2 kids…we I guess grand kids? siblings? Our kids…its easier to explain that way to people. 

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